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  1. At the edge of a forest, a young male furry sat with his back to the forest. The moon, full and bright as the sun, yet almost as pure and white as freshly fallen snow, shown down upon the boy, illuminating his figure. The stars twinkled bright upon the dark sky, not a single one covered by any sort of cloud. A soft, warm wind whispered through the soft, tall grass in front of the twenty-four year old boy, almost seeming to talk to him. The night was very much alive and far from the sweet, gentle and sweet composure that it seemed to be. The boy knew it to, being the jumpy little guy he was.

    Aleksander Grebllejk, known as Alek or Aleks, gazed upon the beautiful early autumn night sky, his bright ocean blue colored eyes gazing intently upon the darkness. Enjoying the peace while it lasted, his bright ocean blue eyes looked down into the tall grass that seemed to softly sing with the wind. A warning, it seemed to hum. Aleks blinked and flicked his golden furred cat ears backwards, his nervous and jumpy nature helping him in this nightmare of a land. He listened carefully, willing to pick up any sign of danger. He wanted to let his resting state continue but it was not the case. It was too dangerous to stay in one spot for too long. Sweeping his golden bangs away from his lightly tanned face, Aleks stood up, flicking his tail slightly. He wore only a ocean blue tee shirt, some snuggly fitting black jeans and black tennis shoes. A flashlight in his right hand, a comforting texture of a small rock in his left, Aleks seemed a bit flighty. And he was.

    "We better watch out, Jerickah," the Swedish accented boy murmured, seemingly to the rock. "I have a feeling he's close again." If anyone was listening who didn't know of Aleks, they would think him as of insane. Being on his own for so long, always hiding and running from danger, you could almost see why the 5'10" tall twenty-four year old would talk to and befriend objects that were either unable to do anything or had no life in them.

    "Again, Al?" he muttered in a higher pitched voice, as if making the rock talk to him. He was speaking for the rock, actually. "We are always on the run, can't we ever take a bre-"

    "No, Jerickah! He is close! I don't want a hug from him!" Aleks responded to the rock, in his normal voice. "I don't like his hugs. He makes me way too uncomfortable and he seems to like to kill people." He began to walk briskly away from the tall grass that seemed to grow at the minute, almost as if it were trying to conceal something it it's grasp. This made Aleks on edge.

    "Whoa! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Bad grass! Bad grass!" Aleks yelped and began to jog lightly away into the darker woods, not really daring to look back. He knew better, than to do that. If he looked back... well... he'd be in a bit of trouble, as panic and terror would set a hard grip on him. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! No! Bad grass! How dare you let him come towards me!"


    Hey! Welcome to my little jump-in role-play! It's kind of a mixture of almost everything! Horror, survival, romance, super-natural/fantasy, modern and all that... Our characters find themselves trapped in a never-ending place of horrors. There are strange, horrible creatures found in this land and almost everything is set against the characters. During the day is when they probably should rest, take care of themselves s and eat. At night is when the horrors begin. There is no known way out of the place. It's a huge forest with hills, paths that you should avoid, paths that you should take, trees of every sort, streams, rivers and every plant you could think of. This place is one of the most beautiful places you could imagine. But it is also the deadly. Will our characters survive? Who will live and who will die? How can they escape? The forest has a never ending plane of grass encircling it, with creatures of all sorts of horrors that guard it, making escape impossible and one brave or stupid enough to venture in the grass pretty much walks to their own death. Escape is not going to be easy. Can they survive the wild?

    .:: Iwaku Rules
    Please follow the site rules! I would not like to have this deleted or anything of the sorts. It's a given thing to follow the site rules so I will enforce them here.
    .:: Activeness
    Please join to role play actively here! It's no fun to have nobody role-play here when you know there are people that have joined and are too lazy to come here. Please try to be on at least once every four days! And not just to post { Hi! } either!

    .:: Characters
    No perfect characters, alright? Nobody likes them as they are boring.

    No god-modeling (being the most powerful and best at everything)
    No power-playing (roleplaying someone else's character(s) without permission)
    .:: Role-Playing
    Be literate! Use proper grammar and spelling! It isn't that hard to make a four sentenced paragraph, is it? When your character has five or six senses? Use them!

    .:: Other
    Please, have fun while you role-play here!

