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  1. Welcome to the world. This is the map of the land in which the princesses and their saviors will escape. The world will be filled with savages, soldiers and other people willing to do anything for the money of the king.

    Our King; King Klaus X of the Grass Lands:
    Our Three Princesses:
    Princess Cassandra:
    Princess Cossette:
    Princess Celeste:

    Prince Jayce of the Dry Lands:
    Prince Theo of the Mining Kingdom:
    Prince Xaviar of the Water Waist:
    Prince Ulric of the Ice Keep:
    Posting Order:







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  2. "My beautiful daughters..." King
    Klaus grumbled under his breath as he hunch walked down the hall. He had a slight hunch, always making him notice the red carpentry on the floor and never the velvet tapestry on the windows or walls. He slowly made his way to each room reminding his maids that today was the day his daughters would meet their husbands to be. In a moment he would be at another door then another, each three doors different according to the rooms of his daughters. "humph." he shook his head when there was no answer of the actual girls, but from their maidens.
    "lazy..good for nothing...masdf..aderfaf.." he mumbled random words to himself.


    "Where are they!" Xaviar snapped when he saw the old foolish king hobble down the large marble steps of the palace. "We've been waiting hours for those girls to get down here. What do we get?" He eyed one of the men serving them glasses of wine and small snack foods, "No shows and food for peasants." Xaviar slapped the food from the tray onto the floor in which one of the servants came to clean it at once.

    "Please good prince...if you just wait a bit longer." King Klaus's voice was soft but stern. He was used to taking shit from young people who thought they knew everything under the sun.

    "I didn't travel months to 'wait' my king. I traveled to get what is mine. We all did." Xaviar gestured to the two other princes in the room, waiting just as long as he was.


    Ulric had been waiting in the barn that was far from the palace its self. It was used to house the pigs, horses, and cows but at times also housed the unfortunate of King Klaus's land. He however wasn't waiting for a princess like the other princes were. He was waiting for people he had hired to help take the princesses away from what they didn't want. Ulric was always a softy for people in hard times, especially beautiful ones. He traveled far over land and sea to take these girls and hide them from what they didn't want. All he had to do now was wait for his employees who were the best of the best.​
  3. Cossette looked over the banister and down at the group of men with a sneer of disgust. Yeah, because someone would want to marry you. She thought bitterly as she took a small step back, not wanting them to notice her and how unladylike she was being. "Fools...." Her voice was soft and the comment was mostly meant towards herself and her sisters. Her never ending question was why they hadn't left yet. But then her attention was once more drawn back to the men when another voice spoke up.

    "Honestly, Xaviar." Jayce said in his bored tone of voice. No one that knew Jayce could ever tell when he was actually feeling a certain emotion because he never changed his tone. Unless, of course, he was alone with a select person. That was when his true colors showed and my were they frightening. "Try and show some manners. We are in the King of the Grass Land's humble home." Humble is a nice word to describe this shit hole. His inner voice muttered in his thoughts.
  4. Celeste lay in her bed, contemplating her thoughts. I don't want to marry any of these godforsaken assholes. She sat up and slid off her bed, admiring the the comforter she has grown accustomed to. "I wonder when we will be leaving, I hope it's soon." she thought out loud. There was a knock on her door, she stood silent. Making sure no one would enter. Once she heard the footsteps lead down the hallway she walked to her closet and changed from her pajamas into something she could easily maneuver in. I hope everything works according to Ulric's plans..​
  5. Alan walked in to his rendezvous and looked around slowly. He wasn't offered much to get these princesses away for their awaiting prince but he had come anyways. Perhaps he could get more jobs upon others hearing of his success. He looked around suspiciously at all the people until his eyes came to a man that fit the description given to him. The mans name was Ulric... or something around those lines. He walked up to the man. "You are Ulric I presume?" He said in a slightly quiet voice that seemed to radiate from his lips, no one else could hear anything he said. It was an odd trick that Alan had learned years ago.
  6. Ember clicked her tongue, slipping stealthily through one of the barn doors only to find her current employer, Ulric. This task had been much easier than finding a way past all the guards in the courtyard, but she'd managed. Honestly, she hadn't been too thrilled about this job, but she'd heard it would pay well, and so here she was. She was just hoping she wouldn't have to abandon her masculine appearance to play decoy. She really despised how women were undermined, and thus took the role of a 'man' as often as she could, even if that meant getting her hands dirty, but she'd do what she had to in order to finish the job, even if that meant reverting back into the proper woman she'd once been.
    Eying the two men several paces away, she gazed at them in silence, assessing the situation at a cautious distance. Silently she found Alan's side, her eyes hard on the two of them, her fingers grazing just over the hilt of her sword at her side just in case.
    "Ulric?" she asked, her eyes hard on both men, waiting for a confirmation from one of them.
  7. Cassandra was sitting on the rim of her balcony quite dangerously when her father had knocked on the door. She rolled her brilliant light purple eyes as her father called out through the large wooden door that entered into her bed chambers. Cassandra glanced at her personal chamber-maid, knowing that the lady would know what to do. After she assumed her father left to go signal her sisters she walked back into the overly extravagant bedroom. She quickly changed into light clothing, consisting of light white trousers and a violet corset. If any girl would show herself to a suitor dressed like her should would probably be sent away the moment they laid eyes on her, but then again she wasn't planning on showing up, at all.


