Rulers of Night

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    The Beginning of a Story

    The sun was beginning to set, bathing the large city of Norland in a warm golden light, bouncing off the large windows of tall skyscrapers and making the water of the river flowing through the city, out into the ocean sparkle as though a million stars had fallen and settled upon the surface. While some might consider this a beautiful view, all others could see were the shadows growling longer with the sinking of the sun. Lurking in these shadows, only a very few knew, were creators not of human kind.

    Will was one of them. Small and frail looking, what appeared to be a teenage boy was squatting in the corner of an alleyway. His eyes were a deep ruby red, wide and crazed. Scattered around his feet were the carcasses of four reds and and a cat, horribly disfigured and looking as though some beast had torn them apart. This could very much have been the case, seeing as Will’s fangs were dug deep into the wing of a dove, tearing at it wildly while clutching it’s body between his hands. The wing came off, blood gushed out, adding to the red stains already around his mouth and on his clothes. Spitting out the wing, he proceeded to sinking his sharp teeth into he raw flesh, blood continuing to pour down his chin and terribly scarred neck.

    A sudden noise from further down the alley way a moment later made him freeze up, the crazed look instantly replaced by utter fear. Someone was there, he could sense it. Now, he could see it- the dark shape of a human shape illuminated by the sun’s last rays. It was advancing, coming closer. The ghoul’s heart started beating rapidly, his eyes fixed on the human shape. He was in the shadows. Maybe they wouldn’t notice. Will sniffed. A human, it was a human. The sharp burning in his throat reminded him of that the rats, cat and bird had done next to nothing in order to quench the thirst. He could practically see the blood pulsing through the human approaching him, yet he kept himself tightly pressed against the wall. Burning. Pain. Hunger. Blood. Those were the only thoughts occupying his animalistic mind as he waited for the right moment to pounce.

    Everything happened too quickly for the ghoul to comprehend. Something metallic glinted in the sunlight. The next moment Will could feel a surging pain in his left leg. He had by reflex tried to dodge, but the bullet still found its target. Intense pain spread from his side, a sharp gasp of agony rolling from his lips. The silver was burning him, causing the faint smell of seared flesh to ooze out from the wound. Without thinking, Will flung the dead bird into the vampire investigators face, momentarily catching him off guard. That split second was the only thing Will needed to gather his strength, in spite of the agony, and scramble off.

    The injured ghoul ran for quite a while, not even bothering to clutch his side. The pain was nothing but an afterthought- fear of what was chasing him completely dominating every single one of his senses. Even so, the silver bullet made it impossible for the wound to heal and soon enough Will would be forced to face the consequences. Knowing that the vampire hunter couldn’t be far behind, Will dove into a more crowded street. Further panic rose within him. People. Countless of them. Everywhere.

    Blood. Blood. Flesh. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. No. The urgency of the situation made it possible for Will to ignore his instincts, the will to live winning over the need to ease the burning pain. Danger. Run. Hide. Yet despite his meager attempts of an inner monologue, the ghouls strength was quickly fading. The silver was taking his toll on him, slowly seeping the strength from his limps. He was panting, his strides becoming weaker and his mind even more clouded than it already was. He needed to find a hiding place, and that quickly.

    Emerging on the other side of the alleyway, Will found himself standing- no, at this point more like crouching before a bridge. Yet it was not a bridge he saw. The only thing will's mind could recognize, was the darkness beneath it. Darkness. That was where will belonged. The darkness was warm, it embraced and welcomed him. In fact, it was the closest thing to a home he had. While some feared it, for Will it was a safe haven. So he staggered across the grass, down and down the hill. He could hide under the bridge, no one would find him there. Yet Will's legs were shaking, barely able to keep him upright. Before long he lost footing. Right down the hill he went, the ground beneath him disappearing before he plunged into the water.

    Cold. It was cold and wet. Will didn't need to breathe, but feeling his lungs filling with water was unpleasant. It hurt. Will tried to spit it out, but it only cause more water to flood into his throat. He struggled, flailing around him wildly, yet it did little to better his situation. Fear. The only word Will would have needed to describe his situation. He was terrified. He couldn't comprehend what was going on- only knew what he felt. As such he was unable to analyze the situation, unable to find a way out of it. The blood staining him was coloring the water red. Red. Blood...I...Will couldn't feel his limbs anymore. His vision was swimming. Even if it wouldn't kill him, it was enough to throw him into a state of unconsciousness.

    His struggles ceased, his mind turning blank. The very last thing he remembered thinking, was one word he'd thought he had forgotten.

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  2. Ari Daeson
    Show Spoiler

    Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

    A slim dark figure drifted down the street with an eerie air about him. His shaggy obsidian hair swayed with each step, his crimson eyes peered with a mysterious glee, covering his flawless pale skin was a baggy black V-neck long sleeved shirt which exposed the red and black stripped straps of a sleeveless undershirt that matched baggy pants with the legs tucked into knee high black combat boots. His lips formed a small mischievous smile and he held his hands behind his back close to his black and red twin pistols and a loose finger lightly tapped one of the holsters. Around his neck laid black headphone with little skulls where 'Nightmare' by Avenged Sevenfold could faintly be heard from, his steps matching the beat.

    Ari caught a scent nearly a mile away, it was the smell a bloodsucker feasting. The closer he got the stronger the smell was, it sickened him. By no means did the hunter rush, rarely did he ever. After passing the alley where the smell was the strongest he backed up and turned towards the crouched silhouette in the far corner. He sneered at the pathetic creature surrounded by small mutilated animals. He started forward and saw the ghouls features go from deranged to terrified, making the hunter let out a half laugh. He soon found that the song playing in his headphones was fitting.

    "Disgusting." He muttered quietly. He grasped the handle of one of the pistols and steadily lifted it towards the creature as he slowly continued forward. He aimed it at the ghoul's leg and fired. Usually he used his custom bullets, but today he was feeling extra spiteful and so he went with the plain silver bullets. Just when he was about to pull the trigger once again the nearly drained dove was thrown at his face. He stumbled back in surprise as he threw the corpse against one of the alley walls and rubbed blood from his eyes. He let out a growl as he finally opened his eyes and found the ghoul running.

    He turned, grabbing his other gun, and took off after him. He started to catch up, however that didn't matter anymore when the beast ducked into a more populated area.
    "Dammit!" Ari cursed, knowing that he couldn't shoot it with all the people around. He tried to follow but the crowds made this no easy task, he soon lost it. "Fucking hell!" He shouted as finally gave up his search. He sulked as he put the guns back in their holders under his shirt, crossed his arms infront of him and trudged his way through the crowd.‏ Today was seriously not his day. First thing in the morning he finds out that his shipments are taking longer than usual when he has a deadline, then finds out that one of his members was beaten nearly to death so Ari himself is going to have to pay for his hospital bill and set his attackers straight, and now he let scum escape. It was going to be a long day.​
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  3. [​IMG]

    Just a few ways from the bridge sat a woman with long silky black hair sat in a fold up chair with a large umbrella opened above her. In her left hand a cup of tea, in her right a cigarette burned. Ira's shop was located further up the hill and she loved sitting by the river to watch the sun set. She let out a sigh as she breathed out smoke, she didn't smoke often, in fact it was only really once a month, or when times got stressful. Now was one of those times. Business was slow in her shop and she needed costumers more now than ever.

    Something moved in the corner of her eye and the crimson orbs turned towards it. A strange boy with white hair looked over the edge before jumping in. She watched him disappear in the water for a moment but when red came into sight she sprung up, dropping the tea and cigarette and ran towards the bridge as fast as she could. When she was across from where the boy had jumped she dove in like a pro and searched for him.

    It was hard to see through the water as the sky continued to slightly darken, but she finally caught sight of the white hair and blood and sped towards him. Once she finally reached him she wrapped her arms around his chest and pulled him to the surface and to the banks. In a panic she laid him flat on his back and push against his chest a few times until a scent reached her nose.
    "Ah, I see now." A ghoul. She looked at his leg and saw a wound. After examining the bullet hole for a moment she sighed then pulled the unconscious boy onto her back and started walking quickly towards her shop.

    Upon reaching the Cat's Claw Ira dragged him in and locked the door behind her. She gently set him on the ground and walked around the building for supplies. She grabbed a washcloth that she ran under warm water, rubbing alcohol, some medical tape, some paper towels, and a jar filled with some dark green paste marked 'Comfrey'. After setting it down beside him she searched frantically hoping to have something to grab the bullet with. After a minute of searching she finally found some forceps then walked back to the boy.

