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  1. { Ahhhhh, idk what to do... I don't want to over-load myself with character but... }
  2. { BountyHunter, I really hope you know that the creatures exist only in the forest in which everyone is stuck in. :) She can't exactly be at home. To be in the horrors, she has to be in the horrifyingly beautiful forest with never ending fields of tall grass. Thanks! }

  3. (( Oh I'm sorry, I've read my post again and realized I didn't convey what I had thought I did. When I posted that Steff ran into the corn field, I didn't say that the corn was young, which makes it look like long grass... and you don't usually see trees in the middle of fields, and that was supposed to make the audience infer that she was somehow transported into the nightmare realm, perhaps by Slenderman himself? I hope this makes sense, I'm sorry for not making it clear in the post :( ))
  4. { Hey! =) Everyone is always allowed here. Don't worry. I just got to get my laptop updated and then i will reply! =) }
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