    Catalija slowly made her way into the designated barn area the smugglers were planned to meet. She wore her typical attire, very loose and easy to run around in but she did where a large hood that concealed her face from any royal guards she managed to bump in. Her tanned hands held at the jewelry adorned scimitar that was attached to her back while she walked. Her mind was distracted with the thoughts on whether these so called princesses were beautiful and in no time she found herself at the barn with the two other smugglers.

    "Greeat. I'll be stuck with a bunch of testosterone pumped idiots.." She muttered to herself as she entered, taking off her hood to reveal hair that was curved like cat ears, with obvious distaste to the amount of men in the room.

    "At least I'm not the only girl..I think." Her thoughts continued, looking at a feminine figure who seemed to be dressed up like a man.
  8. Ulric didn't answer any of them.
    "We are waiting for one more. Then all questions will be answered " Even if the question is what my name is... He mumbled in thought.
    "Where is that blathering Idiot?"
    There was a sudden noise of pigs squealing and running away as Rowan fell through one of the barn windows on top of the poor animals. He shot to his feet and dusted the straw from his hair and clothes. "Here boss man." He gave a small kind of salute while walking toward Prince Ulric and the other strangers.

    Ulric sighed, keeping from snapping at Rowan. Is he trying to get us caught and killed? He had worked with him before and knew he was not to be trusted. Rowan was also very loud, but did get the job done -right and fast.-
    "Okay. I am Prince Ulric. For the rest of you there will be time for introductions later. Now that we are all here we can begin." he crossed his arms behind his back; a sign of a regal nature. "As you know I've gone to the farthest places of the land for all of you. We will be HELPING the princesses escape. Nothing more. I do not want any foolery of any kind." Ulric began to pace slowly in his spot on an invisible line. "If she needs your help, You will do her. As you may know, there are three of them. The eldest Princess Cassandra. The middle Princess Cossette and the youngest Princess Celeste. No harm shall come to them. If you must die, then you will die for whats right. If you do your job right then there will be no reason for death. Do I make myself clear?" he asked calmly as he came to a stop, facing his smugglers.


    "Humble?" Xaviar huffed. "To say the least." he rolled his eyes, kicking his feet up onto the rest just at his feet.

    King Klaus looked around nervously now. His daughters were late, as always, to meet the princes. "Ah! Cossette!" he called with joy and motioned for her to come down to him. "Come meet our three princes." Earlier he had explained to his daughters that there was no set man she was to wed, but it would be one of the three. The girls would do their best skills for them and show how wonderful they are, then the most wealthy prince would get to pick first.

    It was what the king had to do. After the queen died the king realized that there was no one in their blood lines to carry on with the kingdom. Once he found this out there was no longer money for his kingdom to prosper. The cattle, sheep, pigs and forth were the only things that made his land worth anything. And with no sons to be his heir, it was what he had to do.