    Ira tore the pants leg a little wider, poured some rubbing alcohol on the injury, and cleaned it up with the washcloth then looked at the boy's face.
    "I seriously hope you don't wake up during this." She said with a sigh before grabbing the forceps, drenching them with alcohol and started digging in the wound to retrieve the bullet. Several minutes passed and the bullet was finally removed. She grabbed the jar and gently smeared some of the paste on the gash then covered in with a lot of paper towels neatly folded and taped down to cover it. When she was done she gathered the stuff and stood up, examining the bandage.
    "A little ghetto but it will work." With a chuckle she put the supplied in their appropriate places and the trash in the trash can. She placed a pillow under his head then disappeared behind some curtains walking into the kitchen to start some more tea. The sun set was almost gone but she could see the remains through the kitchen window.

    "And so another day passes, what and interesting way to end it." She said in a nonchalant tone as she set a pot of water on the stove to boil then went to change her clothes.
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  4. Aeden Demavend
    Evening, at time that Aeden had special appreciation for. This time marked the start of his peak operating hours and the same for his prey: vampires. He was the Vengeful's solitary hunter. A demon in his own right. He acted in a calculating and cautious fashion. Always stalking from a distance. Always preparing before hand. Ready to change plans on the drop of a dime. Tonight, a hunter was active. His prey: a ghoul that Aeden could only assume had started his descent into madness. He pitied their existence. Neither were they human, but they weren't completely vampire either. He could understand their pain to some degree, but he could never see them as more than monsters. Yes, they started out with their minds intact, but they were simply ticking time bombs. When they went off it meant they became a hazard for humans, and a target for extermination. Even he, who used them whenever he could to kill vampires, took great care to destroy them if they became dangerous.

    He watched from a safe distance through the scope of his sniper from the top of an apartment building. He had small stones at all entries with runes on them. Their purpose was to trigger when an intruder came across his spying session and act like a flashbang. Due to the size and material of the stones not even a human could be harmed by such a surprise unless they backed off the roof to fall to their death. He hoped that wouldn't happen. He knew he would regret a human's death if it were on his hands. He hated it enough that he had to hunt them to get blood. At least that way he could hunt down humans that were scum. However, we're getting off track. Tonight, his attention was on an injured ghoul. Something like that could only attract all the right attention. Anyone that knew it wasn't a corpse and tried to interact with it without calling the human police after would either be a vampire, another ghoul, a hunter, or an inspector. Most of which were viable targets for Aeden.

    Aeden grinned, happy about the thought that someone else's prey would likely bring more prey to the open. He then saw a woman check the body hastily. He almost immediately fired then and there, but he held back. He had never seen this woman before. He needed more information. He had to maintain his discipline. The woman picked the ghoul up and carried it into a building not too far away. Several times he was tempted to fire. The fact that she could so easily carry it on her back meant that she wasn't a human. However, she could simply be disposing of the body. His vantage point hadn't been good enough for him to see how she interacted with the ghoul's body before she picked him up. Much to Aeden's irritation he lost sight of them when they entered the building. He shifted his angle slightly to get a better view of the sign: Cat's Claw. A shop. Could it be a front? He felt irritated that he couldn't see through walls as windows often weren't enough to get the information he needed.

    If the woman were a vampire it was likely she knew of him, since by now the Demavend name had notoriety. Keeping safe for fifty years while still killing vampires would definitely make him known in one way or another. Infamy meant he couldn't just waltz into a situation that could get him killed. For now, if he wanted to find out about that shop and the woman he had to use more roundabout and cautious tactics. He couldn't fixate on just that target though. There were other vampires in this city that had to be slain. For Adria. He closed his eyes briefly invoking the image of his sister's death in his mind's eye. Tonight would be a long night just like every one before it.​
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  5. [​IMG]


    ~On the Job~

    *Play the song as you read*

    "Remeber Tao, a battle is something not won with violence, but with the peace that you are able to instill in your opponent's heart...Remember that and always carry it it with you..."

    The smell of Norland sunset...It was always the first thing Tao would notice when the evening had come. The food charts would change from the day's ice cream and peanuts and...God awful the more...interesting of Food choices. Chicken on a stick, corn on a cob, popcorn, fillaffles, you name it and the street would be crowded with them...especially downtown. Downtown where the smoke and smells in the air was nearly blocking the beautiful colors of the sunlight. Downtown where the sounds of the people, making a fuss and the rushing off of masses to the crowded clubs...God Tao hated the Downtown.

    Well in all honesty, he hated almost everything about the European countries and western culture. Hell, things had been simpler back in Shanghai...He often questioned why he had left in the first place when he was alone in his Bonsai garden, sipping his morning tea. How the world had changed around him and he had never really been ready for it...How quickly the ways of the vampires had changed...he could hardly keep up. As long as he followed orders, however, he was safe.

    Tao perked up, interrupted by his own thoughts from the familiar sound of car horns and evening traffic. He gave a small groan, rising from his sitting position against a random AC unit atop an abandoned building. It seemed that many buildings downtown had come to be abandoned, what with the recession that had recently hit. Tao was safe though, so that was all that mattered to him at the moment. How silly Westerners were with their talk of democracy, when they could not even keep their country together. Tao could only shake his head at that. He hated politics.

    Something drew him from his pondering thoughts once more, a random clank coming from the alley just below him. Maybe it was a cat...or one of those massive ghetto rats...Tao knew better than that, however. He rose to his full height of 5'9". He was not the tallest of men, probably did not look very intimidating either. He had rather feminine features...and the hair was not much help either, rolling down in back in silky raven colored locks. His bangs were cut to frame his angular face, almond eyes of glistening charcoal, gazing ahead as he stepped across the concrete roof. He was dressed in all black- Black jacket, tight black shirt, tight black pants, silent black shoes- hell if not mistaken, he looked as if he could be a ninja of sorts... On his back were his Hook Swords , both concealed in their black and silver holders, giving a small glint in the setting sun. He sighed and moved his gloved hand to his wrist, pulling free a bit of black ribbon and tying up those raven locks high on his head before resting his hand on his hip and moving to the edge of the roof.

    He peaked over the side of it, only to see a ghoul resting just below him. The ghoul, as Tao could simply tell, was the one he had been sent here for, the one that his Bosses commanded he killed. For, this was Tao's job. He got his orders, he did was he was some sort of pet, but he had more dignity than that. He worked for the higher ups and he was well taken care was hard for a vampire to find a job this good. Especially being Foreign in this god forsaken country....Tao missed China.

    He shook his head. He was getting off subject and needed to focus, but he could not help but feel pity for the creature below him. This kid...looking no older than 18, was cowering like a struck animal. It was a rather disgusting sight to see, bodies of rats and cats surrounding his huddled form. Tao had been desensitized by all of this long ago...Hell he had been alive for about 100 years. He had seen enough death in his life. he sighed once more, eyes squinting slightly. He was just about to jump down when a sudden blast from a nearby gun went off and struck the poor bastard ghoul in the leg.

    {Investigators...} Tao thought to himself and he took a step back into the shadows. The Ghoul seemed to be just as thrilled as he was, retaliating by throwing the closest corpse he had at the guy before taking off into the alley. The Investigator was quick to pursue. Tao frowned, cursing under his breath as he took off after them, not wanting to lose track of the creature he was ordered to kill.

    He moved rather quickly, this ghoul...who had probably come to know the city for which he roamed. The ghoul turned quick corners, heading for the bridge. The Investigator was falling behind. They reached the bridge in record time, Tao close behind before the ghoul disappeared within it's depths. Tao came to a halt at the closet's building, resting down on it as he glared at the water below. The Investigator was either shit, or this ghoul was smart.

    Tao rested for a moment then, eyes focused on the suddenly dark sky as he thought of what to do next. He decided best to follow the flow of the water then, leaping down from his building and stick to the shadows as he moved down the street. This choice seemed to pay off, and he soon halted at the sight before him. A girl was fishing the ghoul out of the river. Tao quickly scaled a nearby wall, coming to rest on a dark building as he watched this unfold. Hell...he had almost thought to jump down and just take the ghoul from the human, but he had a nervous feeling that they were not alone....and...Right on time something caught his attention. A glint across the bridge.

    Tao frowned, watching the glint for the moment before making a decision. "Sniper...Four Buildings back, 3 to the right...apartment." Tao did not really want to find out what the sniper wanted exactly, but he had a pretty good idea. He growled under his breath and kept low, stepping off the building and into the darkness of an alley. He would have to get back to court to relay this...Damian was not going to be happy.

    He walked along the alley, eyes adjusting to the darkness and the silence off his own steps echoing in his mind as he thought of his old master once more.

    "remember Tao...Violence is not the answer for all..."