    You may have any sort of character that you want to have, besides shape-shifters, that relate to a human in anyway. Vampires, werewolves, demons, fallen angels, furries, humans... have fun with this! And make as many characters as you want, being that this is more of a horror role-play. Be prepared to let one or more of your characters be killed!
    Being that this is a jump-in role-play I cannot and do not require you to make a form when you join. If you can describe your character well enough on your first post, that's good enough for me. But, it would be nice if you could say their age, gender, full name and species.

    Aleksander Grebllejk .::. 24 .::. Male .::. Furry (cat) .::. Alive { nyra }
    Nikos Kcoddah .::. 21 .::. Male .::. Hybrid (eagle) .::. Alive { nyra }
    Jake Naroh .::. 21 .::. Male .::. Hybrid (Boreal Owl) .::. Alive { nyra }

    Characters (Monsters)

    -- work in progress --

    .::. Screaming Bride .::.
    -- females only
    -- about 5 in the forest
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Slenderman .::.
    -- Unknown (thought commonly as male)
    -- only type of creature in the forest
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Gasping Grasp .::.
    -- unknown (thought commonly to be males)
    -- number of monsters
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Shrieks .::.
    -- both genders
    -- number of monsters
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Seedlings .::.
    -- both genders
    -- number of monsters
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Puppets .::.
    -- male only
    -- number of monsters
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

    .::. Jack Wolves .::.
    -- both genders
    -- number of monsters
    -- effects on creatures
    -- brief description

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  2. At a different part of the dangerous forest, was a calm and curious twenty-one year old boy, calm and peaceful as he could be. New to this new place, the boy was unsure of how he got there. Mystified by the beauty of the night-cloaked forest, the blonde-haired boy walked forward, ruffling the feathers on his wings on his back. The boy had a wingspan of sixteen feet, the primary feather being a soft golden brown. pretty much like a golden version of his hair-color. But his secondary feathers were of a dark brown that could be described as a brunette color opposed to the blonde primary feathers. Having the eagle part in his blood, the boy only ate meat otherwise he would get sick and he had extremely good agility, speed and the best eyesight. He was pretty strong, despite it not showing all too well in his more skinny, 5'7" tall figure.

    Nikos Kcoddah walked calmly along the forest, ignoring the small alert feeling in him that warned him of danger. Being ignorant was one thing the boy definitely was. He continued on his slow walk, his bright blue eyes catching everything in the smallest detail, loving the beauty of the place. He saw the small little dew drops upon a white orchid's lower petal, the rough marks of a squirrel's claws on the dark bark of a pine tree, he hidden path of a cotton-tailed rabbit by a yew berry bush. He was as calm as could be. He was about to move a small, stiff piece of styled blonde hair back to his pointed hairstyle when he stopped in his tracks. The wind started up in a soft hushed breeze, carrying what seemed like a whisper of a warning. A horrible shrieking came from in front of him, as a pale figure with ebony black, wild long hair screamed. It looked like a female human, though it floated and there was blood all over the figure's white gown, hands and mouth, it's eyes glowing white as well. It started after him and Nikos gave the figure no head start. Too scared to spread his wings, as he would have gone yeep (a term that meant his wings would lock and he wouldn't be able to flap his wings nor fly) in the air, the twenty-one year old ran as fast as he could down a dark, dirt-packed path.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the Irish boy screamed in fright as he ran the opposite way of the bloody white figure. "What the hell is this thing! Get away! Get away, getawaygetaway!"
  3. Kastia awoke underneath a tree, confused as to where she was she flicked her fingers expecting her flame to appear but it didn't. Her magic was suddenly gone, she was frightened and panic'd she walked around the forest when she heard a scream, Kastia had to protect the innocent it was what she always wanted to do. Kastia ran towards the sound and found a boy being followed by a bloody what looked to be bride. She tried her powers and nothing, she had to resort to her pixie wings which she tried and it happened she had her wings nothing really big just a pixie who could fly and use fire although her fire wasn't of use because she couldn't ignite it at all she still flew over and distracted the bloody white bride it was worth a shot. "I got you covered!" Kastia shouted to the boy who was running and distracted the bride almost getting caught by her after seeing the boy a considerable distance away she flew into the tree's and away from the bloody women. A minute later she found the boy, the wings were then disappearing turning to ash and fading into the wind. "Are you okay!?" Kastia said as she walked over to the boy to make sure he was.
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  4. Tilting his head to the right, with wonder, a twenty-one year old male Boreal Owl hybrid looked upon a beautiful red rose. He knelt down to his knees, wearing some nice blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a white tee shirt with slits for his wings on his back, careful not to get his jeans too muddy. He'd be teased for a few days if he went back to the boys with muddy clothes. They'll think him being of a poor flyer once again. How he had gotten into the beautiful moon-light filled forest was a mystery. The light brown haired boy had no idea where he was or how he had gotten there. One moment he was standing in his backyard, looking for one of his closest friends, the next, he was standing in this beautiful forest. He looked gently down at the delicate flower when a small alarm went off in his mind. Almost instantly to his feet once more, his hazel eyes scanning the area, the 5'8" tall boy crouched down a little with he legs bent slightly. Eighteen feet of feathers spread out behind him, the primary feathers being a soft light brown as of the color of his styled up hair, similar to the blonde boy in the other part of the forest, while his secondary feathers were a jet black color.

