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  1. "Are you sure you want to go that way?" A soft voice trailed into the male's ear, but there was no one even standing nearby. In fact, he was completely in solitude in the snowy wilderness. He glanced around, holding the package he carried very closely to his chest. Deciding that he was safe, the man continued on his way, but at a quicker pace than before, very unaware that he'd never make it to his destination.

    You see, Mika was perched up in a tree, way out of sight of the man. In a torn shirt and shorts, and bandages that wrapped around her arms and legs, she watched the package carefully. It wasn't even the man she wanted, it was the precious item that he held, the thing that would be her best chance at survival. In other words, if she didn't retrieve this item, she might cease to exist. The item in question? An elixir that she needed to keep her host body intact.

    Mika wasn't one for working for or with others, this was a thing she had to do on her own, though she possibly could have used a hand this time around. A broken arm, and a sliced open calf, not a very good way to start the week.

    Shit, focus.. Mika thought to herself. He'd disappeared already, but she saw footprints in the snow, and followed them with her eyes. He'd managed to trudge another fifty yards in the heavily falling snow. She jumped to the next tree lightly, and a bit of snow fell to the ground. She needed to make it quicker, or she'd lose her advantage. She leapt from the tree and landed softly on the ground, her bare feet just barely sinking into the powdery snow. She winced a little and hid behind a tree, making sure not to be seen.

    "Here boy" her hushed voice hissed through the wind. She could feel him turn towards her voice. A cold smile crept onto her face. The snow crunched under the man's feet as he walked. A sword glistened in her hand as she pulled it from its sheath. He had no way to escape her now; he was already under her spell.
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  2. Is this RP still open? I'm interested.
  3. Yes, it's still open. Glad you asked
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