    Where are the rest of them? King Klaus thought snidely.
  9. Cossette flinched when her father had spotted her and made her way begrudgingly towards the group of men. She took her damn sweet time making her way down the stairs, think up up a bunch of horrible things to get her out of this mess. She could just trip on the fabric of her dress, tumble down the rest of the way, and hope to break her neck. Then, maybe, the three princes would be put off so much that they'd leave and come back another day. Giving her sisters a chance to make it out here safely. Geez, where is that damn man. Her sister's plan to be smuggled out of the castle was looking bleaker and bleaker by the second.

    She finally hit the last step and went to stand beside her father, glaring down at the ground. "Good day to you, Princes." The girls had been told to learn their possible future husbands names but she hadn't really found the time, or energy, to do so. Her tone was more of a grumble and her discomfort was obvious.

    It was something that Jayce took great pride in, making people uncomfortable. But this one was plain looking and not at all worth his time. "Where are the other two?" Personally, he wanted a look at the youngest. His father had always said that it was better to marry a young woman, they looked the prettiest for the longest. He only hoped that for the other two Princes that this Cossette was one of those girls that got prettier over time.
  10. Theo searched behind Cossette. "Where is my princess?" his deep voice growled and echoed through the room. "I want Celeste her now Klaus!" he stood up and shoved his chair behind him. knocking it over. A servant came and sat it up and scurried away. "She is my promised betrothed, not this vile creature!" he yelled pointing to Cossette. "Now. Where. Is. My. Princess?"


    Celeste walked into the barn, holding her satchel that held money and her kitten. "Sorry it took me so long! I had to make sure my dad was gone, and my kitten was hiding. She pulled her cat from the bag and sat her on her shoulder. "All that's left is Cossette. She's still inside, but I honestly have no clue what she is doing."She shifted uncomfortably "Thank you for coming to help us, I have your money. And anything else you need just tell me. I can get it." She scanned the rest of the smugglers, they looked like an odd bunch. But she could tell they would be the ones to get the job done. She could feel it.
  11. "Looks like we have two of them... wouldn't Cossette be out by now?" He said in thought as he scanned the two princesses. A slight smile came over his face as he looked at them, they were gorgeous. He was glad the rumors about them were true. "I think I should go find Cossette, if that's ok with all of you. After all I am the only one dress like a noble..." He glanced at the one who flung himself into the room, "Or properly dressed as a noble." After all out of everyone here he was most likely the best with people and most sly. He wasn't very skilled at much else, he had people for that.

    With no to few objections Alan started to walk in the direction of the castle. Nothing was going to stop him, unless the man that hired him would object, though now that Alan was in sight of the castle, and he in the sight of the guards, it would make him look suspicious which anyone with half a brain would realize. Alan walked straight up to the guard who was protecting the gate. "I have business with the king and his several princes." He said and without any questioning the foolish guard let him inside. He held back his feeling of amusement knowing it would create a smile and continued to walk threw the gate. He found a servant who directed him to the room. Upon spotting the princess he walked in and quickly thought of something to say. He figured he should continue running with the same story. "Excuse me your highness, I have an urgent mater that needs to be discussed with you. Another man greater than I awaits you at the 'table'." He said with a bow. "If it so pleases you I will entertain your guest." The king would not recognize him, however, that was of little concern. A lesser noble would always be sent to request the presence of the king. He would not remember any of their lowly faces.

    He had bought himself time to distract the princes, if he could direct their attention to something in the room he may be able to motion the princess to run. That would be his goal, he just hoped the princess would follow the direction of a complete stranger.
  12. Ember held back her irritation with Catalija's assessments, listening to Ulric in silence.
    Shaking her head, Ember moved to follow Alan out.