    Tao found that rather ironic...being that he had lived his life searching for the true Buddhism enlightenment his Master had tried to instill in him, yet here he was, hunting down creatures as if they were rodents...the ghoul pest control of Norland it seemed. Tao had a sense of humor, even cracking a smile as he mumbled to himself, reaching the end of the alley and climbing up a building once more, deciding it best to take the short route back to the Boss.

    "The path of enlightenment is one full of difficulty and, Old Man?"

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Intro of Tao end~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  6. Reika
    Enigma Bar

    It was a usual evening with the Enigma bar with the music being blasted at top volume with a mass of lights flickering away briefly before exploding once more in front of ones gaze. People, a mass of them, swayed and shifted upon the floor furthest from the bar itself with the music drowning out the chatter that would be considered deafening if not concealed. Only dim lights illuminated the black bar with dashes of silver giving a sense of elegance to where the workers were distributing drinks upon orders, a few quieter conversations in the lounge like area that was barely separated from its other half yet seemingly completely different. Fewer people were perched within the multiple couches in the corners, however oddly enough there was one sitting furthest from the dance floor and closer to the bar with only one occupant.

    Nimble fingers shifted, a thin silver ring perched upon the ring finger of the right hand, tapping lazily upon the material of the couch which contrasted the deep red of the nails with its pure white, black cushions scattered everywhere. Around that very wrist was a thin silver bad, the small loops rattling softly as the hand moved to the woman's lap, resting upon the black material of the dress she adorned. Reika barely appeared in front of such a crowd but when she did, she made a show of her outfits because it was the last safety she had. Slowly, reluctantly almost, the lady had gotten to her feet with a small sigh and it was then that one would be able to notice her current choice of clothing.

    The dress itself was pure black with small details in a similar shade, the small curls and elegant twists barely noticeable but were able to give the dress a much classier look. It fell to the floor, barely brushing upon the marble grounds as a large slit found its way from the right side up until about her mid thigh, the small embroidered pattern starting from its point. At the top, which obviously showed her bust as usual, with a heart line that led towards the light chiffon sleeves that reached only until the top of her elbows. Accompanied by a pair of black heels and a silver necklace, Reika was strangely dressed for such a plain night as this but it was her establishment and so she really didn't care. Her hair was let down but it hung over her left shoulder, the mass of pink curls accompanied by a silver clip.

    Regardless of her outfit, Reika strode confidently over towards the sleek black bar where she promptly turned her attention to one of her bar staff, a soft grin upon her lightly painted lips. "Usual Scotch please." She whispered, yet her voice strummed elegantly from her mouth, her golden orbs straying from the young woman and towards the stage that was empty..soon to be filled by who again? Verde was today wasn't she? Shaking her head softly, her fingers wrapped around the small glass as she stood up properly, bringing the rim to her lips as she sipped it. "Verde...Haven't seen her in a while..." The vampire whispered, shrugging softly as she turned to head back to her chairs. The ones reserved for her alone.

    Slumping into the mass of white cushions, Reika settled her glass upon the black glass table before her as she reached over to grasp at the scattered papers that previously littered it to study them intently, her expression remaining eerily calm as she looked over at the scribbled notes. Rarely found within the club itself, Reika often was out working her job as an information broker and to do so she had to retrieve information. Even if most of it went to the council. Sighing deeply, her fingers curled around the papers as the first upon the pile of three crumpled in her grip. "Nothing they already don't know..." Looking to the next, Reika had fell prey to the comforts of the cushions, her chest rising and falling at a steady rate as she looked with lidded orbs at the papers, interest being little to none. Having other clients, she could of left the paper be, however there was no point because it had already been noted down in the small black book that was hidden along with being carved into her mind. Left alone within the quiet corner, Reika was silently hoping a fight or someone worth noting would turn up because she did not want to regret coming to check on her place of business. ​
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  7. It had been a rather peaceful day for Andrei. Because he was used to working night shifts, he hadn’t gotten out of bed until around 13:00, after which he took a quick shower, did his hair and then got dressed. He’d taken his time with breakfast, although not exactly willingly. You see, Andrei wasn’t the sort of person to relax. Ever. In fact, he didn’t really like having days off from work- as it always made him feel restless. He was the sort of person who couldn’t just spend an entire day slacking off, but rather liked to do something productive. If he wasn’t working, Andrei spent time at the stables. Since his boss had forbidden him to do anything that had to do with the former, Andrei had gone for the latter. A day at the stables had a calming effect on him, as it always did. He’d also appreciated that he could stay there for longer thna usual… but now when all of that was done, it was back to work.

    Andrei may have promised Reece he wouldn’t do any work, but just taking a casually walk through the fourth district couldn’t be considered wrong, right? And while he was taking a walk anyway, he might as well keep an eye out for ghouls or any other kind of suspicious activity, no? And if he just so happened to see anything, no one could blame him for stepping in, right? Right?

    While trying to convince himself of this, Andrei remained alert, taking in his surroundings very carefully. The sun had long since set and downtown was bustling with people enjoying the large range of evening and night life activities Norland City had to offer. Not only that, but this was also the time of the day when vampires would awaken from godforsaken slumber and terrorize the normal people. Even Andrei knew this wasn’t exactly the case, but it was still how he liked to express it. He hated them. Every single one of them. Vampires were the absolutely worst creatures to have walked the earth- direct decendants of the devil, if you asked him.

    Every last one of them should be exterminated. Andrei’s mouth twisted into a slight grimace, his entire body tense. His earlier at least somewhat good mood was like blown away, now replaced by the usual feelings of distain always accompanying his thoughts of vampires.

    One day, I swear. I swear I’ll bring them all down.
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  8. Sergei, Marcus, Yuri

    ~Visiting an old friend, Dowtown Funk~

    *Play song as you read~*

    @Aka~Kitsune @Gladis

    "And did you see how boss bashed his face in with a baseball bat!? Holy shit, his head burst like a damn blue berry! Fucking sick, eh Yuri?"

    The events of the day had quickly passed just as the sun had, welcoming the beginning of Autumn as the moon took on its lonely watch in the dark blue, almost purple sky. It was times like this that would easily fool the city into thinking everything was calm, peaceful. It made them almost forget the hell hole they had been placed into. With the vampires running the night, ghouls running rampant and eating anything they came across, even the supposed "Superheros" were fucked up it seemed...but what made it worse was there were the greedy pieces of shit making profits in this world.

    "Marcus. Say one more word and I swear to God I'll bash your head in myself..."

    "Oh come on, it was fucking awesome and you know it-"

    "Shut the hell up about it already. I know I'm amazing, but get off my dick."

    The procession of men than made their way down the crowded, lamp-lit street was small, composed of only 3 men in a simple formation. 2 were in the front and one was slightly behind the other. The suppose Leader of the group was just ahead of the man next to him, as if stating his dominance by keeping his shoulder just in front of the other's. He was tall, standing at about 6'3", and lanky with lean muscle lining his frame. His limbs were all long- neck, legs, arms- giving him a rather graceful appearance as he moved. A long trail of Orange hair flowed behind him as he walked, worn down to flow about freely, except a bit being tied up in a ponytail so it was out of his face. He was dressed in a suit of sorts, Korean styled in a shade of dark, charcoal grey, except for the jacket which was a shade of light pink. He wore the jacket open to show off the simply white button up he had paired with it. He wore a couple of buttons undone, as if to show off the line of his collarbone and the top of his pecks. He wore the sleeves rolled up, just below the elbow to show off the charchoal silk that lined the inside of it. The charcoal material of his pants seemed to fit him nicely, sculpting out the lines of his muscular legs underneath. His shoes were red...high tops... with white trimmings and black laces. And odd shoes decision to pair with a suit, but he did not seem to care.

    He walked with the swagger fitting of a peacock, relaxed as his hands were simply held in his pockets, yet boastful and proud as if his shit smelled like roses. There was a smile on his face and a glint in his single emerald green eye that seemed to glow with a mixture of excitement and mischief. His other eye, the right eye, was covered by a simply black eye patch, but it did little to hide a small scar that stopped just above his cheek. There were many rumors surrounding where that scar came from, and why the man wore a patch, but he would never tell. He liked to leave a little to the imagination.

    This was the man in the lead. The Orange haired dog, the sly demon of the underground, Sergei Faust, underground legend and international crime lord.

    Sergei turned his head just then, speaking over his shoulder at the man just behind him. "You seem rather tense, Yuri. Are you just grumpy because you missed your nap?"

