Runaway Orphan Children Idea

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  1. I'm basing this kind off of the book the Boxcar Children. I remembered the book and I thought it would make for an interesting RP idea but I would like to take a few things out and change some things...

    The Plot
    These children are tired of their headmaster. The headmaster doesn't care about them and doesn't take very good care of them. They're in horrible condition and need to get away from the orphanage they live in. No one wants to adopt them because of the condition that they're in. They pack up what little belongings they have and run off. Soon enough, they find themselves far enough away from the orphanage and the city that they can care for themselves. It takes them a long while to find a place they can sleep in so they were without beds and plans for a few weeks. They find an abandon house and make their own. Over the years, the older kids work jobs to provide for the younger children and to keep them safe. It's tough to provide for these children and themselves when some of the older children are without jobs from the time to time.
    The ending of the RP is when they finally get their lives together and can provide for these younger children and themselves.

    The Setting
    I would like the setting to be during the Great Depression. It was a time when not many people had jobs, homes, food, etc. As for where to put it, I was thinking either Washington state or Alaska. I'm leaning more towards Alaska, near Nenana.

    The Characters
    If I am to do this RP with you all, I would like an equal balance of male and female characters. The ages must be between 6 and 18 years old. No younger and no older please. I can make some exceptions for those who want an older or younger character but you must PM me about it. This RP will only have 6-8 characters. No more than that.

    Posting Requirements
    I would like some effort into posts. Those who cannot write more than four sentences please, do not post on here. I would like this to be somewhat literate. I'm not trying to be mean but I want to have people that can actually write well thought out and written responses join this.
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  2. Sounds interesting
  3. I might reserve a spot for this, if you don't mind lol .3.
    I also got mello into SOL.
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  4. Roger dodger~
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  5. Also, tell your sister I said you're welcome, heh.
  6. Do you want more than four sentences or paragraphs?
  7. Pfft, thank you for catching my mistake. I meant sentences, yes.
  8. Okay, then I am interested, I have dibs on a 6 year old boy!
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  9. You have captured my interest!
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  10. WOO...indeed!
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  11. Yay that is five of us!
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  12. Yup, just one or two more and I'll get the group up :)
  13. Sounds fun, save a spot for me ^u^
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  14. I will get the sign ups up in just one moment for this.
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  15. And still looking~
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