    "Chances are, even if he manages to find Cossette, he'll still probably need someone's help guiding her while he distracts the nobles," she stated flatly, leaving before anyone could object. Really, she couldn't do a whole lot. The guards would never let her pass, and disposing of them would only alarm the royal guard of their plan. The last thing they really needed was her being reckless, so she waited at the entrance just beyond their line of sight. If the princess happened to slip out this way, she could distract the guards long enough for Cossette to find the others, of course, assuming she didn't make use of another exit. Really, Ember kind of wished someone had thought this plan out a little further. Ulric had requested the assistance of multiple smugglers for a reason.
    Ember, in an attempt to exercise patience, scoped the perimeter of the castle. As she'd feared. There were multiple exits, all of which were heavily guarded. For now, she was waiting nearest to the garden exit.
  13. Cassandra tied her long silky black hair into a pony-tail before she finally exited her room, her plan was to escape out the garden and head over towards the rendezvous but she stopped as she noticed her middle sister being dragged away with her father.

    "Cossette? What are you doing getting caught?" Cassandra questioned although no one could her or answer it. She pushed her tongue to the edge of her cheek as she wondered if she could do anything to help, maybe she could follow them and make some hogwash like she needed to finish her younger sisters make-up. Cassandra's clothes might allow the king too be a little bit more willing to let them go, and so she followed.

    In her white trousers and violet corset, she appeared from behind her father and Cossette. She looked at her possible suitors with sharp eyes and she found none of them attractive at the very least. She poked her father's shoulders, putting her small hands on her hipbones made distinct by the short corset she had wore.

    "Father, now why did you drag off Cossette? I haven't finished her make-up. You were the one who told us to make ourselves look beautiful after-all. And if you will, may I excuse her so that I can finish?" Cassandra asked in a made-up annoyed tone in her words, she glanced at Cossette her eyes speaking everything she needed to say.


    Catalija sighed at the slow-process the rescue was taking, it was a well known fact that the longer a mission takes, the more difficult and possibly dangerous it becomes. She left the barn to do some recon, she moved quickly like and in no time she was watching the three-suitors examine the..two princesses?

    "Another one got caught? They aren't the brightest are they.." Catalija muttered to herself, they were however extremely beautiful so the whole mission wasn't a complete drag. That is if they could accomplish it.
  14. King Klaus watched happily as his favorite daughter made to his side. He slid a hand over her hair lovingly then glanced back to the princes.

    "I assure you Prince Jayce that they are on their way." he cleared the flem from his throat. As he got older it seemed to get worse, he assumed it was just the way for him to go. He began to notice the look on Prince Theos face which angered him, and even more when he began to act out.

    "Prince Theo please. I've said it once and I'll say it again. No one has a set wife at the moment. It's the highest bidder and we haven't started it yet. She is not yours." why would you even want her? But he didn't mind as long as there was money to be made and kingdoms to unite.
    "If you can not control yourself Prince Theo I will have my Knight Dyson escort you out." The king motioned for Dyson to come to his side. Dyson was always around the king in case anything was to happen to him or the princesses. It was what the Queen wanted.

    King Klaus felt something suddenly on his back, light fingers tapping for his attention. He turned to what was behind him. Instantly his breath got caught up in his throat, held in fear. "Cassandra!" He hissed in a whisper embarrassed as to what his daughter was wearing. "You're in your bare nudes! What exactly are you doing?!" he snapped quietly. "If they see you no one will bid for you. Get dressed at once." He turned from his daughter not baring to see any more of her, especially with the clothes she was in. Disgraceful he spat in his head.
    The king kept Cossette at his side. This talk from Cassandra about make-up was odd considering the maids and dressers dressed them, did their hair and did their make up.

    "Cossette.." Xaviar smirked at her, ignoring the young and childish Prince Theo. Cossette was his favorite not to old and not to young. She would be the perfect to bare children and perfect to have an 'accident' happen to in case things got boring. He had told her once before that he wanted her, even tried to make a move but the age she was at the time and the age he was, if he were to have been caught trying to do anything surly he would have been hanged.

    Xaviar turned his attention to a man that now stroke proudly down the great hall of the Entrance room in which they were all sitting.
    He was some sort of messenger Xaviar presumed.

    "Eh..uh..who are yo-... okay." King Klaus nodded. He assumed that it was another prince waiting to talk to him about wedding his daughters in the Meeting room of the table. In moments he was gone, already having forgotten of his daughter in her underpants.

    Xaviar grinned at the bare almost naked girl.