    Yuri was a tall man as well, matching the height of Sergei, but with a much stronger build. He looked as if he was built to take hard hits, muscle definition clearly seen through his clothes. He was dressed a bit nicer than his Boss, being that he had his own defined style. He was wearing a grey suit, Italian styled so the pants were rather tight around his legs, but loose enough so he did not look like a douche...He was a man of course. He had removed the tailored, grey jacket, throwing it over his shoulder to reveal the Orange button up shirt. He had rolled up the sleeves of the shirt, revealing the under pattern than was white. He wore suspenders with the outfit, a simple green color to match the pattern on his black and white shoes. His hair was not as long as Sergei's, Chestnutt brown and placed rather messily about his head. There was an organization to it, however, a bit being pushed out of his face with a simple black headband to reveal the Golden hazel eyes that stared ahead in irritation. He had facial hair, cut in an unusual style along the strong chin and jawline. The material of his clothing seemed as if it was painted on the strong muscles of his body, the olive toned skin glowing under the harsh yellow lamp light.

    Yuri walked a bit differently than that of his Boss. He had a quiet confidence about him, a security in who he was so he held himself high. His free hand was balled into a a fist, coming up every now and then so he could check the watch on his thick wrist. He would groan every now and then, this being one of the times as he side glanced his boss, the frown on his strong face only seeming to deepen as he scoffed. "Shut up, smart ass..." He was quick to reach into the pocket of his shirt and pull out the packet of "Black Devil" cigarettes, slipping one between his lips before fumbling with his lighter, finding it and lighting his cigarette with a rather irritated gesture.

    Marcus was the third man of the group, younger than the two and seemingly more lively today. He was almost a full head shorter, standing at about 5'10". He looked as if he was about 18 years old, which would be a trick, but he seemed to be dressed as a teen of the decade. He was wearing a pair of Khaki skinny leg pants with a light blue v-neck. His jacket was an Orange, Korean styled puff coat with dark brown fur around the hood. His shoes were a pair of Black vans with a bit of Orange lining the top of it. On he had a couple of rings on his fingers, and random braclets on his wrist. There was a rip over the right knee of his pants, actually on accident, but it seemed to bring the look together rather well. His hair was long and electric blue, spiked and running down his back in a messy ponytail. Around his neck was a pair of large Beats headphones, Bruno Mar's "Uptown Funk" blasting away, which he seemed to be grooving to with a small pep in his step.

    He walked with a bit of enegry, His light brown eyes glinting with excitment as he moved quickly forward, reaching up and wrapping an arm around the grumpy Yuri, prodding at him as he chuckled slyly. "I guess Yuri is turning into an old man after all, eh Boss? He does not have enough energry to keep up anymore I bet~"

    Yuri clearly was not amused, elbowing the younger vampire in the side and sending him crashing into a random person on the street. "WOAH!" Marcus barely managed to catch himself, sending a slew of cursed to in Yuri's direction as he turned to the person with a slight frown. The person seemed to be worse off, having falling against the building wall. Marcus stared for only a moment, having come to the conclusion that it was a woman and mumbling something along the lines of, "Sorry, Miss..." before running to regain his boss.

    Yuri had glanced over as well, giving the person a once over and even making a bit of eye contact before deciding to continue on. He did not need to apologize to a stranger...It wasn't like he was ever going to see that person again....

    Sergei had continued walking, eyes ahead as he came to a stop at the crosswalk. Yuri came to a halt beside him, Marcus running to catch up as he asked " where are we going exactly, boss?"

    Yuri had had the same question as well. It had been almost 2 months since Sergei had even left the hideout, what with whatever new experiment he was working on. it seemed that the man had been lost in his work, however, today he seemed to be rather keen on getting out to the fresh air. It was something Yuri was rather grateful for, even though he did not much look it. Yuri was never in extremely high spirits, being that he was usually stuck playing babysitter to the idiot Marcus and doing rather demeaning work. He sighed, resting a bit on the balls of his feat as he watch the red hand of the stop light. "I was going to ask the same thing...."

    "Oh?" Sergei turned slight to face the two, scratching the newly form stubble on his chin and think that he should have shaved before he left. She had never been a fan of stubble. "Have I not told you two? We are going to see an old friend." That seemed to rather surprise his two followers, who had no idea why they had suddenly left the hideout. Yuri's frown only deepened, causing a bit of a crease in his forehead. Marcus, on the other hand, grinned with pleasure, even giving a light bounce as he quickly prodded his boss for questions. "Ohhh who? Is it a girl? Is she hot?...does she have hot friends?"

    Yuri elbowed him once more, causing him to let out a slight yelp as he struggled for balance. "Stop thinking with your dick, idiot."

    Sergei, on the other hand, only laughed, turning on his heel just as the light turned green and stepping across the crosswalk. Yuri followed, a grumbling Marcus close behind. Sergei had picked up step now, his single green eye glancing around excitedly as he tried to locate the exact destination. What was the name of the place? Had he forgotten so easily? He has started to mumble, a pondering scowl on his face as he turned right at the next cross walk, heading down a busier street. Marcus and Yuri managed to keep up, Yuri having to tug the runt along every time he was distracted by something, this case being all the short skirts.

    Marcus seemed to be on the prowl today, hell it has been 2 months since he has gotten anything and he was balled you could say. A woman in a red dress passed and he whistled, even if she was not exactly his type. He was just rather desperate. The woman flipped him off, of course, and it only made Marcus laugh and call to her. "I like 'em fiesty, baby!~"

    Yuri's irriation had only risen and it was clear as day. He seemed to almost be fuming now as he retaliated, clonking Marcus clear on the head as he barked, "Get your head out of your ass, kid. We are on the damn job." Marcus replied with a sort of yelp, followed by a slew of curses as Yuri grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him along.

    Sergei turned another corner and came to a stop just in front of a random bar. He glanced up at the name, a sly grin making its way across his features, showing off the two rows of shark-like teeth before he walked up the steps. Yuri and Marcus had managed to catch up once more, the sounds of their bickering coming to a halt as they stood in front of the bar. Yuri only smiled at the name, knowing full and well who they were seeing. Marcus stared in confusion, not knowing the bar or the person, but he followed behind Yuri and Sergei and stepped inside.

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  9. Reika
    Enigma Bar


    For about half an hour, Reika remained within her corner, which was actually designated to her alone, reading through the papers and mentally noting down what she would certainly be paid to give out. After all, even information wasn't free. Idly bringing the glass once more up to her lips, dark red continued to tap against the crystal glass as she flickered through to the last page, cursing her procrastination as she skimmed over the facts she had written down hastily hours or days before hand. "I wonder if the council would be fine with me cutting off their information..." She pondered lightly, the very thoughts causing her to chuckle seconds later as she finally crushed the last paper as she stood. "As if." Taking the papers in her hands, along with the now empty glass, Reika stood up.

    It was with her usual grace that she headed towards her bar, placing the glass down as she ordered another before she had turned with a delicate sweep of her gown, the bare trace of designs of it catching the light as she strode off with a small hue of white around her. Her office. More specifically, the one the manager of her bar inhabited was unlocked, letting the pinked hair woman inside with ease.

    Inside the barely lit room, Reika easily rummaged through the mess of her drawers till she came across a silver cased lighter that was engraved with elegant swirls that carved out a name, one that Reika paid no attention to. The manager was annoying anyway. Flicking the lid open, a bright orange flame sparked to life as Reika spun around, pushing herself up so she was perched upon the surface of the wooden desk as she placed the crumpled sheet above it. Slowly the paper fell pray to the lingering flame, leaving only the smell of burning remaining present with the woman. Once all her discarded sheets were done, Reika easily tossed the closed, tightly, lighter onto the leather chair as she groaned.

    Rubbing a hand against her temples, ignoring the cold chill of the silver ring against her skin, Reika looked up at the dim light on the ceiling that bathed the room in a orange glow that despite the warmth it looked as if it gave off, it failed to do so. Her fingers ran through the pink locks that were cascading down her shoulder, lashes framing the golden eyes would lower as she felt tempted to just return home and see Coisette who would definitely brighten up her currently bored mood.

    With a small sigh and a sudden smile, Reika had gotten herself up and found herself walking towards the wooden door, intending to head back to the bar where she would find her drink waiting and hopefully a certain bald headed manager to purposefully annoy. Who else was there to? Her grin only growing, Reika slipped through the doorway as she passed people with little more than a glance of her golden orbs, not even a word spoken to those inhabiting her bar. Many, most in fact, were vampires...but the number of brave humans had increased rapidly over the past few months and it was the reason why she had received a 'urgent' request for her presence.

