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  1. Faith Dragon was the only daughter of the current royal family that ruled over the land of Enda. And she was also believed to be the reincarnation of The Lost Goddess.

    The Lost Goddess was once as Lucia Heart and was a fierce warrior that protected the land from invading forces.
    When the invasion started the armies of Enda were being beaten greatly but Lucia Heart appeared from almost thin air and, with a strange, blue glow radiating from her, beat back the invading forces and healed those that were sick of injured.
    But in all the fighting she herself was gravely injured. When she died it was said that a light flooded the area surrounding her and her body was never found again. Hence the name The Lost Goddess, the divine of protection and loyalty.

    They say when The Lost Goddess returns to the earth the baby would be born with the same blue glow and it was just as foretold when Faith was born.

    Faith grew up locked away in the castle, being treated not like the princess she was but as if she were a solider being trained for war. The teen hated it, she hated being kept locked up, hated not being able to make friends or being able to have the freedom everyone her age did.

    One night, when it was dark and after many months of preparation, Faith ran away. She couldn't take it anymore, with her darkest, hooded cloak and a backpack of things she would need she left the castle.

    It only took the family a few hours to realize she was gone before they sent out a search party for her. They had taught her too well it seems and they couldn't find a trace of her. After only a moment of hesitation they to send out wanted posters with large rewards attached for the return or any information on their daughter.
  2. Griffin grew up the son of a criminal. His father was the head of a large organization of criminals. Griffin was put to work as soon as he was old enough. He started with begging. One of his father's men would stand out of sight and take whatever he was giving. Then he moved up to pick pocketing. Again his father's men took what he earned but he was getting smart. He learned to hide some of what he stole. Then he was trained to break into houses. Again he was shadowed but the boy was sart. He took only what he was ordered to keeping whatever he felt the target could afford. He knew on other life. He was often beaten for refusing assignments. He ran way when his father tried to train him to kill. Killing was something he wasn't willing to do. Because of everything he knew his father's men couldn't find him. One day he saw a poster about a girl. He went to learn more.
  3. When the family had heard a trained criminal wanted to talk about their missing daughter they weren't so sure to start with but they thought about it and decided that it couldn't hurt.

    The guards led the boy in to the large throne room where King Lance and Queen Lilly were sat waiting. The guards walked to stand beside the rulers once they had led Griffin close enough to be able to speak with the King and Queen but not close enough to touch or harm.
    The king slowly stood and looked at Griffin "I believe you wanted to know more about the wanted posters of our daughter, correct?" he asked, his voice booming and serious.
  4. Griffin rolled his eyes at the guards. So serious he thought. He refused to be serious since he escaped his father's control. "That's right. I'm sure your reluctant to hire someone like me. Can't say I blame you. But with the reward money your offering you can beat there are lots worse looking for her as we speak. I can find your daughter." He had no doubt about that.while he had heard stories if how well trained the girl was she had still been trained by knights.which mean she was more likely to follow the rules then break them.
  5. The king listened closely "you can not tell her we have sent you. She must think you are helping her escape" he said warned "we need you to lead her to the mountain castle of the east where they will take her in and keep her there till the Queen and I are able to bring her home" he explained.
    Behind him the Queen stood up and took a few steps forward "we should warn you, unbeknownst to the public, she is the embodiment of The Lost Goddess and is extremely dangerous in intense situations so keep her from fighting as much as possible and especially keep her from using her powers. She can not control them yet and if she is to release them without a way to retract them again it could destroy her"
  6. Blah blah blah. Griffin thought to himself as the king talked. All he heard were overprotective parents. Until they got to they got to the goddess part. That caught his attention. "I can try but the roads are dangerous. There will be a fight or two." He warned them. He was good but if they didn't run into trouble occasionally the princess would get suspicious. "I'll need gold to start the trip. And I want the full amount as soon as she reaches this other castle. I'll as need maps and those pictures to slowly disappear. Not to fast or she will notice."
  7. The king looked at one of the guards and nodded at him the knight then walked over to Griffin and held out a rather large leather, tie up purse "this is enough gold to start your journey and carry you through any problems you may have" hr king informed him "we will give one month to deliver our daughter"
  8. Griffin' mismixed eyes light up at tge size of the bag. He took the bag. He wouldn't need half the amount they had given him but there was no way that he was telling them that. He hide the bag in his hood. "One month isn't much time your majesties." Griffin told them seriously. "Especially if you don't want to make her suspicious. Two months tops." He promised.
  9. The king looked back at the queen who nodded. "very well" he agreed "you have two months to get my daughter there. If you do not, however, bring her in that time we will hunt you down" he promised
  10. Griffin refrained from rolling his eyes. Because that had to be the stupidest threat he had heard in awhile. They couldn't even find their daughter. What made them think that they could find him? Shaking his head he headed out of the castle in search of a princess that didn't want to want to be found. Should be hard right?
  11. Faith had found an abandoned cabin far off in the woods that covered most of the land and thankfully wasn't far from the town so she could still stay stocked up on food.