    Jake Naroh gave a large leap into the air, giving a few strong power strokes to flap up into the air. Shaping the warm air under his strong, wings, the boy looked down at the forest that was about twenty feet below him by now. The wind tugged slightly at his hair as he flew forward, though it was no use to try and unstyle it. He styled it so that it wouldn't get wind-blown, as he flew on a daily basis. Jake tilted his head slightly as to catch any sounds from the ground below, to show of danger. Like a owl, he had very good senses of hearing, though not as good of hearing as a Barn Owl hybrid would have, he still had extraordinary hearing. What he heard wasn't what he expected.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the Irish-accented scream of a boy around the same age as the British boy himself filled the air below him. "What the hell is this thing! Get away! Get away, getawaygetaway!"

    Jake's eyes widened and his wings folded close to him, as he swooped downwards to the tree tops, avoiding the highest of branches. His hazel eyes searched frantically below him for the familiar figure of his best friend. Panic rose in the British boy's chest as he tried to locate where the voice came from.

    "Nikos!!" Jake called down in panic, trying to find his Irish friend. His eyes scanned the forest floor beneath him. There wasn't even foot prints yet. "Nikos, where are you?!"
  5. Nikos gasped as he ran. A voice of a female sounded behind, him, but he was terrified that it was the bloody white thing that was chasing him. He didn't dare to glance back, terrified of anything that might happen and kept running. After a few minutes, he took shelter under a willow tree, gasping for air. His lungs were big as he had to have them a little larger so he could fly, but running wasn't his typical thing for his lungs to be used to. Nikos bent over a little, his alarmed blue eyes looking down at his white shoes that were now tinted brown from the dirt. The voice of the same female who he had heard before made him jump and look up in alarm, as he gave another small scream.

    "Ahhh!" the Irish boy yelped, "Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me! Don't take my wings, okay? Rip off my arms but not my wings!" He started to back up, ever so slowly, raising his hands in a defensive posture, his wings starting to spread a little behind him. His blue eyes showed nothing but alarm as he looked at the girl who was now in front of him. He didn't know who she was or if she would harm him or if she was just that... that, thing in another form.
  6. "I just saved you from the bloody bride, if I wanted something from you or wanted you hurt I would have let her do it to you I'm here to help" Kastia said as she rearranged her dress and smiled this wasn't her usual attire it was skimpy and immodest. She wore it for her pixie gathering with her friends. "I'm also not that big look you're like 4 feet taller then me! I'm only 1 foot and a half, I probably couldn't hurt you if I wanted to!" Kastia said as she giggled a little and walked over to the man and flew up to put her hand on his. "Trust me"
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  7. The bright blue eyes of the Irish boy's seemed to have more of a calmer look to them as he looked at the girl. She was right, in a way. She was quite small, and didn't seem to really be able to do much harm. But once in a alarmed state, he tended to not to trust many things, especially new things. But he would have felt it if she had been a threat, a special gift of being a animal hybrid, so he relaxed a little. Just a little, though. Preoccupied in his thoughts and with her, he didn't quite hear a familiar distant call of his best friend. Nikos looked at her, his wings now fully spread out, though he wasn't in any posture that was to show he was about to fly.

