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  1. Setting:
    A world full of different views depending where you go, how far can one travel before seeing the places, towns and buildings completely change stops being surprising? From miles and miles of fields and farms to a lively city. There are many nature parks where ever you go. Smalls shops and businesses sometimes run by locals during weekends and bigger shops taking over town making small shops die.


    Life can be pretty tough, maybe not everyone is placed where their meant to go and not everyone is allowed who they are. Sometimes maybe it would be easier to break free from the limitations and take on the world? How bad can it be? Yet facing the world alone is a dreadful vision maybe not for you but for others it might be. What if you met the right people that would take on the world with them?


    1. Two characters max per person
    2. All Iwaku rules apply
    3. Please respond at least one paragraph
    4. No sexual content, fade to black if your doing to do the do
    5. Characters are likely to experience all kinds of emotional and physical pain you have been warned


    Character sheet:

    Full name:
    Appearance: (Pictures welcome and encouraged but please write a little bit as well)
    Age: (16-20)
    Sexuality: (Optional)
    Preferences: (Likes, dislikes maybe hobbies)
    Brief past: (Optional but encouraged)


    My character:
    (Still in progress)

    Full name:
    Zoey Barnett







    Brief past:
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  2. - WIP - // Will edit this later //

    Full name:
    Gabriel "Gabe" Eliade


    Gabriel stands at 5ft 10inch (179cm). He has messy dark brown hair and green eyes. His skin is pale, due to spending most of his time indoors and he has a slim body. He usually dresses in monotone colours and prefers long sleeved shirts or checkered shirts. Whenever he goes out, he wears his contact lens. When he's at home, he wears his black rimmed glasses. He is often mistaken for a hipster whenever he goes out wearing his glasses. "No, I'm not a hipster." he would say.



    Not really attracted to anyone

    - WIP -
    Since a young age, Gabe has always been the quiet person. He preferred to do things at his own pace, some would think he's a slow learner or slow person. However, he does pretty well in class and exams. He excels in mostly mathematics and physics, he likes calculation based kind of subjects. He is an independent person although his mother likes to baby him a lot. He likes to think that he's stuck in his own fantasy world. He's the type to think deeply about life. He tends to daze off and daydream.

    -- Adventures
    -- Fast internet connection
    -- Doing things his own pace
    -- Math & Physics

    -- Sports / Physical Education class
    -- Being babied / treated like a child
    -- Being called a hipster when he's not.
    -- People forcing him to do things quickly // pressurizing him

    -- Playing the bass guitar
    -- Reading
    -- Daydreaming
    -- Spending time with his laptop

    Brief past:
    Gabriel grew up in a normal household with three older sisters. Since he's the only boy in the family, his father pressurized him to take up sports and other boy related things. However, he did not enjoy any of it. In fact, he hated sports, he preferred staying indoors, staying in front of his laptop for hours and reading a book. Because of this, the relationship between his father and him is strained. Also, his mother tends to 'baby' him a lot. He only wishes for freedom and independence. His relationship with his sisters, however, isn't strong although they tend to tease when he was younger. He usually go to them for advice. He picked up the bass guitar when he was fifteen, though he plays it for fun.
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  3. Real life pictures and it's looking really good so far well done ^--^
  4. Full Name: Alexis (Alex) Paige Barron
    Alex isn't necessarily tall (I'd say 5' 2"), and she's slightly built (Not too tall, thin, and not strongly built). She didn't like her natural hair color, so she dyed it brown, and she essentially lets it do whatever aside from her taking care of it. Her eyes are blue. She dresses in lighter, almost pastel type colors, blue being her favorite. She wears jeans and cream converse high tops.

    Gender: Of the feminine variety
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Demisexual

    Personality: She's not necessarily quiet, she just doesn't really like to speak unless she finds it necessary. This shows more around people she doesn't know well. She can be very bluntly determined, sometimes even stubborn when it comes to doing stuff. She wants to do well in school, but doesn't see much of a point in it and can be a bit lazy when it comes to it. Despite that, she will always be very excited about band, especially marching band, and things she is passionate about which brings about a hard working and very energetic side of her.

    Likes: Band (Especially marching band) , Music, Reading, Food
    Dislikes: Math, People who are like an inch taller than her, Being incapable of doing something
    Hobbies: Writing, Band (Plays clarinet), Playing card games

    Brief Past: Alex always had a lot of energy as a child. Her parents found it a bit hard to keep her from doing things they specifically told her not to, such as cutting her own hair when she was five or wrestling with her older brother in the front yard. They desperately tried to get her interested in something, typically sports, but to no avail. And while school kept her attention for a few years, she began to lose interest by seventh or eighth grade. It wasn't until she joined band that she found something she really enjoyed. While her new found obsession was great, it essentially killed her attentiveness to school. Once her parents realized that her grades were dropping quickly, they quickly assumed it was band and threatened to pull her out unless she resurrected them. She begrudgingly did so, but was unable to try out for the honor band because of the drop. This all led to the subject of band being uneasy between her and them, and she's not as open with them as she used to be. Unfortunately, her brother is off at college, so he's not able to help the situation.

    (I feel like that brief past isn't as brief as I'd like it to be)
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  6. I think my character is fairly done.
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