Rumble City Conspiracy (plot and Sign up)

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    Its just about that time again. World leaders…no not the ones parading constantly amongst mainstream media like Fox news or CNN, the secret world leaders, those who pull the strings on even the highest profile figure known to the public eye, once again they have placed their bets. You see, all these issues fed to us are by supposedly credible news sources have been bullshit the whole time. Our planet for the past 500 years has been nothing but a battle arena every 2 years. A test of mercenaries and private contractors to wage an all out free for all against each other. This free for all can last nearly the entire 2 years before the next contestants are chosen for the next free for all and often drag with them plenty of innocent bystanders into the mess. Its because of weaponry advancements through the ages that these battles have even been the reason behind terrorist events such as the attack on the trade centers, or the bombing in Boston.

    Rumble City Rules (open)

    There are pretty simple rules to this contest.

    1.)the mercenaries are hand chosen and waged and pitted against other mercenaries

    2.)The contestants fight blind. Meaning that the identities of other contestant are kept a secret to all other contestant, thus why such massive attacks are invoked

    3.)ground zero of the battle field is refered to as Rumble City.

    4.)The only way to identifiy a contestant would be the barcode tattoo on their left ankle as mandated upon being chosen

    5.)because the ones in charge of the contest have such influential power, they have the ability to grant them any material possession/s they desire. Winners often end up living their entire life in luxury, while the more sinister ask simply for immunity to law.

    character sheet (open)
    main weapon

    Aaaaand it would be cool to toss in a person who's never killed a person in their life, as in they were chosen by accident .
  2. Would this be a team thing? It might be pretty hard to pin the RPers against each other but at the same time it wouldn't be much of an RP if the RPer's didn't interact with each other.
  3. well, nothing is set in stone. I'd gladly accept any suggestions. I'm not at all. control freak o.o
  4. so how do we sign up if we were intrested?
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