    "You... You sure?" he stammered in his Irish accent. "You could still be a threat... eh, oh well. Who are you?"
  8. "I'm Kastia, I'm a pixie I usually can control fire it's just not working at the moment, I don't know what's going on do you know where we are?" Kastia said as she flew back as she saw a human shape in the sky. "Look up there do you see that boy!?" Kastia said as she flew through the opening and saw a boy with owl wings.
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  9. "Nikos! Nikos! NIKOS!" the frantic call of Jake rung through the now strangely silent forest. Before this, he unknowingly flew straight past Nikos and Kastia. Now he was quite a ways away, far enough to make his loudest call barely a whisper to the two. too far away from them to probably hear him. "Nikos! Can you hear me? Nikos! Nikos!! Answer me, please! Nikos! Where are you?? Nikos!" The poor british boy was now frantic, trying so despartely to find his best friend. There had seemlingly been no other noise since his scream and the hybrid was panicing wildly. There was no other noise besides his voice and the sound of his wings flapping through the warm air. He searched wildly over the forest, still unable to find his best friend. Minutes passed by like hours as he searched, unsuccessfully, for Nikos. Unknowingly, once more, he passed by where Nikos and Kastia were.

    "Oh Nikos... please be okay... My friend... where are you...?" Jake whispered to himself, then wobbled in the air as he became unbalanced in a surprised state, becoming a little startled. He looked around, stopping to hover in midair at the sound he heard yet again.

    "Ahhh!" the familiar Irish yelp echoed through the forest. Jake, dove down to the ground, about to land when a white glow caught his eye. He turned his head to see a brutal sight. Glowing, wearing a white bridal gown, while floating in the air was what appeared to be a human girl with white glowing eyes. And there was blood all over her. On her dress, on her hands and seemingly dripping from her mouth. Opening her gruesome mouth, she screamed a horrible wail that made Jake's wings lock up at his sides. Thankfully only a few feet off the ground, with his ears ringing, Jake landed roughly, on his feet. He winced at the sound, looking back at the ... thing. What he could only describe as a bridal horror. He faced her, slowly backing up, unable to turn around and fully run away. He felt himself locking up, unable to look away from her horrible glowing eyes that seemed to fill his veins with ice. He could only slowly back up, unable to run, unable to fly, not even able to call for help. This was what she did. To day creatures, and night creatures, her effects were different. For Nikos, she only startled and scared him. But her scream was almost lethal to Jake. Only able to reach his ears, her scream was silent to all but him. It was that scream that threw off his balance and his thinking ability as well as most of his hearing. Flying while she screamed only worsened the effect.

    "Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me! Don't take my wings, okay? Rip off my arms but not my wings!" the cry of his frightened friend echoed through is ears, in a sickening and disorienting way. It had him feel like he wanted to puke, but his voice was enough to get him out of his yeep-like state. He brought out his wings and jumped up, quickly taking to the sky. He flew higher and higher, fumbling in the air as his balance was completely off, his mind in a very dizzy state. His ears were ringing, Nikos' voice echoing through his head in a sickening and disoriented way. Jake stayed upon a nice warm thermal and tried to get back to a normal state of mind, without much success.

    "Nikos...? Where are you...?" Jake murmured again, his own voice making a horrible echoing sound, being completely disoriented as Nikos' voice was, sounding like a screech in horrible high pitched sounds instead of his soft, British accented voice. Jake groaned and tried to shake his head to get it to go away but it wouldn't go away. In fact, his groan just made everything worse. He continued his wobbly flight until he could barely fly without dropping. Then he decided to land ,running into a higher, but thick branch of a oak tree. He managed to clamber up on it and rested his back against the trunk. He held his head and breathed slowly, hoping and willing for his little sickness to pass.


    Nikos looked quickly up to the skies, in silent hope for it to be someone familiar. Perhaps someone like him, or maybe at least a hybrid like him. When his bright blue eyes reached the skies, however, there seemed to be nothing. His friend was traveling at a high speed in his frantic state, quickly over looking the tree they were resting under. The Irish boy searched and stared at the skies, hoping to see even a glimpse of what the pixie saw, but he aw only the beautiful and dark night sky with the moon shining down on them and the stars twinkling their light down to them. He ran a hand to smoothe down his blonde hair, in a gesture that sometimes calmed him. He shook his head and turned his figure to look back at Kastia.

    "You sure you saw something?" he asked her, his Irish accent thick and blurring out the "th" sounds with a "t" sound. "I don't see anything. Maybe it was a owl or a large bird? Who knows what this place is?" He shuddered a little and looked back at the sky. The moon was barely a crescent moon back at where he last remembered... why was it full here?