    "Oh..Princess Celeste, please." Ulric smiled kindly refusing the money. "I told you in my letter that this was free of charge." he looked at her up and down once making sure he knew every feature of how she looked in case something were to happen. "You have definitely changed since the last time we spoke." the last time Prince Ulric had visited the kingdom of the Grasslands he was 17 while Princess Celeste was 10. It had been an army arrangement between the Ice Keep and Endoph.

    At this point Ulric had been distracted. He heard something about there being two princesses which clearly there was ONE. -unless the cat was a princess-. And before he knew it three of his smugglers had left. "...I didn't even tell them to leave." Ulric growled suddenly angry His hand clutched the silver handle of his sword and held it tight, fighting the urge to unsheathe it and kill the three idiots that left. "They can ruin everything.." he muttered and watched them intently. "It's best that we get ready to leave in case they don't make it out with you're sisters. Because those imbeciles left on impulse, who knows what will happen." He moved to the horses that had been prepped for the princesses.

    There were four horses filled with food, commoner clothes, and water. It was all they needed. Three horses for the girls and Prince Ulrics'. The smugglers always walked, prepared for anything that could and most likely would happen.
    "Come Celeste. We need to get you ready." He held up the bag of clothes for her. Clothes to say the least. They were more like commoner rags with rips and tears.

    "I got this." Rowan chuckled and grabbed the bag. "Ill help you get dressed ma' lady."
    (holy balls so much writing)
  15. A smile spread across Cossette's face, but it was obviously fake. She was conflicted here. Wanting to stay for father but wanting to leave for herself. And then she'd been spotted by him and now things were getting so complicated. I ruin everything... She thought bitterly as she gathered up her skirts to follow after her older sister, glad for the distraction that this new comer had made. "If you'll excuse us." She muttered in a most unladylike fashion as she gave Cassandra a nice bump to get her going. When they had passed by the guy who had told their father of a visitor she had half a mind to thank him, but wasn't sure if he had done it to help them or if there actually was another person waiting to see her father. Oh well, bought us some time.

    "Dyson." She said, addressing the guard who had gone to stand beside Prince Theo. "Tell father that we'll be just a moment. Nothing to worry about at all." And with a curt nod from him she hurried off, hoping that her older sister was following close behind her. "Where are we going again?" She asked aloud, hoping that her sister would answer her.


    "How disgusting." Jayce grumbled, watching the two ladies make their exit. "I do hope that this meeting gets over with soon enough." He sounded bored but underneath it all he was a little flustered about the fact that he hadn't seen hide nor hair of the youngest princess.
  16. Celeste slid on the rags, sniffing them and pulling her head back in disgust. Why do I have to wear these horrid clothes? She thought to herself. She understood why, but hated it. She had to leave. She was tired of Theo's endless attempts to woo her and his never ending nagging when she rejected him.
    Celeste I want you! Theo's voice echoed in her room. "Too bad the feelings aren't mutual, she stuck her nose up in disgust. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him, smashing his lips onto hers. She pushed him away. "That's NOT how I wanted my first kiss to be!" She punched him in his stomach. Knowing her dad wouldn't come to her aid she kicked him and pushed him out of the room. "Stupid peasant." she mumbled under her breath.
    ~Flashback end
    When she recollected her thoughts, she glanced around staring at little details all around her to pass the time. Where are my sisters?!


    Prince Theo put his face in his hands. Why is she so disgusted with my presence? I know I'm attractive! I get every girl, except the one I want. He looked around and fiddled with his thumbs. He brushed aside the King's rude remarks. "If my princess isn't here soon, I will be leaving. And I won't come back." he snorted in disgust. Am I really that repulsive? He thought to himself. No, she's just playing hard to get. He chuckled to himself.
  17. Alan glanced at the princesses. "Umm. Wait!" he said sounding a bit awkward. "Umm, I will go retrieve them." he said hurriedly as he ran out after them. He easily caught up, he had to run alot in his life to get away from bad situations, naturally that had made him fast. "Princess Cassandra, would you like something more to wear before we get out?" he said in a hushed voice so no one would over hear them. "Otherwise we will have to go out threw the guarden. Just le me do the talking" he said as he turned around just to make sure no one followed. "We should hurry though."

