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  1. Run no Hide
    Little, wet droplets beat down on the sheer metal of the plane as it flew through the air. It was nearing 11PM, so the sky was already dark. That didn’t stop the rain clouds from seeming to darken it even further. It was headed to Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan. It was May now, so rainy days were common. It wasn’t something most of the plane’s current passengers weren’t used to though.
    Inside the plane, a pencil was beating against a notebook. This pencil belonged to Chryse Zvezda, the world renowned detective from Paris. She and her partners, Yuki Hitomi and Ryu Ichida, were in a separate area of the plane. Unlike many other passengers, they weren’t mere tourists. They were here on work. They were each part of an investigative team that was recently called in to work on a case in Tokyo that had been causing authorities trouble for months.
    With all the more serious crimes about, they didn’t have much time to focus on the series of robberies that had been taking place over the past few months. Regardless of it’s currently low status, it was still an intriguing case. The suspects were a young male and female that called themselves Hansel and Gretel. Nothing else was known about them, except that they were always long gone before the police arrived, and they always left a note behind to serve as a riddle for their next robbery plan. The authorities could never figure them out, as they were too busy with other cases. This was where Chryse came in.
    Being an incredibly intelligent detective, they believed she had what they’d need to take Hansel and Gretel down. She was intelligent, but she wouldn’t be prepared for what this case would be like. Nor the events that would take place after her work was done. For now, all she knew was that two thieves needed to be taken into custody.
    Her pencil had since been set down, and she was staring out of the window, watching the rain beat down on the plane. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” she asked, in a tone that would make one wonder whether or not it was a rhetorical question. She turned her head towards Yuki and smiled, looking into her partner’s silver eyes. “I always loved the rain.”
    Yuki simply continued with her trademark look, which just involved looking at the other person with as little emotion as possible. She gave a slight nod, then turned towards the window herself. “Beautiful, but sad.”
    “Hm?” Chryse pondered, as she couldn’t hear Yuki when she was mumbling like that.
    Yuki looked at her again and brushed a strand of her short, blue hair behind her ear. “It’s nothing. I was just wondering what’s taking Ryu so long with those snacks and beverages.”
    Chryse giggled. “I’m not sure…” She refocused her light blue eyes on the case work paperwork on the table before her, her medium-length, blonde hair flowing behind her. “Maybe we should continue to go over these documents while we wait. The Chief will probably be calling soon, and we want to make sure that we’re well enough acquainted with the information they have on the suspects so far.”
    Yuki nodded again, and they resumed their work.
    The plane luggage was carefully removed from the cargo vehicle and brought into the airport for distributing. A middle-aged male in a business suit tried to pick up his red suitcase off the belt as it passed by, but he ended up rolling it off the side because it was too heavy. ‘Jeez… What did I put in here again?’ He kept his thoughts to himself as he made his way out of the airport and waved for a cab.
    After managing to get a cab, he paid the driver and gave his destination. “The Grande Duo Hotel, please.” The driver nodded in response, and off they went. The ride didn’t last long, and the man had placed his luggage in the back trunk of the vehicle, though it required both him and the driver to lift it.
    When they reached the hotel, the male climbed out of the cab and paid his fare, then pulled at his best to remove the red suitcase from the trunk. It took some work, but he managed it. His made his way into the hotel and made his dues with the concierge before taking a key and making his way to his room for the night.
    Upon entering his room, he closed the door, placed his suitcase by it, and began to undress to take a shower. As he disappeared into the bathroom, his suitcase began to shake and stretch. The pressure being placed on it was too much for one side, which was already worn down from use, and the suitcase broke open.
    Hearing the noise outside of the bathroom, the man wrapped himself in a towel and peeked out the door. By his bed, in the middle of his room, was a sole girl, whom seemed to be around 20-years-old. Her facial expression was that of curiosity. Her hair was somewhat long and blonde, while her eyes were a light blue. “Onee-chan?” the girl asked, her voice soft and quiet.
    “Excuse me?” the man asked, approaching her with a serious expression on his face. “Who let you into my room?” He looked behind her and noticed the broken suitcase on the floor. “Were you trying to rob me?” His face showed anger, but it was a useless demonstration of rage. He reached his hand out towards her to lead her out of the room.
    “You’re not Onee-chan…” she mumbled, then quickly swung her left arm around towards him. He was caught off guard, and fell to the floor. In her hand, she held a small knife, which was now covered in fresh blood. A puddle of blood formed around the now dead man, but it was ignored by the girl that had just ended his life. She walked over the puddle and wiped her eyes, feeling a bit tired. She dropped the knife to her side and fell face-first onto the bed. “Isa is too tired… She’ll just sleep…for a little while…”
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