    Shaking her head, Reika felt herself relax against the cool surface of the bar, her arms folded neatly were propped up upon the surface as her fingers entwined neatly upon the glass that now stood proudly with the scotch in place. She leaned forwards as her weight was placed upon her folded arms, her eyes peering to the back of the bar as it looked curiously at the dark fridge that was easily laced with padlocks and a code. The blood store. Humans had to remain ignorant to them and so the blood, often sold as 'wine', was hidden and locked up with only her and the manager bearing information on its release. A tongue ran softly against her lips as she chuckled, standing up properly with the glass in hand as she placed her weight upon her left leg, letting the change in position reveal the ink black tattoos running across the span of her leg to form a thorn filled vine across her skin, an occasional ink black rose here and there.

    "How is our 'wine' supply, baldy-chan?~"

    With the delicate purr, a tall man had turned a brown gaze to her as instantly a dark look had manifested upon his lightly scarred features. His shoulders tensed as he snickered, rolling his eyes with a exhausted huff. "Low. I sent you texts about it every fucking day Reika." He hissed, finding himself becoming more and more infuriated with the woman as she just smirked in response from over the rim off her glass. "Hm?~ But I had my phone off Baldy...I wouldn't have got them." She replied, shrugging her shoulders innocently before chuckling. "Just go back to getting pissed off your head will you?" He asked, turning back to one of the bar staff as Reika just spun around to head back to her seat.

    Except, she didn't.

    Normally, Reika barely took notice of anyone in her club but she could never miss the familiar shade of orange hair that belonged to her business partner. Her pulse increased slightly as her gaze widened at the familiar colour, her hand settling upon the curve of her hip for a moment as despite her internal debate, Reika seemed perfectly relaxed on the inside. With a small breath, as she deemed it anyway, she spun around after placing her glass down to swivel through the noisy and bustling crowd, her only intention being to make sure a certain pirate would leave annoyed or at least with his usual adorable expression.

    Reika reached him but she was shrouded within the mass of dancer, a fact she used to slip up quietly to the eye patch wearing mob boss who she instantly embraced. Her arms wound around his neck as a sly grin came to her lips, pressing a small kiss to his cheek as she smiled brightly at the guest of her bar. "Pirate-kun!" She greeted, hugging the older vampire tightly. "You're still alive hm?~" Reika purred delightfully before suddenly pausing in thought. "Two months...You didn't even call Sergei-kun, I was really bored you know?" She questioned, raising a brow to the orange haired male with a expression that only could be described as amusement. "Have you been okay?~"

    When she had finally had her say, Golden orbs had peered over towards the two accompanying the other with a raised brow as she sent a small smile to Yuri who was definitely familiar. "Good evening Yuri-chan~" Of course, Reika still used the more feminine suffix for him but the man just looked like someone she needed to tease. "Taking good care of Pirate-kun still?" Then it came to the other, a child by what she could see, with blue hair and brown eyes that only made her think of a kid. A kind of stupid, Kid. "And a little one?" She studied him carefully before smiling brightly at him. "But he is adorable! Who are you sweetie? I'm Reika."

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  10. Ari Daeson

    Upon arriving to one of his warehouses located in the North of the city he sighed and folded his arms in front of him as he passed through the warehouse doors. Guns, boxes, and machines that he knew nothing about filled the large open area, people worked on building and assembling firearms of many different kinds. And walking around a woman with straight brown hair that reached the middle of her back, dark grayish blue eyes behind red rectangular glasses, honey-colored skin, and a slim body yelled insults and demands of her workers. She strutted around in a black mini skirt with a brown belt, a light tan jacket over a black tank top under a red tie, thigh-high fishnet tights, and combat boots. The expression on her face screamed ‘fuck with me and you’ll regret it.’ On her belt were two pistols and trust me she knew how to use them, her bullets never miss her target. No one dared disobey her, which is why her rank was second.\

    “Limon!” Ari’s stern voice echoed and many eyes turned towards him, including the woman; Ardelle Limon, rank 2, Gunmaster. She stomped towards the gang leader with anger on her face.
    “Don’t yell at me in my own factory! That raises the chance for rebellion and I will not stand for that!” She yelled, the two stood face to face glaring at eachother until Ari started laughing.
    “I’d love to see the day people are brave enough to rebel against you.” He replied. “Anyway, one of Zane’s men were attacked on the way here so he couldn’t pick up the shipment, I need to get it to the ministry ASAP, we have a deadline.”
    “Oh, well that sucks. It's over there.” She pointed to a few stacked crates, then turned to a group of five people sitting at a table. “Hey, you guys over there, get off your lazy asses, bring the truck in here, and load it up stat. And no complaining!” She commanded and they nodded, then got to work.

    “Just wait a moment then you’ll be ready to go.”
    “Good. How are things here?”
    “No problems today so far. Productions are well and up to speed."
    “Also good. If you run into any problems call me right away."
    “Don’t worry. I will, but if you send Larae you’ll be sorry!”
    “I swear.” Ari shook his head. “You two seriously need to work things out.”
    “Psh, yeah right.”

    One of those workers ran up to the two. “Everything is packed and ready.”
    Ari faced him and smiled. “Thanks, you five load up too, I need help unpacking. You don’t mind do you Ardelle?” He looked to the side at her with sly glint in his eyes and lips pulled into a smirk. She growled then looked away.
    “Fine, take them. But they better be back before midnight or you’re making up the time they missed. Got it?”
    “Riiight, thanks bye.” He said as he walked to the truck, waving behind him, then climbed into the passenger seat. One of the five looked at him confused as Ari crossed his legs onto the dashboard.
    “Well come on get in the driver’s seat, we’ve got a deadline, and I don’t plan on working off your time.”
    The worker sighed and did as he was told and the others loaded in the back with the shipment.

    After a few minutes of silent driving they arrived at the base of the investigators.
    “Perfect, we got here quickly, do me a favor and help the rest unload, I have to talk to Reece.” Ari chuckled hearing the frustrated grunts of the workers as he jumped down from the truck and walked inside the building.
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  11. Ryuu Morita
    Just within the investigators HQ there was a small seating area by a window, not too far from the reception desk where a secretary sat patiently. Casually flicking through a folder of not particularly interesting information -just the usual reports of false alarms, but someone still had to go through each one and explain that no, there had been no ghoul or vampire involved and the disturbance had only been caused by a wild animal- sat Ryuu, occasionally lifting his head to gaze at the streets outside through clear grey eyes.

    Whilst the task he had currently been assigned was by no means fun (neither the paperwork, nor the waiting for the delivery to show up), it was at least peaceful and that was something he could value. As an investigator the opportunities to sit calmly like this were few and far between and not entirely unwelcome. With that said he would rather be doing something productive, or at least something more active, but...

    His thoughts were cut off as a young man entered the building and, realising this must be who he was waiting for, Ryuu stood up to greet him.

    "Ari Daeson? I'm Ryuu Morita, an investigator here. Reece asked me to wait for for you to explain that she's running a little late. I'm sure she'll be down with your payment in just a few minutes if you have the time to wait," He smiled warmly at Ari, offering a hand for the younger man to shake. "I do hope you'll forgive us for not being more prepared."
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  12. Sergei, Yuri, Marcus

    ~It's been a long time...~


    *Play the song as you read*

    The Enigma Bar...Man what a sight for Sergei's sore old eye. Hell it had been two months since he had last stepped inside it's dark walls, and how lively it was. The first thing that hit him was the layer of cigarette smoke that seemed to always be present. The day's most popular being his own Black Devil brand that he seemed to keep close by. He sighed, breathing in the familiar, smokey scent, before taking notice of what else was there. The blasting of New Age Jazz combination right in his eardrums, and what a sick beat it was. Hot bodies pressed together within the darkness of Enigma, dancing around to the incorruptible music that was new talent. Sergei smiled, feeling the beat itself seem to take hold and he could not help but sway slightly to it, relaxation slowly taking hold of his body, calming the nerves that he had felt before he had stepped in.

    Yuri was not far behind, stepping inside and fanning his hand as a way to disperse the thick smoke that wrapped around him. He grumbled, but his own mood seemed to visibly lighten, even if his eyes had not yet adjusted to the stark darkness that was Enigma. There were more people here than he himself had suspected, being that it was only Friday. The downtown was not usually this packed until Saturday, even if it was a light load for Enigma. The owner had been doing well it seemed, growing steadily in popularity, but that was to be expected from a bulldog of a woman like herself. Yuri brushed a hand through his hair, suddenly realizing he was already losing his boss with in the fray of bodies, the music drowning out his call to him. "Oi, Sergei, hold up."

