Run, Run as fast as you can...

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  1. Come and play. :D *creepy grin*
  2. I hate walking home from school alone. I always feel like someone is following me. I looked at my watch and it was going on four. That's what I get for trying to audition for that dumb ass play. I knew I'd choke... I'd hoped I wouldn't ...
  3. I quietly followed you from a safe distance, if there was one thing I learned it was distance is key.

    Watchfed carefully as you glance at something, I assumed it was your watch. Funny how everyone I follow all do the same actions. But its to be expected.

    You're nervous, and its good to be nervous....
  4. I got a sudden tnigly feeling on the back of my neck and shivered. Something is spooky here. I was making my way through the suburb that separated the school from my gated community. I sped up to cross the street before a car could get to the stop sign. I ducked a low hanging tree branch and my long brown hair got caught. I gasped and yanked backward. I cursed and fiddled with my long curly tendrils.
    "Damn it! Ouch! Son of a biscuit!"
  5. I followed keeping pace yet staying at a safe distance still, it was fun to chase and stalk. But as I reached the streets I noticed I was fairly close to you and quickly hid behind one of the parked cars.

    Hearing the sounds of distress I frowned "Blasted tree!" I growl.
  6. I yanked the last curl free. Curse my huge curly mane! I stomped along the sidewalk trying to get home as fast as possible. I got a tingly feeling again and suddenly I spun around to look behind me. Nothing. A parked car. A guy passing by on his bike. I kept walking. I got an unsettling feeling in my stomach. Time to get a move on.
    "I feel pretty... Oh so pretty..." I sang quietly to myself. Oh, of course I want to sing when no one is looking at me. what happened when the drama teacher was looking, huh? I shook my head to myself and continued singing softly.
  7. Seeing that you were now moving again I grin and quickly follow, I noticed the guy on his bike but paid no heed to him, he was interesting.

    I also notice that you had started to sing, and thought you had very pleasant voice which made the chase all the more fun. I notice a few trees and dart in that direction as I make my way through them, purposely snapping a few branches to add more to the mood.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.