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  1. [​IMG]

    You all know what this means, right?
    It means... IT MEANS... Look at it yourselves. xp
    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ^_^
  2. here's another screenshot of this event:


    and oh~ i am using GMT+08 by the way...
  3. neither of you are trash!

    quit talking like that

    you are making me sad :(
  4. KITTI!! I never knew you where evil <3
  5. Ok, that's it.... someone's totally crushing on Kitti, aren't they?
  6. If she starts gibbering, vomiting green stuff everywhere and climbing the walls, we'll know Vay's right.
  7. .......

    *Grimaces at the thought*
  8. You got me at daytime drinking.

    But I forgot to turn off my alarm, so I can't even go back to sleep... I wanted to sleep in.
  9. True. But it's kinda cool at the same time.
  10. Great! Do I need to post my bio on here
  11. Oh shit! Here come dat mod.
  12. With Marx already banned, I still have two candles lit. What a waste.
  13. amflol! brace for the coming of the demonic Kitti! >_< *runs away at the speed of plot*
  14. *Jumps on kitti's back*

    I'll raise hell with you anytime^^
  15. the way when you get a chance. You need to fix that link on your character sheet. Since on my screen you have most of your sheet as the link. (lol)
  16. ok ^^ you do that and I'll sleep and edit my post tomorrow :3
  17. *continues to cling to kitti and pouts at paorau*

    please don't use the moe-o-meter
  18. *shoots Vay off Kitti with a revolver*