    Marcus was the last to enter, but it seemed that he was instantly at home, the moment he stepped in losing himself to the great jam of the Enigma's music. He laughed, giving a light cough at the smoke in the air and fanning it away as he started to sway to the music, dancing through the crowd with much more grace than the larger Yuri, but it seemed that Yuri was not in the mood to dance. Marcus, however, was in exceptionally high spirits as he called to the older vampire. "Why have I never been here before???"

    Yuri called loudly over his shoulder, jabbing at the kid as he teased. "Because you look too young to be let through the door, kid." Marcus frowned, eyes narrowing slightly as his spirit seemed to lessen. He could not help but grumble under his breath though. "I look better than you though..."

    Yuri laughed, only waving his hand as he continued to search the crowd, finally finding his boss close to the center, as he stepped up, however, he noticed a familiar figure moving towards Sergei, shrouded in the mass of the crowd.

    Sergei had taken no notice to being approached, he was too busy searching himself and taking in the fond memories he had of this place. His single green eye glinting with a hint of emotion, a smile forming on those lips as he closed his eye, taking in the sweet music surrounding him, until he felt a familiar weight suddenly on him and a familiar voice call his name. Not to say that he was not surprised, his arms automatically winding around the familiar curves, his face pressing into those same pink locks that had not seemed to change a bit since he was gone. Even her scent had remained the same, something that always gave his heart the smallest of flutters, even if he would deny it. "Kultaseni..." He mumbled softly against her neck, feeling the softness of her lips brush the stubble of his cheek before she released him and he her.

    "Sadly I'm still kicking...Just a bit older than before." He chuckled as he answered her lively comments, eyeing her up and down with surprising speed. She looked good. He rarely was able to see her outside of her outlandish costumes so to see her in this dress almost took his breath away. It was odd for him to always see her like this, but it could not be denied that she was beautiful and it honestly made his heart flutter. He played it off however, taking her hands in his as he took a step back, teasing softly as he whistled. "ohh...Got all dressed up for me, hm? Perfect as usual, kultaseni..."

    Yuri relaxed when he saw the two together. It did his boss well to be able to see old friends, other than just him and the walls of the hangout. Sergei had been acting rather strange lately, so maybe seeing Reika again would fix the odd funk he had seemed to enter. Yuri took notice of her beauty tonight. Like a venus fly trap she was, so easily being able to capture Sergei between her fingers. She most likely did not even know what she did to him. Yuri straightened his tie then, about to move forward when he felt the familiar weight over his shoulders, and the usual voice suddenly catcalling beside him.

    Marcus had taken notice as well, going wide eyed as he stared at the bombshell she was. He flopped his arm over Yuri's shoulder as he pointed at her, his jaw literally dropping to the floor. "Oi...Yuri...who is that?"

    Yuri grabbed Marcus's arm, moving it from around him as he teased him some more. "That, kid, is someone you'll never have." He laughed at Marcus's reaction before stepping forward to the two lovebirds, a suddenly fuming Marcus not too far behind. Yuri came to a halt just beside the two, having been noticed by Reika in an instant. A small hue of pink formed on his cheeks from being called by her usual pet name, even if he was not a huge fan of it. He sighed, unable to help but give a soft chuckle as he nodded "It's a harder job than it would seem, Reika. I think you might be suited for the job more than myself. Mind giving me a break for the night? "

    Sergei gave Yuri a side glance, visibly pouting from being spoken about as if he was a child. He wave Yuri off, speaking directly to Reika as he gave her another tease. "You think I am incapable of caring for myself, Reika?" His question went unanswered, however, and Reika's attention fell on the youngest of the group, Marcus.

    Marcus visibly blushed as Reika look at him, a deep frown carving into his features as she referred to him as a little one. However, it seemed any witty comeback was stuck in his throat as he took in her asset....more like "Chestsets". He gulped, the blush only rising upon his face as she referred to him as "Adorable" and asked for his name. Marcus stuttered, looking rather sheepish as he tried to get out the words, finally managing to get out the words as he stiffened. "M-M-Marcus, M-Miss." Yuri laughed, elbowing the lovestruck teen as he commented, "What's wrong kid? Something in your throat?" Marcus retaliated, pushing back Yuri as he barked in embarrassment. "C-cut it out, Old man!"

    Sergei seemed perfectly content with ignoring the two, lightly patting Reika's hand as he grinned. "And you, Reika...How have you been?" The Mob boss seemed fully interested, eye only on her as a sly grin slowly crossed his angular features, those same rows of sharp, shark-like teeth glinting in the dim light.
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  13. Ari greeted the approaching man with a smile, but ignored his outstretched hand.
    "Pleased to meet you, and don't worry about it, normally I would be upset but since the shipment was late as well due to some unexpected events I have no means to complain." His smile stayed but an angered look flickered in his eyes, he spoke the truth about not being upset about it, but the fact that one of his own were badly injured made him pissed.
    "So Ryuu, I don't think I've seen you before, but then again I have a horrible memory when it comes to matching names to faces. What has been happening here? Any drama I should know about?" He brightened up, gossip, drama, knowledge, he loved it all, it made the game interesting and gave him an advantage.

    "Oh! Have you ever thought to use dogs to track down vampires? I actually have one of my top five working on that, it was has idea too, smart kid. Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is about 1,000 to 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human’s depending on the breed? Also a human has about 5 million scent glands, where a dog has anywhere from 125 million to 300 million, again depending on the breed? And when a dog sniff something they can detect things humans only know by seeing something or another telling them, such as if they are male or female, what they ate, where they have been, what they have touched, if they are ready to mate, if they have recently given birth, or had a false pregnancy, and what mood they are in. They have even been known to smell cancer on people, alerting them to it and saving their lives." Ari realized what he was doing and laughed.
    "I'm sorry, I'm rambling to a stranger, giving the rant the 'animal enthusiast' gave me. So back to the initial question, how's it going?"
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  14. Coisette

    ~Dainty as a moonlight moth; Deadly as a Viper~


    *Play Song as you read*

    The moon had long since risen into the dark blue sky, but with the bright lights and smoke layer of the lazy city, it was often hard to see the starry beauty that was the Norland sky...unless you were outside the city's lights. Outside the city, the air was fresh and the sky was clear that it looked as if you could pluck the very stars out of the sky and place them in your pocket. The perfect place for a childlike wonder.

    The Kurohime Manor was one of the many large mansions that dotted the Norland countryside, being that it was far too large for the city. Under the Night sky, the Manor seemed to be lit up with life, like a magical paradise surrounded by its rolling hills and the large brick gate. The only noises in the air were the sounds of the crickets in the trees, the sounds of the night owls, and a the sound of a cello coming from the house Gardens itself. The house Gardens seemed to be a mixture of the family's Japanese Culture, as well as the Deep rooted English Heritage that Norland was. Leading from the Manor Veranda was a small cobblestone path, shield by a few trees, paper lanterns placed on the branches by the lady of the house, Reika, to welcome the Autumn season. Following the cobblestones would lead to a small fountain with a nymph statue, a rather old tree hanging over it like a magical Oasis.

    Near the fountain, a small radio was playing Bach's Cello Suite 1. Near the radio, a small voice hummed along to the set, a small body, moving back and forth along the red rose bushes that dotted the Garden in no set style. The small body was of a girl, barely 5 ft tall, her short blonde hair cut into a bob stopping at the nape of her neck, a bit of black ribbon being tied into it. Her skin, especially under the moonlight, was exceptionally pale, her eyes of crimson, glancing at the red of the petals that she has absently plucked from random flowers. A rather naughty thing to do, but it was better than the alternative. For you see, the girl was rather unhappy, not being anyone's fault but her own for not being able to fix her own boredom, however, she had been left alone in the garden for the moment. How she liked the garden, but the red of the roses seemed to trigger that irresistible thirst that lingered in he depths of her mind and stung at her small throat.

    The girl, herself, was dressed in a royal blue gown with white accents. The cupcake styled skirt came to her thighs, the lines of white ruffles beneathing being known to tickle her legs if she did not where her stockings. Her stockings were black, thick material running down her legs. Her shoes were brown mary janes, the golden buckles glittering under the moon. The top of the dress was rather simply, rounded blue neckline, accented with a bit of white and black lace. From under the neckline, there was a simply white, peterpan collar, which seemed to match the same lacy design on the under section of the skirt. The sleeves were short, stopping about 3 inches down her arm and cuffed up to reveal the white underside.

    In her free hand, the one not busy plucking at the petals, was a simple toy bear, large enough to be dragging lightly against the ground before she came to the end of the bush and lifted the bear into her arms, giving it a small squeeze as she stared with a blank expression into the darkness of the garden corner. The girl was usually expressionless, unless she felt the extremes of any emotion, making it difficult to tell when she was truly upset, however, this was one of the times where she was mildly annoyed.