    "I wish I could go home... I don't like this place.." he murmured to himself. He wasn't oblivious as before, his instinct telling this place was crawling with danger. He brought his wings back to him, curling un in a manner that made them almost invisible from the front. Nikos sighed sadly and watched the skies. "If there is truly someone like me out there, where are you??" he wondered silently.
  10. Running harder as he heard the gurgling screech of the creature behind him, he gripped his flashlight and the rock he called "Jerickah" as he ran. He almost shouted "Move!" or "Excuse me, out of my way!" to the bushes, trees and plants as he passed by them, his heart pounding against his chest. The Swedish twenty-four year old ran as fast as his legs would carry him, coming up to a thick willow tree. Barely missing a beat, Aleks ran up to the tree, using his momentum to help him climb up the trunk of the willow tree to the higher up first branch. Quickly climbing as fast as he could without falling, the boy practically soared up to the top of the fifty foot tall willow tree. He glanced back down as he neared the top and then clutched the branch he was on for dear life, afraid of falling down. The creature with the gaping open mouth full of sharp needle teeth of blood stomped up to the willow tree. Aleks gulped and clutched the branch even harder. He glanced at Jerickah.

    "Shhhh! Don't give us away Jerickah!" he hissed quietly at her, trying to lighten up the moment so he didn't freeze up in fear. Or scream. He had to do something to ease up the terror in his mind.

    "I-I-I'm sorry Aleks, I-I didn't mean to-" he stated back for the rock, in a hushed, whisper in a higher voice.

    "Shhhh! He's down there! Shuddup!" Aleks hissed quietly back at the rock, the terror in his mind somewhat being relieved.


    "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he whisper yelled. That shut up the rock.
  11. The creature grumbled and hissed beneath the Swedish furry, not really leaving but unsure where the prey of it's choice went. Aleks looked down, his bright ocean blue eyes watching the white gaping creature closely, keeping a tight hug on the tree and a tight grip on his flashlight and rock. His golden furred ears were pinned against his head in fright, his long tail bushed and fluffy in terror, he was obviously terrified. He didn't even dare to talk to his rock, who was also keeping quiet as well. After what seemed like a terrifying eternity, he watched the grumpy and confused creature stomp away from the tree, making Aleks smile in glee.

    "Look at that dumbass!" the twenty four year old laughed, "He thinks we just disappeared into thin air. Yeah! That'll teach you to chase after Aleksander! Ha! Aleks is still the best at this! Yeah!" Sadly, the creature heard him and turned around, looking for his prey. It howled and growled, stomping back towards the tree.

    "Oh fuck, he's coming back, isn't he? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT!!!!" Aleks started to whine, his cocky superior attitude gone just like that. "No! NO, no, no, no, no, oh no! Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! Go away! Bad gaping creature! Ahh! Go away!!"

    "Nej! nej! NEJ, nej, nej, nej, nej, nej, nej, nej! Jävla helvete! Ät inte mig! Jävla helvete! Nej! Gå bort, gå bort, gå bort!" Aleks whispered in fright, yell whispering at that. Thankfully, the creature didn't seem to be able to hear him, as he was careful not to be too loud. It hunted for him in the area around him, making the boy feel better once more. This time he was smart enough to keep his thoughts to himself, though he was secretly taunting the creature in his mind.

    { That was Swedish. Here is what he said in Swedish:
    "No, no! NO, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Fucking hell! Do not eat me! No! Fucking hell! Go away, go away, go away!" }
  12. Steff breathed in a small sigh as she closed her book. Pushing up the thin-frame glasses on her equally thin nose, she yawned cutely, reaching her arms to the ceiling of her small room in a hotel surrounded by wheat fields. She looked at the clock... damn. Already 12:00, she should really get to bed. Yet again... she really wanted to know what happened to Indiana Jones in his famed search for the Crystal Skull! She tucked a lock of her curly brown hair behind her ear and her velvety-chocolate brown eyes glittered with anticipation as she picked up her book, which seemed to be her only friend. But before she could delve back into the fantasy world of her imagination, she caught a bright light out of the corner of her eye. She glanced up, out of the window, and saw the strangest thing... a small floating orb, the color of the sky, pulsing with energy as it seemed to beckon her to the window. Slowly moving the blanket off of her, she sneaked past her father, who was sound asleep and snoring, and she opened the window slightly.

