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    MC use to be in a relationship with this man... Who happened to be his teacher. MC was foolish, rebellious, and completely different then he is now. So when he graduated high school, he left everything behind without saying goodbye... He hated goodbyes, he always thought they were unnecessary and messy... But that meant he also left his teacher behind, the man he had been going out with for some time now.

    He on the other hand, was heartbroken. He thought they had had something together. He had been in love with MC... He was still in love with MC... Maybe even a bit obsessed. So, still determined to win him back, to make MC his forever, he began to hunt him down.

    MC was going into his third year of college around this time, a few years and he had almost forgotten completely about his teacher.... On the first day of his third year, he became reacquainted with his past once again... Because there his teacher was, teaching one of his classes... His professor. Surprise, surprise. He hadn't said goodbye yet... And he wasn't planning too.


    1. I am looking for a dominant who will play the teacher/professor.

    2. I would like 1-3 paragraphs, and in third person. Please also have proper grammar and punctuation! I understand a few typos here and there, but I do not like when people completely slaughter a reply! :)

    3. I'm pretty much fine with any kinks besides: bloodplay, vore, and potty play! I am fine with having rape or mpreg in this rp!

    4. Realistic or anime pictures are allowed. ^.^

    5. This will be taking place on a libertine thread.

    6. If you ever want to talk to me outside of a rp, go right ahead! I don't bite. :)

    7. Please pm me or comment below if interested!
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  2. Seems interesting, I don't usually play pedophilic gay teachers. But this dose sound cool. Send me a PM
Thread Status:
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