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  1. rules

    All of Iwaku’s rules and TOS apply.

    Please respect the given rules of the realm and note that they may change at any given time.

    No godmodding/powerplaying/etc.

    While dark and adult themes such as war, violence, and the evils of humanity will be in play, RoNaan’s Realm does not and will not allow sexual or overtly violent scenes to be written out in detail. It’s against Iwaku rules, as we are not in a Star location. While we’re not necessarily PG-13, please respect the fact that some people may not be comfortable reading gory, overly violent content, or sexual assaults.

    All posts must be written in 3rd person past tense. The only exception to this rule would be accepted side stories, in which the GM specifically specifies something different.

    Please, please, please read every post! Even if it doesn’t directly involve your character, I expect people to read every post. We do seem to post lengthy solo and collab posts, but this is a collaborative effort! Show the respect of reading people’s post, like you hope they read yours!


    Treat others how you want to be treated. I strive to have a tight-knit group of players who know how to show respect, tact, and have fun together! Joke around all you want, but be kind! We’re all here to write and have fun, salty attitudes are not fun.

    Please keep NSFW content out of the Discord server!
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  2. frequently asked questions

    What are the posting expectations for this roleplay?
    • RoNaan's Realm is an intermidate and above roleplay realm that strives to deliver a comfortable, creative, and communicative enviornment within Iwaku’s great community!
    • Though rules may be set differently for each roleplay, it’s recommended to post at least once every two weeks. Roleplaying is a collaborative effort and I will always prioritize real life over the internet. If something comes up, please come to me! We can work out what comes next, together.

    What kind of face-claims can I use?
    • Semi-to-realistic artwork or real life images please! To note: face-claims are not mandatory, but I would like a concise description of what your character looks like.

    What are the Doorway elements?
    • The doorways are two elements from both the Middling and High tiers that are accessible to those who are not known to be attuned to higher tiers of magic. The four elements that make up the doorways are as followed: theurgy, alchemy, augmentation, and transmutation.

    Who is RoNaan and why is he important?
    • RoNaan was the realms last Herald. He ushered in a new age, one that is currently ending. It’s been nearly three thousand years since his death and not many are alive who remember him in the flesh. Myth, religion, and legend surround every aspect of RoNaan’s legacy. He was an Orcosian elf who conquered the world in order to save it. While his March to Arannova is extremely important to understand the importance of who he was and what he did for the realm, the reveal will take place in the roleplay Roses and Stars.
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  3. prefix dictionary

    • Used by myself or members with an approved 1x1 concept!

    Character Dossier
    • A thread in which members post all of their completed (and approved) character sheets.

    Closed Sign Ups
    • Main storylines will be prefixed with either Closed or Open Sign Ups.

    • All threads prefixed with Codex contain lore that explain extremely important aspects of RoNaan’s Realm.

    • A collection of threads that reveal the mythology of Ykglenda.

    Open Sign Ups
    • Main storylines will be prefixed with either Closed or Open Sign Ups.


    • Used by myself to illustrate the intricacies of culture and lifestyle in a given location.

    Side Story
    • Used by myself or members with an approved Side Story concept!
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