    The energetic ball zoomed right into the room, careening around the light and the ceiling, then taking a fast stroll through the space of the room. Steff stifled a giggle as she watched it, and it seemed to stop right in its' tracks... then coming up to Steff! She kept her hands over her mouth as the lively thing made circles around her, almost seeming to inspect her! Then it somehow grabbed a lock of Steff's hair and tugged her towards the window. She suddenly became panicked and tried to pull away from the seemingly friendly orb, but it was going to have none of that. Pulling harder, it made her head stick out of the window; Steff gasped as her eyes filled with tears of stinging pain at the way her hair was so firmly attached to her head that it pained her to pull on it.

    She climbed through the window at the orb's behest and dropped the 3 or so feet down to the ground in her purple cardigan and white pencil skirt; they both fit her nicely, showing off the bosom and hips she received from her Spanish mother's side of the family. Her personality was that of her American father's; stubborn and determined to show that she's right, kind to her friends and family, and never skeptical unless in fearful situations.

    Steff yelped as the floating orb pulled on her hair again, and she had no choice but to follow. To her fear, it was leading her directly in the direction of the corn fields! Curiously, the small ball seemed to change shape as they got closer to the edge of the field... it was growing to take on the shape of a man, with a black suit on and white gloves, as well as a very light skin tone, and a bald head. Steff gulped down a scream as she saw tentacles sprout from the man's back, but he must have heard her whimper because he looked back at her; this time she did scream, her eyes widening in horror as she took in the man's featureless face with indentations for eyes and nothing else.

    The man in the suit covered her mouth with one of his gloved hands, and she realized that she was petrified in fear. She was very shaky, and while her mind was screaming at her to move, just MOVE, her body wouldn't comply. Her breath was coming in rigid gasps, sounding much like hyperventilation, as it probably was. She yelped when she felt his tentacles, smooth and cold like a squid's, running across her arms and bringing them down to her sides and under her shirt. Steff suddenly got a burst of energy and tears of fear streamed down her clear white face as she tried wrenching her arms away from the slippery grasp of the tentacled man; she succeeded, and fell down to the ground. You could have seen a look of surprise on the masked man's face if it wasn't... well, you know... masked.

    Steff immediately got up off the ground and tried to run away from him and into the field. In blind fear, she ran erratically through the corn field; she could hear the whisper of the creatures in the night she was having a hard time finding the beauty in. After about 5 minutes of running, Steff broke down into a sobbing mess as she leaned against a tree, her heart beating faster than normal due to the mind-numbing terror she had experienced earlier. But let's not forget Slendy, as he never gives up on his prey; Steff gave a blood-curdling scream when she saw him, but before she could do anything the man in the black suit had used his tentacles to pounce on her moment of weakness and pin her against the tree she sought comfort from! She tried as hard as she could to tear her arms and legs away from his hold, but she was too weak from the run to do anything but rile him up.

    Her breath caught in her throat when Slendy actually spoke; however, it was not much of a sound rather than a thought conveyed to her mind from him. Stop running, little girl, there's no use in it. She could hear the sneer of victory in his voice as he continued, I do ever so love when the mouse runs from the cat, you always know who's going to win.
  13. ~~ Edit ~~

    Stop struggling, girl, there's no use in it. She closed her eyes and whimpered in fear when she heard his tone change to victorious. He teased her, I really love it when my prey and I play the cat-and-mouse game. We both know who's going to win, and yet you still try to save yourself! He laughs maniacally and Steff gives up, letting her weight be supported by the tree. It's over.
  14. Elissa was always running round in circles. Tired of the horrors lurking. She knew of them and she knew they should be avoided. She also gave up on trying to leave. She tired of life and of bothering at all.

    She was running. She had long mud streaked hair and her eyes were black, a complete black iris. She wondered if she could call out, if there were others, but she didn't know. She didn't know why she was here.

    She did however know that she was a hybrid. A human and a reptile of some sort. An experiment. It sickened her.

    She felt hunted, there was no escape from the horrors. "Anyone, anyone at all?" she eventually cried out, looking around. This wasn't fair, she was twenty at most, but her life was snatched for moments, before being pressed inside again. A never ending story. Never ending life.
  15. Having enough of this Goddamn Forest with its Goddamn creatures, the 18 year old werewolf decided that she would help the girl. Crouching under the bushes behind the tree, Yeeyda focused her golden eyes on Slenderman as he held Steff to the tree. She knew that with her brown splotched fur, she was perfectly camouflaged. Moving slowly moving closer, Yeeyda positioned herself for the attack. With a howl to signal her pack, Yeeyda lunged at Slenderman, sinking her fangs into its arm.
  16. (( I don't know if I'm allowed to be here... but I'll reply ^.^ ))

    Slenderman jerked his arm, but couldn't make a noise of pain as he doesn't have a mouth. He accidentally released Steff, his tentacles waving about erratically; the man in the black suit tried to yank his arm away from Yeeyda, and in the effort he shot his tentacles toward her, aiming for her head so that he could separate her teeth from his arm.