    She held her bear up, turning it so it was staring down at her and made it talk, for the child would get lonely sometimes when people were rather absent. "Coisette," She made the bear mumble, bouncing it slightly so that it looked as if it was talking. "Reika will be upset that you are ruining the bushes."

    "Bushes are made to die..." She answered, before dropping the bear back down to her side. She glanced up when she noticed something flying passed her. As curious as she was, she glanced up, noticing the tiny moon moth, perching itself upon one of the roses. Coisette watched it for a moment, deciding it rather beautiful before she raised her fingers towards it. The moth remained unperturbed, Coisette simply staring at it for a long moment, her small, doll-like head tilting to the side as her large, crimson eyes widened. "Roses were made to die..."

    She then closed her hand, and in an instant, the moth seemed to explode there on the flower, leaving it stained green with the guts and blood of the tiny creature.

    "And death is beautiful..."

    She dropped her hand and turned then, gazing around the garden with a rather half-lidded gaze. "Where is Bonbon?..."

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  15. As the doors of the Kurohime Manor opened, letting into the house the brisk autumn wind, a figure clad in white's silhouette could be seen holding a tray of sorts. Shutting the doors, the moonlight finally cascaded over his features. His maroon hair seemed to absorb the rays of the moon, sticking out even against the darkness of the night around him.

    The figure stepped out from the archway above the doors with tray in hand, revealing who it was standing there.

    Davorin Scott Adams, standing at an even five feet ten inches, strode into the gardens, looking for one little girl.

    At this point in time, Davorin was clothed in a perfectly white tuxedo. The jacket, pants and undershirt were all perfectly white without a single spot or wrinkle anywhere. The colors were perfectly immaculate and the only difference in the colors he was wearing was the small bow-tie tied around his neck and the shiny black dress shoes he was wearing, giving contrast to the white of the rest of his outfit.

    In his hands was a silver tray with a teapot on it, two small plates with a single teacup on each and a tray with small little cookies assorted in a perfect circle. Clearing his throat, Davorin began walking around the gardens, looking for the young Coisette.

    For those who didn't know Davorin, they would think he was a butler to the young girl Coisette. While that was basically true, he liked to consider himself the young girl's 'Babysitter.' He was normally the one Reika called on to watch the young lady when no one else was able to watch her because he was one of the few alive who were actually able to keep the girl from killing everyone or destroying everything. Well... for the most part.

    Walking to the area with the rose bushes, Davorin wasn't really surprised to see Coisette there with her bear. Setting the tea tray down on the edge of the fountain, he turned to the young girl.

    "Now, Lady Coisette, you know how Reika gets when you mess with her rose bushes. She gets quite upset when she sees her roses with missing petals."

    His tome almost emotionless and calm, the words were more matter-of-fact, rather than the scold that should have been expected. Just giving a soft chuckle at the antics of the young girl, he turned back to pour some tea for the two of them.

    "I've brought your favorite cookies and flavor of tea, M'Lady. And, might I say, your gown is quite beautiful tonight, as always."
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  16. Coisette

    ~The Cookies are Trivial~


    Coisette had barely noticed the breeze that had picked up, blowing the scatted red petals about her in a tiny tornado of red that moves towards the fountain. Coisette momentarily paused to watch them dance about in the night sky, their bright color standing out against the moonlit path. They came to settle against the cobblestone, where Coisette stared for some time, as if trying to figure out what exactly she had just seen. The petals were dead, that much Coisette knew, and yet here they were, dancing about her head in a silence waltz that the girl found rather beautiful.

    Her Cello music had drowned out by now, replaced by Beethoven. She remembered during her old childhood, hearing a lot of Beethoven, and she had come to love him in the oddest way, for he always made her feel destructive. Maybe that was why so many moths laid dead at her feet. She stared down at the random assortment of white wings, even reaching down to hold on in her hand as she stared curiously at the anatomy....but why was she looking at that?...Where was Bonbon.

    Her thoughts were brought back to reality as she heard footsteps approaching on the garden path. She turned slightly, holding the dead moth from between her fingers as she stood and waited, coming to find it was in fact Bonbon, bearing tea and a small plate of cookies. Bonbon, at least that was her name for him. Coisette most likely did not even know what the man's real name was, but she was a child in her own right, so maybe that was an excuse. She stared at him rather quizzically, one could deem judgmentally, as he stepped atop the fallen rose petals with little care. She continued to eye him, however, secretly grateful for him coming to the garden to find her, for the child believed that she very well could have perished in the darkness of the night, and Reika would find her the next day, frozen over like some ancient cave man, like the one that she had read about this morning.

    As he stopped in front of her, she extended her hands to show him her work. The perished moth corpse leaving a bit of green stains on her small, childlike hands. As soon as she showed it, she knelt down, leaving the creature on the ground as she absent-mindedly spoke. "Cookies are trivial..."

    That was a lie, of course, being that Coisette was a fan of Bonbon's cookies, however she had the oddest want to be difficult at this moment. She was actually rather hungry, a cookie being something that would have been rather welcoming. She turned slightly to him as he spoke, eyeing his suit with a blank stare before deciding to comment. "Bushes were made to perish..." She glanced up at his bowtie, deciding he looked rather good in the white suit, like a personally Butler, which you could basically have called him. When he commented on her gown, she did not answer, instead turning and walking over to her bear and picking it up in her hands and holding it against her chest. "Tomas thought you lost your way."

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  17. Aeden Demavend
    Patience was Aeden's strong point, but he was fully aware that action had to be taken at some point as well, and a hunter that failed to remain on the move would lose sight of his prey. He began pulling apart his sniper rifle so he could fit the uncanny weapon into the duffel bag he used to carry it around. He started with the mouth of the weapon and worked his way down to the butt carefully placing the scope in a separate case that also fit into the bag. He would have to leave the ghoul and its benefactor alone for now since the both of them were out of sight and in a fairly well traveled part of the city. He had no interest in drawing unwanted attention to himself. He frowned to himself feeling that he might have missed an opportunity, but he had little desire to dwell on it overly long. He zipped up the bag quietly and then picked up the stones to change the rules of the rune to trigger on command. Well, change the rules was a poor way to explain it. More like he erased the old rune and rewrote the lightning flash & thunderclap rune to trigger on a mental order.

    He slid those rocks into his pants back right pocket carefully. Anyone observant of their surroundings with the perception of a vampire would have seen him. He knew that much. He picked up his bag and headed for the ladder that led to the emergency stairs that was between the apartment building he stood on and the neighboring one in the apartment complex. He slid down the ladder and landed on the platform below him with a light clunk. He looked back and forth down both sides of the alley and saw no people had investigated the sound and he quietly made his way down the stairs. While he definitely preferred having a vantage point like the one he had not a few moments ago he couldn't haphazardly loiter there all night. That would only invite trouble and he had to deal with enough of that that adding more to his plate seemed foolhardy.

    He carried the blue duffel bag in his left hand as he left the alley and entered the street. Some humans were walking to and fro; going into buildings and coming out. He smiled lightly at how busy they seemed to be. He envied how carefree many of them were. Blind to the dark world around them. He personally preferred being able to see, but very rarely did he fantasize about living with the humans on a more personal level. He couldn't let himself do that though, as he was their protector, and fraternizing with them would leave him with weaknesses like loved ones that his enemies would assuredly use against him. He couldn't allow something like that to happen. He fixed up his scarf so it was a bit more difficult to see his face clearly and headed down the street on the sidewalk opposite of the crowds.

    His mind was intensely focused on his mind when he thought he saw his sister for a moment passing him by. He turned his head around to get a better look only to realize he saw an ordinary human woman and he relaxed slightly. Of course. Ghosts don't exist. There's no way he could be seeing Adria. He chuckled to himself and shook his head as he continued on his way.​
  18. The bleeding had stopped by now, since the blood Will had devoured earlier wasn't exactly a large amount- but there was still a wound. Due to silver contains of the bullet, regenerating would take quite a bit longer than it usually did. At least the bullet was out, meaning that nothing prevented the wound from healing anymore. As the minutes passed, the wound closed itself further and further, until there was nothing but a deep, bluish scar left on his deathly pale skin. Eventually, that would fade too.

    Eyelids twitched, just slightly. Next came a finger. It just barely moved, life slowly beginning to return to the ghoul’s body. Well, if one could now call it ’life’. A ghoul doesn’t have a beating heart and as such could not possibly be viewed as a living being. In fact, ghouls are dead. Perhaps saying that he was returning from a paralyzed state; induced by his body coming in contact with silver, would be a better way of expressing it. He flexed his hands, feeling his control of them return. Then, suddenly, his blood red eyes snapped open and he jerked into a sitting position. Looking rather confused, the ghoul glanced around- unsure of what had happened, unsure of where he was.

