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  1. Athela's home is in the Adirondack Mountains. Along with the rest of the Blood Moon pack. The live peaceably, in a large village. Athela is daughter of Koana, pack alpha. She is in line to take over the pack. But in order for her to stay at her alpha rank, Athela would never marry. Once she did, her husband would take over the pack. Something she would never let happen. But her father, has been looking for possible mates throughout their pack, and others.

    The Adirondack's are shared by many wolf packs. Fighting has been dying down greatly and most of the area is separated as evenly as possible. And many of the sons of other Alphas have been traveling to the village to try to imprint on Athela, but it doesn't work. Athela doesn't want to get married. She doesn't want to share rein over her pack. So she won't.

    Athela ran through the forest. Dodging trees and jumping over fallen logs. It has been too long since she was in her wolf form. Almost a week since she has gotten to run free. Her black fur, shined in the light that filtered through the trees. Her violet eyes moved rapidly, scanning the floor for any obstacles. She purposely took the rocky path, to eliminate the likeliness of being followed by one of daddy's goons.

    She reached the waterfall, just a couple miles from the village. She dove through it, her fur dampening under the fall. She shifted back into a person, wringing out her long black hair. She grabbed a towel from the small chest in the cave wall. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, sitting down. She laid back and watched the water drip from the roof. She watched the different ways the light flickered against the walls. She didn't want to go back to the village. Not for a long time. She knew her beta, Tetza, would come looking for her soon. And honestly, it was always before she was ready to go.

  2. "Hm?" Anaba lifted her head from her paws at the sound of someone running through the waterfall and into the cave. It must be that alpha I always smell when I'm here. Slowly lifting herself off the ground, the old female yawned, displaying her sharp teeth. shaking her mane of snow colored fur, she padded out towards the entrance of the cave. Laying on the ground was a Athela, an alpha of another pack, in her human form. She seemed almost sad. "Child," the elder wolf questioned, "what is the matter?"
  3. Athela sat up, she looked at the other alpha wolf. "My father. He is asking me to give up my position as alpha for a husband. I am not okay with that." She speaks slowly, and quietly. Her anger is heard with the words and it burns in her eyes. She combs through her black hair with her fingers. She sighed deeply, closing her eyes and taking a breath. This whole thing made Athela feel like her father thought she was incapable.
  4. "Ah, I see." The old wolf nodded as she shifted into a human form. As she was an elder, she was already clothed in the traditional skirt and jacket of the Adirondack tribes. "My father did the same thing. Before he was killed in the war, of course." She sat next to the younger alpha and thought for a minute. "Your father is Koana, correct?"
  5. "Yes. And my pack is Blood Moon. We too have lost many in the war. But peace has come." Athela mumbles, repeating her father's words perfectly. Drilled into her head. Peace has come. Athela did not believe in peace. It is something that does not exist to her. She can be happy, but to be at peace is to die, as rain is to flowers. One has to happen in order for the other. When people of your pack die, you are never at peace, but they are. The spirits are at peace, but the body and mind is not.
  6. The older woman scoffed at her words. "Something your father taught you, eh?" She shook her head. "I remember when he was just a pup. Always had a twisted sense of right from wrong." She sighed. "While it is true that there is less fighting going on at the moment, that does not mean the packs are happy. Many are getting restless." Her gentle smile soon returned. "But, that's not what we were talking about. We were talking about your place in the pack." She inclined her head to the young female. "So, you haven't been imprinted yet?"
  7. "Right. No, I haven't. I won't even meet with the boys that have come. It makes my father angry. I run away. That's why I am here now. A young man from Silver Paw has come." She groans, shaking her head. "I do not understand why father wants me to marry so bad." Athela laid her head in her hands. She wanted to be strong leader. Someone worth looking up to. She didn't want to lose her pack, and mix blood with another.
  8. "Hmf. Well, I think you should do what I did." The wold held her head high. "Meet with them. But if they're anything like you think they are, tell them off. Send them away and order them not to return." She waved her hand as if dismissing an invisible person. "If someone truly loves you, they will recognize your need to be leader of the pack. They will let you rule, even if they have every right to take it." She raised her head a fraction and sniffed at the air. "Your beta is coming." she sighed and shook her head. "Well, we can continue this later. I have to speak with your father anyway."
  9. Athela stood nodding, "Thank you." she shifts into her wolf, sleek black fur and sharp white teeth.She gives a curt nod and jumps back through the waterfall. Tetza, her beta was waiting outside. Tetza had an deep gray fur that glistened in the sun. Her eyes were flat. Athela knew Tetza was tired of chasing her around, but Athela smiled. Beta's are loyal. Plus Tetza is her best friend. Together, they climbed the steep rocky mountain to the village. Athela shook her body out, spraying water. She morphed back into a fully dressed girl. Her violet eyes held a lightness that they usually didn't.