    Steff landed, with a cry, on her butt. Wincing, she quickly moved to the side and away from the battle. Watching in half fascination and half horror, she saw a female wolf drawing blood-- it was black?-- and snarling. She was breathing hard, cuts and bruises all over her body.
  17. Dáire Leron .::. 23 .::. Male .::. Furry (Red Fox) .::. Alive

    Dáire clutched his hurt wrist to his chest. The bandages his older brother had wrapped around it were coming undone. Dirt spread across his pale face, he tasted it every time he bit his lip to stop himself from whining. His red curly hair fell in scraggly tangles across his face. His steps seemed to crack every branch on the ground no matter how carefully he tried to tread.

    He had no idea where he was. He didn't have any of his weapons with him! All he could remember was escaping from the local gang with his brother, after borrowing all their supplies of course. He remembered one of the grabbing and breaking his wrist, and his brother bandaging it after, but then... nothing. Not until he'd awoken in this strange forest with creepy screaming white girls.

    Dáire took a deep shaky breath. At 5' 5" he wasn't exactly strong like his brother, but he had excellent agility and illusions. He could use that, if he could just calm down enough to use them. Dáire's hand tightened around his wrist as he heard another roar.

    "Find somewhere to hide," he thought, "that's what Faolán would do."

    He glanced around and spotted a fairly large oak tree. He grabbed onto the lowest branch and gritted his teeth. He tugged himself up and felt his wrist crack a little more. "Pain is an illusion," he panted to himself. Dáire closed his pale gold eyes and began the arduous journey up the tree.

    He was only able to make it about half way up before his wrist gave out. he panted and gave a soft whine. His ears lay flat against his head in pain. Suddenly he heard something, like flapping. He jerked his head up as he heard, "Nikos...? Where are you...?", and something landed above him. Dáire gave a short growl at whatever had landed there, but it tappered out into a pained whine.
  18. Jake looked around him, the world seeming the let every sickening sound emit waves. He could see sound waves? Huh. Weird. The world around him tilted at a very bad angle and he shook his head once more to get rid of the effects. Now that he wasn't flying and was away from the creature, he was slowly starting to get back to his normal state. He still felt sick to his stomach and the world around him was frightening, but he was safe. And soon, he would return to his normal state. A small growl echoed in his hearing from below him. Hey, no longer was he seeing the sound waves. Nice.

    He looked down with his soft brown eyes and wasn't sure of what he saw. He tilted his head curiously, not sure how to react. The creature below him reminded him of a human, but it also looked like a... a fox. Foxes and owls left each other alone, only hunting the other when absolutely needed. He didn't mind the boy below him, but in this place, he needed all the help he could et. Yet... there was something in him that wanted nothing to do with the other person below him. He closed his eyes and leaned back again the tree trunk., Maybe if he ignored the person, they would wait it out until he could think clearly and see if they were to be trusted.
  19. Dáire's ears popped back up in an alert state as the creature above him did nothing to him after his growl. He looked slightly closer to the person and noticed the wings that were attached to his back. His tail thumped against the bark below him in thought. He'd never met a flying furry before. There were mostly dog and cat ones where he was from. But the boy above him didn't seem to be interested in hunting him. The flying furry did seem to be slightly disoriented.

    The fox's ear twitched nervously, but he gathered his courage. "Uhm," he started out softly. "A-are you alright?"
  20. Jake heard a voice beneath him and he looked down at the person. This voice of theirs was disoriented and he felt like he was about to lose his lunch. He swallowed hard and blinked, his light brown eyes showing curiosity as well as pain. He cleared his throat once. He nodded slightly in response, not finding the guts to speak as he was sure his soft British accented voice would be disoriented into a nauseous sound. The owl furry lifted his right hand into a signal to give him a moment. While he was feeling better than before, Jake still felt horrible. The person seemed to be a fox furry, male to the possible sound of his voice, underneath the horrible twisted sounds.