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  1. [​IMG]

    You all know what this means, right?
    It means... IT MEANS... Look at it yourselves. xp
    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ^_^
  2. here's another screenshot of this event:


    and oh~ i am using GMT+08 by the way...
  3. There's scores for chatting? I'm starting to think someone just likes to count stuff.
  4. KITTI!! I never knew you where evil <3
  5. Ok, that's it.... someone's totally crushing on Kitti, aren't they?
  6. If she starts gibbering, vomiting green stuff everywhere and climbing the walls, we'll know Vay's right.
  7. .......

    *Grimaces at the thought*
  8. *Looks at kitti expectedly*

    Welllll....... you going to do what grumy said or not??
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  10. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
  11. >.>
    *Waits for Kitti to sprout horns and get a deep demonic voice*
  12. I think I hate you all ;__;

    Where are No Fear and No Mercy? X( we can blow things up together.
  13. He chuckled and unbuttoned his shirt before tossing it to the side. "Better?"
  14. amflol! brace for the coming of the demonic Kitti! >_< *runs away at the speed of plot*
  15. *Jumps on kitti's back*

    I'll raise hell with you anytime^^

  17. ... there's nothing stopping her from being an evil entity filled with moe though..

    besides, we all know that evil tsunderes, yangires or yanderes are MOE! >:]

    *cue in laughter from Maria Ushiromiya*
  18. This is a thread where you can share your favorite Christian Songs. Whether they're classic hymns, modern worship songs or HEAVY METAL! They're all welcome to be shared here!

    I'll start with one of my favorites, by one of my favorite artists, Owl City:

  19. *shoots Vay off Kitti with a revolver*