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  1. Do you want to meet new people?
    Do you like history? Specifically the 1700's?
    How about fantasy creatures or supernatural specters?

    Well we have just the group for you...

    Rumpleton-Village is a Roleplay group based on Deviantart,
    you will need a Deviantart account in order to join (It's quick and easy to make one)
    and the ability to draw up some sort of application (We will not judge you upon artistic ability!)


    The Year is 1729

    You've stumbled upon a small village-like town, but it's no ordinary town.

    Does the Mayor have fangs? Yes, but don't worry he wont bite.

    Did that little girl just fly? She did indeed!

    Am I going crazy, or does that florist only have one eye? Don't be rude, she doesn't like it when people stare!

    The people here aren't normal, one might say they're supernatural.


    If you're interested in joining, check out our page:

    Rumpleton-Village on DeviantArt
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.