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  1. The day it started was June 13th, 2033. Everyone on earth got a message in their native language. Texts, emails. It was even written in the sky. One word. Run. Nobody payed it any mind. Their governments reported it as a virus. Later that week, everyone could hear it. A low droning sound.

    Logan is standing on the balcony. Close to midnight. His sister and band mates are in the hotel room behind him. He starts to hear the sound. Apparently everyone else heard it because they came running down to the second floor balcony. Then they see it. A bright light in the sky and a beam comes down. "Hit the deck!" Someone yells. The beam drops from the sky and levels the building.

    He wakes up to someone yelling his name. He pulls himself out of the rubble to see his sister running towards him
  2. "Hit the deck!" Sam immidiatly ducks and covers. "What the hell was that?!"
  3. (the story starts after the building is pretty much leveled. Also, I have changed the name.)
    Logan gets up and looks around, hiding his sister behind him. "What... the hell happened" He looks around and calls out his friend's name "Sam!"
  4. He gets up and looks to see where that voice came from, "Yeah?!"
  5. "What in the hell was that?" It is still night out, so it is hard to see. suddenly, the sound returns. "Run!" The beam comes down again, but this time just smashes into a building instead of completely leveling it.
  6. "Beats the hell out of me!" once the beam hits the building he looks at Ikki, "Come on!" he starts running the oppisite direction of where the beam came from.
  7. He is carrying his sister on his back. "What about the others?"
  8. He stops and looks at him. I was paniking so much he forgot.
    "Alright! You look that way and I will look this way." He moves a pile of ruble
  9. Right." He starts calling out the names of the other band members. A bright light comes from the sky. Not the deadly kind this time.
  10. Sam looks up at the sky.
  11. Four large metal objects smash into the ground and just sit there. Logan grabs a lead pipe from the ground.
  12. Sam walks up to Logan, "What the hell is that?"
  13. I dont know... dont touch it."
  14. Sam sighs and looks around at the damage.
  15. Steam starts to blow off of the metal things and doors swing open.
  16. Sam looks at Steam.
  17. ((Oh I meant to say he looks at the steam XD. My fault.))
  18. (well the things came out nonetheless)
  19. ((Ok moving on XD))
    Sam hears someone yell his name. He turns around.