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  1. Run no Hide
    Story – The story of Run no Hide revolves around a young, female detective, named Chryse Zvezda, and her partners, Yuki Hitomi and Ryu Ichida, as they investigate a series of crimes occurring in modern-day Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan. The main instigator of these investigations is Ayura Ozinaki, commonly referred to as Cherry, a mafia leader that has an obsession with mind games and likes to challenge those she finds to be of equal or greater intelligence than her own through puzzles. The story also focuses on the younger sister of Chryse, Isabelle (Isa) Zvezda, who suffers from a mental illness that impairs her logical thinking skills and overall educational development. More specific details about the plot can be given out on an ask and tell basis, or by following through the story (which will unfold throughout the role-play). Though this role-play is story-based, the plot will be a lot more loose than the real story, to allow for more freedom of character and minor differences in pre-made character behaviors.

    Characters – There are various pre-made roles that you may choose to play, either solely, or in line with a custom character of your own. If you choose to play as one of the pre-made characters listed below, be sure to message me so that I can explain their personalities more in-depth, and to check that you can properly play the character accurately enough.

    1. Chryse Zvezda – One of the main characters, she is a 20-year-old, world renowned detective whose intellect is almost unrivaled. She is the older twin sister of Isabelle Zvezda and leading detective in her group (alongside Yuki Hitomi and Ryu Ichida). Though she’s a world famous detective, she hasn’t witnessed the actual act of murder, but had an experience when she was younger. She is rather cheerful, and seemingly too innocent for her occupation. (OP)
    2. Yuki Hitomi – Another one of the main characters, she is the same age as Chryse, and is one of her partners. She can seem rather emotionless at times, and little is known about her personal information, other than that she has no living family members, aside from an uncle that she barely keeps in contact with. She comes off as very cold, but she is very protective of what she loves. (OP)
    3. Ryu Ichida – The second partner of Chryse, he is a 22-year-old male that was brought into the law enforcement branch through his father, the Chief of Operations in Shibuya, Tokyo. He has untold feelings for Chryse, put keeps them to himself for fear of causing her unneeded trouble.
    4. Isabelle (Isa) Zvezda – The younger twin sister of Chryse, she was born with a mental disability at birth that impaired her logical thinking processes and overall educational development. Her social skills are nil, and she was very close to her sister when they were younger, causing her to harbor irrational feelings of extreme love and attachment towards her. She can be classified as a serial killer, commonly killing people for not helping her find her sister, or sometimes simply because they aren’t her sister themselves. (OP)
    5. Sakura (Miya Ozinaki) – Miya Ozinaki, the 22-year-old younger sister of Ayura Ozinaki, is a criminal in Shibuya, Tokyo. Her reason for committing her crimes are both to protect Hazel and to gain information regarding the person that killed her father when she was 6-years-old. Her preferred weapons of choice are small machine guns and pistols.
    6. Hazel (Hazel Nakimura) – She is the 16-year-old younger partner-in-crime of Sakura. Born into a bombing zone during a war that was finishing up when she was around 6-years-old, both of her parents were killed while out of the house. Due to this, she developed complicated feelings towards explosives that would intrigue scientists. Instead of developing a greater fear of them, she became insanely fascinated with them. While she was growing up and wandering the Tokyo area, she made her way into a factory near Shibuya, Tokyo that was filled with live explosives. Secluding herself in the factory, she examined the explosives and tried to figure out how they work, often going to the library in the nearby city for information she couldn’t figure out on her own. Her preferred weapons of choice are various explosives.
    7. Hansel (Ren Furosaki) – One of two survivors of a dying clan of treasure hunters and thieves, he is the 26-year-old older brother of Rin. He and his younger sister are both thieves that strike just about anywhere and everywhere that something valuable exists. Their strikes are calculated and strategy-oriented, and they have yet to be caught, as they are long gone before the police ever even arrive. He is calm and collected, and protective of his younger sister. His preferred weapons of choice are pistols and daggers.
    8. Gretel (Rin Furosaki) – She is the 24-year-old younger sister of Rin, who works with him on their thieving missions. She is more rambunctious than her older brother, and often views her weapon of choice (grenades) as toys and collectibles. Like her brother, she also uses daggers.
    9. Witch (Melody Ichizoya) - A lone criminal, Witch usually works by herself, and focuses mainly on jewelry theft. She has a business-like presence to her, and often wears clothing that exemplifies her classiness. Her preferred method of killing is through torturous means, such as was used on her when she was younger. She mainly targets pious people in upper-class society, as well as people that do her wrong in business deals. She is 30-years-old, and often makes deals with Ayura (Cherry).
    10. Cherry (Ayura Ozinaki) – A 28-year-old mafia leader, and older sister of Miya, she is the head of one of the most powerful mafia gangs that exist in Tokyo. She was kidnapped from her family when she was younger and raised by the previous mafia leader. She is very intelligent, and rarely ever leaves her fortress. She conducts business deals with other criminals such as Witch and Ace, providing them with weapons or funding in exchange for other valuables. She is very collected, though she is rather prideful and boastful of her skills. She doesn’t use any weapons, as she never directly fights anyone, but she does have proficiency with various pistols and knives.
    11. Ace (Ichiri Hashida) – A solo criminal, he’s 25-years-old and has a gentlemanly quality to him, though he is truly a thief behind closed doors. He most often hits casinos and popular hotels, where gambling takes place. He finds it as a good source of money. He sometimes makes deals with Cherry for weaponry or cash. His preferred weapons are throwing cards and darts, as well as various knives.

    Rules and Regulations:

    1. To ensure organization, please give each participant a chance to make a reply before making another reply. If a given participant does not respond for more than 24 hours, you may skip his/her turn, SO LONG AS YOU AREN’T INTERACTING WITH THAT PERSON.
    2. If a participant is inactive for more than 5 days, they will be notified regarding their absence. If a response is not given within 2 days, that participant will be removed from the role-play. If a participant’s absence is during a period that they were interacting with someone else, they may only be inactive for up to 3 days before being removed.
    3. Absolutely NO controlling of the characters of others. I’m not familiar enough with T-1 fighting rules to integrate them, but auto-attacking and auto-dodging is not permitted. This is an action role-play, so there WILL be fighting.
    4. Be respectful and considerate of your fellow role-players, regardless of where the role-play goes. If one participant’s character kills one of your own, don’t hold it against them. You’re always allowed to create a new character should one of your old ones die. (Note: In the actual story, everyone dies/is killed except for Yuki.)
    5. Do not post without receiving approval from me, even if you were already in the role-play and are adding a new character.
    6. Please notify me if you need to leave or if you’ll be away for more than the inactivity limit, so that I can put this into account and move the story along without removing you.

    Character Logic – In the past, I have received complaints about the unrealism surrounding some of the pre-made characters, such as Isa being able to hold her own in a fight and kill people. This role-play isn’t meant to be completely realistic, and there will more than likely be times where you don’t agree with the logic of something. If this should happen at any time, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to explain why certain things are the way they are.

    Signup Application (for custom characters):
    Name (and any aliases):
    General description (may use a picture as substitute):
    General personality:
    Present location (per the start of the role-play):

    That is all. Not much information is required for signup, but it is recommended that you put in a bit of detail, particularly in explaining a back-story. The pre-made characters have their back-stories told through the actual story, but I’ll need to explain the back-story of any of them that you might choose to role-play as. Once chosen and approved, I’ll edit this post and place your name is parentheses after the character’s name.

    I hope that we can all manage to enjoy this role-play, and please feel free to ask any questions you might have before and/or after joining, if you choose to do so.

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