Runaway anybody?

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  1. So i've been craving a group runaway roleplay for a while, the ages preferred for this roleplay are 16-20. I'd love to do this roleplay but i'm unsure if anyones interested so here goes nothing.

    The plot would be about a group of college students leaving their homes for their own personal reasons now with this kind of roleplay it would be pretty dark natured with possible character death, illness and emotional trauma that the characters would go thought so it's not exactly the roleplay for everyone.

    Romance is fine but fade to black if your going to you know.

    More details will be discussed if anyones actually interested.
  2. I might interested, but I think that high school age would be better, but that is just my opinion :)
  3. This seems interesting, but I think you should keep the age ranges from 16-20. Gives a lot of room for different types of characters. Nonetheless, I'm in if you'll have me.
  4. Sure welcome ^-^ and thats why i decided at the 16-20 it would be quite difficult to pull of all kinds of characters with a even more limited age range.
  5. Hm, this seems interesting~
    Count me in~ :3
  6. Awesome, do you guys think that this is enough people or should we wait for a few more? I'm fine either way so it's up to you.
  7. It depends on how many characters you plan to have in the rp.
  8. Im interested as well!
  9. Welcome aboard! I think this is enough people to start and if anyone wants to join then they will be able to further on.

    I'll start working on making the character sheets and it should be up tomorrow hopefully.

    Oh and a little question, what do you guys say about starting out in a small town thats in the country and then we could have the characters travel thought cities and over places that will have all kinds of different scenery and some will be more modern while others will be more old looking so everyone will have a period of writing in a environment they enjoy. Just a thought but let me know if thats something you would like us to do in the roleplay.
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  10. Add me in!?:0
  11. Eye eye welcome welcome don't worry we still got plenty of room ^--^
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  12. Mind if I join?
  13. I don't mind come on in join the party.

    I'm just working on the character sheets and just reading thought other stuff i've got prepared for the next thread and insuring i've got all the information that might be helpful.

    And i don't suppose any of you would know which genre category this would fit under? Im having quite a hard time figuring that out.
  14. I'd say Modern probably.
  15. mind if i join?
  16. Thank you

    And sure come on in, i think this is enough people and we'll keep it at this number now.
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