    She went back to her house. Happy to see her father, unhappy to see the boy from Silver Paw hadn't left yet. "Father I-." Her father held his hand up, interrupting her. It meant to be quiet. The boy was handsome, as all the others were. Nothing special, no standing features. Normal. A growl rumbled in her chest as she exited her home, normal boy by her side. He'd already tried to hold her hand and Athela was constantly fighting off the urge to punch him.
  10. The old wolf slowly made her way back through the maze of caves she knew so well. Eventually, she came to another entrance. It was located on the side of a mountain, and was covered in snow. She smiled. This was her territory; the land of the tribe of snow fur. A red tailed hawk circled above the entrance, before settling down on the Anaba's back. "Aponivi, tell the messenger wolves to alert the blood moon that I shall be arriving." The hawk nodded, then took off again into the sky. A black wolf approached her from the left. "Hania."
    "Hello, dear," the other wolf responded. His voice was low, but his tone was happy. "What took you so long? Did you get lost in the caves."
    Anaba growled at him. "I'm not that old," she pouted. He only chuckled. "How is Utina? has she had her pups yet?" He shook his head.
    "Not yet." Now that they were closer, they paused to rub their noses together. "Where are you going next?"
    The white wolf sighed. "Blood moon, unfortunately," she frowned. "There's been border trouble, I need to make sure nothing has happened to the agreement."
    Hania nodded in understanding. "Seems reasonable. Can I come?"
    "I suppose so," the old wolf consented. "You are my mate, as well as my Beta."
    "Excellent." the black wolf smiled widely.
  11. Athela sat with her arms crossed across her chest, a frown on her face. The boy had finally left and her father was once again angry that she hadn't found a mate. She had ignored him through most of his lecture about how irresponsible and irritating she could be. He yelled about how she wasn't even trying, which was true. Athela was not trying to find a mate, she was barely even cooperating at the meets. She also was not at all interested in her fathers rant. She'd heard it all before. Many times. She had left the house after he was done, she needed to be alone.

    Athela sat on a bench in the village center, most everyone had gone out hunting, so it was pretty quiet except the occasional child running by. They were the funniest to watch. No completely used to changing so they'd shift one paw and play tag. If the paw touched you, you were it. She loved to play that game when she was little. She twiddled with her black hair, sighing. Why was marriage so important? Her father must think she is incapable. Or else he would not force her into this right?
  12. Anaba trotted lazily towards the borders of the Blood Moon pack. Hania followed closely behind, and the call of an eagle could be heard. Behind the black beta was a younger, hazel colored wolf. Growling softly the white wolf stopped suddenly, as did her beta. The hazel wolf skidded to a halt, nearly bumping into his superiors. An escort from the Blood Moon pack appeared silently out of the trees. After the escort confirmed it was only the three wolves, they lead them through the forest until they reached the village. The beta of the pack lead them to the alpha's house. "The Alpha and his heir will be with you shortly." Anaba snorted.

    "Oh, I'm sure they will," she growled under her breath.
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