    The teen had ran out of food so she needed to get more, she knew her posters where everywhere so she always had her hood up even though it was roasting hot. She hummed softly as she went about her business in the market town, buying the food with money she had taken with her when she had left.
  12. It has taken Griffin a few days to find the princess. He had to admit that she was good. But much like he expected she had stay within the law. Now he followed her the the market studying her. She moved like someone who had known comfort and wealth. But she was also alert to her surroundings. So he had to be careful. Fortunately he had been born a street rat and blended in a lot easier then she did.
  13. Faith had planned to stay out of sight as best she could but then she saw it, her one biggest hate, horrible and/or corrupted knights and guards. In the middle of the street two large guards were pushing around a small child that was clearly living rough. The guards laughed and bullied the child that yelped and looked for help but it was clear no one was going to get involved out of fear.
    Faith glared and stormed over to the guards, pushing them away from the child "what the hell do you think you're doing?! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Are you so weak you can't fight actual criminals so you pick on kids?" she snapped on them angrily and glanced at the child that nodded at her before running away.
  14. Griffin winced. While he admired her desire to help the child, something he would have done had she not stepped in, it wasn't the best way to stay hidden. He stopped the small boy and pressed a few of his smaller coins into the lad's hands. He knew too well what it was like to go without. Hoping he reached her before the guards recognized her, Griffin headed towards the commotion. Then he did what he had wanted to do before she had stepped in, he punched the guard as hard as he could. He grabbed her arm. "RUN!"
  15. Faith's eyes went wide at the sudden appearance of the guy, the punch and then being told to run but from the reaction of the guards she knew it was probably for the best. The teen ran with the lad, glancing back every now and then to make sure they weren't being followed "I think we've lost them" she told the guy
  16. "I hate bullies." Griffin growled. He leaned against the wall of a near by building so that he could catch his breath. His mismatched eyes sparkled with laughter. "Thank you. That is the most fun I've had in years." He held his hand out to her. "Griffin." He introduced himself. He was curious how she would introduce herself. She should use an alias.
  17. Faith gave a small laugh and nodded "like hell I was gonna let that kid get pushed around by them" she answered and then shook his hand with a smile "Lucy" she replied, she had taken the name from Lucia and thought it was rather fitting "thanks for helping me back there"
  18. "Sure. Like I said I don't like bullies." He told her honestly. The way he had grown up had taught him that bullies came in all shapes, sizes, and social classes. Most of them backed off if you stood up to them. He studied her carefully. "You seem familiar. Do I know you?" He wondered how she would explain her appearance being similar to the picture on the posters scattered around the kingdom. She hadn't done much to hid her appearance other then the hood. Who ever taught her to hide needed to be fired. Because they were too law abiding to be any good at it. She was lucky that someone worse then him hadn't found her.
  19. Faith nodded in agreement before shrugging slightly "I look like that run away princess brat" she answered casually with a shrug before pulling her hood up "I really appreciate the save but I need to get going" she told him and flashed him a smile "Maybe we'll bump in to each other again" she laughed before breaking out in to a sprint
  20. Griffin grinned as she took off. He knew that some people believed that everyone had a twin but not enough. It was a terrible cover story. He was really going to have to teach her to do better. He took off after her. He didn't want to lose her Noe that he had made contact. "What's the hurry?"
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