    Alan figured he had put on a good show, distracting the king, finding an escuse to get out of the 'lions den' without suspicion, and now leading... more or less helping really, the princesses to safety. He half hoped Cassandra didn't want to change. He liked her outfit, sexy, easy to move around in, and would throw people off. It wasn't what a normal peasant would think a princess would wear.

    He could hear footsteps down the hall and without warning he pulled both girls into a small side door that lead into a cleaning supplies closet. "Keep calm and still." he whispered recognizing the sound of a shieth banging into it's own cords as whoever it was walked. "Whoever they are is armed. I would rather not die before I even get you out of the castle." he said holding their mouths.
  18. Ember clicked her tongue impatiently, letting out a sigh as she waited along the castle's borders, every so often trailing around the exits just to be sure she hadn't missed the others before returning to the garden exit. She was half tempted to pitch rocks at the soldiers, but she resisted the urge, instead waiting patiently and quietly like she should. 'You think with how much etiquette I was forcibly taught as a child that I'd be a bit more patient…' she thought, chuckling to herself.

    She couldn't help but wonder if they'd been caught inside. They WERE limited on time, but it'd only been a few minutes, so she kept a low profile, waiting for the others like she'd intended.
  19. Cassandra rolled her eyes at her father's reaction to her dressing. Although it did seem rather annoying and quite stupid to make such a big fuss over it, while they were right in front of their supposed suitors it did give its fifty-cents in terms of escaping the damned situation. Cossette took the reigns for a while and as they left the room she happened to glance back at the three princes to find one smiling at her in such a menacing way it sent chills down her spinal-cord.

    "Father your such a dunce sometimes I swear.." Cassandra muttered as she left the room, not really caring if here father were to hear her. She just wanted to leave, that certain prince had creeped her out. He was pretty old too be searching for a wife among her and her sisters, which made him all the more weirder. But then again, her father really couldn't care less.

    She followed Cossette at a controlled pace, watching her sister make her way from behind. Cassandra was never really the sister to play with her siblings all the time but nonetheless she cared for them, and she wasn't afraid to show it that much either. Her words were about to escape her lips as a man approached them, at first she thought he was another prince, who seemed to want to take the advantage but by his clothing she could tell different. His blunt words made her realize he was one of the smugglers. She once again was about to speak but she was pulled into a supply closet, huddled against her sister and the smuggler.

    "What I'm wearing isn't that much of a concern. We need to get out of here.." Cassandra whispered in the dark room.


    Catalija watched curiously with her big caramel eyes as the events rolled out. The mysterious new-comer, the Knight, the girls escaping, it was something like a movie to the girl but then she realized that it wasn't and she reprimanded her expansive imagination. Seeing one of the male smugglers steal the spotlight and haul himself with the two beauties in a closet she clicked her mouth with an annoyed expression.

    Muttering words unaudible to the normal ear she returned to the farm in the blink of an eye, almost like she had left. She sheathed the large schmitar that she kept by her side and turned to her employer, Prince Ulric. He was handsome for a man, but most men were pigs regardless of their appearance. At least to Catalija they were.

    "One of us has the situation handled..probably. Sir." Catalija reported, pointing back at the castle as she continued. "Afterall he's hiding together with two of them in the closet as some patrol guards came by." The ending of her sentence was smeared in obvious sarcasm and a smirk appeared across her lips.
  20. (Using my out of order post now)

    Alan sighed as he listened to the guards foot steps and clanking fade away. He pushed the door open and walked out, without checking he moved down another hallway. When scouting out the area a little while ago he noticed a small door to the back, slightly less guarded than the rest. It would be easier to get out if he could somehow distract the guards.

    "Stay close." He said as he started a slower run. He didn't want to lose them and who knew how much running these princesses have done. He rounded corner after corner and went down hallway after hallway making sure to keep at a pace where the princesses would feel confortable. It only took a couple minutes to get to where he wanted to be and looked out the window. He was hoping to find another smuggler smart enough to relize he would need help on the escape. After not seeing one he almost gave up until he caught a glimps, they must have moved so he could see them. He waved slightly just to make sure and waited for a signal that they could leave.