    Badump, badump, badump… the sound of a beating heart reached his overly sensetive ears. A beating heart. That meant blood being pumped through a body. As the ghoul sniffed the air, his suspicions were confirmed. Somewhere nearby… was a being that was neither quite human, nor quite ghoul. It smelled strange. In fact, it sort of smelled like the hunter who’d been chasing him before.

    Will froze, his eyes going wide with fear. The hunter, he was close. Run. Run. Run. In all his haste to get away, the ghoul accidentally knocked over several glass jars, cringing as they fell to the floor accompanied by the sound of breaking glass. He tried to scramble away, but tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor with a thud. Glass shards buried their way into his hands and arms, drawing a sharp hiss from the ghoul’s lips.
  19. Reika
    Enigma Bar


    Released from the embrace, golden orbs would glimmer in faint amusement at the usual antics brought solely along by Sergei himself, something that brought a small curl to the edges of glossy lips. So much to much to mention, however Reika left it at a small hum as she settled a well manicured hand upon the curves of her waist, weight shifting as she peered briefly towards the accompanying pair of the orange 'pirate'. "Dressed up?~" The Informant idly purred, voice lowering and she quietly huffed. Looking at her options, Reika turned her gaze back towards Sergei with her usual soft grin. "Of course, I do enjoy the attention I get Sergei-kun. Though I am considering returning to my more eccentric outfits~"

    Reika's eyes would eventually narrow down upon his features as she momentarily thought back, teeth digging into her lower lip as she leaned forwards, arm shooting out to press the pads of her fingers against his chin. Frowning, Reika would then peer up towards Sergei with a less amused look one that almost left the pink haired woman pouting. "Stubble?" She asked, furrowing her brows as she stood up properly, both hands now settled upon her waist as she raised a brow. "What were you doing for two months that let this happen..." Though it was probably more of her informant side that wanted to dig further into his missing presence.

    Then brought out of her irritation at the stubble, Reika would turn at the waist, slightly, to look over at Yuri with a familiar smile reserved only for those that appeared to her with Sergei. Liquid gold orbs scanned over the male quizzically for a moment before she only grinned further. "Leave your infamous boss with me?" Repeating it, Reika would close her eyes in a teasing hum before chuckling softly. "Any day sweetie! You know I love spending time with Pirate-kun here." More than she was readily wanted to admit to anyone. "And Sergei-kun, I honestly believe you do. I can't imagine the amount of trouble you cause for Yuri-chan and the others...I honestly pity poor Jayce and him sometimes." She teased.

    Now, Reika had a thing for adorable things and this included Coisette, Little creatures and the occasional outfit. So when Marcus stuttered, his voice far smaller compared to before when he spoke from what she heard anyway, Reika had turned to stare intently at the smaller male. "You...are so cute.." She muttered, eyes uncharacteristically wide as she cooed softly only to be distracted by Sergei, once again. Staring at the sharp teeth, Reika was momentarily silenced before she shook her head softly, returning to her usual smile. Of course, this was after she so intently tried to stop herself from experiencing even the smallest blush due to that familiar sly smirk.

    "I have been good sweetie." She had eventually gotten out, blinking away the pause as she used a hand to brush a way a few rebellious strands of bubblegum pink. "Though my other job is becoming quite repetitive and exhausting as of late...People all want such dull facts to ponder about." Reika grumbled before wrapping her fingers around his hand, pulling lightly. "Hm~ Let's go sit. I have a drink waiting for me and you all have stuff to inform me about." Turning around, Reika's grip remaining, she headed back towards her couches. "Like for example, why you vanished and..." She looked over to Marcus. "Why such an adorable kid is with a blood stained wolf like you Sergei~"

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  20. Chloë 1.jpg
    Some music for the mood (open)

    The sunlight had since long faded, and the black of night was only sporadically interrupted by the light of stars. It was only a matter of hours before Aurora would return to light the streets of Norland once more, and only a few living souls still dwelled those streets at this hour. Most had already found their way back home and the ones who had remained were rarely sober. Even fewer were on their way to work, most on their way home, and some to what would be "really night's lass pub, promize yah". A rare few were practicing less... sunny practices.

    One of these souls was walking down a small, abandoned street not too far away from the city centre, towards an unknown destination. She was rather thin, bony even, with short, blond hair that hang loose, decorated by a long red ribbon. The girl seemed to be in her early twenties and her pale skin was quite noticeable. She was wearing a loose-fitting white blouse, a light blue skirt and black heels with little to protect her from the nightly cold. All in all, she formed a great contrast to the dark streets around her. Oblivious to the strong wind that carried the promise of autumn with it, she walked the streets with an unsteady pace, wobbling from left to right. To any human, the girl seemed drunk.

    A soft song came over her lips, the only sound in these silent streets, sung in a language that was rarely heard in these parts. The words slurred slightly, but one who spoke the language could still make out a sentence.

    "C'est si simple d'aimer, de sourire à la vie... De se laisser charmer lorsque c'est notre envie..."

    A smile on her face, the girl indeed seemed to have a love for life. However, the smile had something unsettling to it and didn´t quite reach her eyes. Her pace adjusted to the song's rhythm and she hummed along a long time after she had forgotten to mumble the words that came with it.

    A black cat with a white dot on its head crossed her path and halted not too far away from her. Sensing something was off, his ears quickly turned to his back, and he hissed before jumping into an alleyway that was at right angles with the street the girl tread. The latter tilted her head slightly, for a few moments, she seemed to be at a loss at what to do.

    "Kitty..." For no apparent reason, her tongue slowly licked her soft pink lips as she tried to drench the fire in her throat by swallowing. To no avail. She sped up her pace, rounded the corner, and followed the path which the cat had chosen. She was still humming but switched to another sweet and upbeat song that came to her...

    "In a green, green, green, green, turnip land."
    She had little trouble catching up with the cat. Apparently she was capable of running at an extreme speed through the alleyway - in a straight line even. The cat saw only one way to escape as the girl cornered him against a wooden fence- jumping over it. However, the fence was tall and besides a few garbage bins, there was nothing to leap from besides the ground. The girl was closing in on him... There was no time left, so the cat took a chance and leaped-

    "There were two hares, sitting very smart."

    He managed to claw his way up the fence and after a few moments, he swiftly jumped off on the other side. The girl stood underneath him and watched the cat struggle, a smirk plastered to her face. To her, hunting down such a small animal was nothing more than a little game. One of the few that still managed to entertain her these days. She waited until she was sure that the cat had jumped to the other side before she followed.

    "And the one was blowing his flute."

    She took a few steps back and jumped over the fence in one swift jump. Almost landing on the astonished cat, she barely managed to avoid crushing the poor thing. However, when jumping, she had forgotten about her heels and upon colliding with the ground, her ankle flipped in a nasty angle. After crawling up again, she only smiled as she took off her shoes, showing no signs of pain despite straining her ankle.

    "U~seless." With some effort, she stood up, shoes in one hand, and looked around her. The cat had managed to get away while she was distracted and a soft sigh rolled over her lips as she noticed its disappearance.

    "No kitty-drink this time, eh?" She swiftly spun her head around as she heard footsteps approaching. Half-and-half expecting a hunter, the girl quickly took a few steps back, still ignoring the flaming pain that shot up through her leg. She wobbled slightly as she resumed her drunken-like behaviour. The blood she had left in her system rushed to her cheeks as she became aware of a familiar, delicious smell. Her heart would have pumped harder, if it wasn't as silent as the grave, and her eyes widened ever so slightly... Humans.

    "And the other one was drumming."
    Her lips turned up into a smirk, as she appraised the two young men that approached from the other end of the street. They were both tall, the first a blonde, the second brunette. They wobbled almost as badly as she did when walking, and the blonde was relying on his friend to keep from falling over. For the second time that evening, she licked her lips before they noticed her, waved and walked into her direction.
    "Then came along a hunter, hunter man."

    "Hey, hey, you, you missy. Would ya mind hang'n out with us fo'a while? Oh sure ya wouldn't. Name's Pete. Nigh's still yung, eh?", the blonde spoke -apparently named Pete-, grinning as he let go of his friend and stumbled towards her. She raised her nose ever so slightly and sniffed the air in a rather inhuman way. Besides the delicious smell of human blood, she now became aware of a few other smells. Tobacco, hair gel, curry, sweat, deodorant, perfume and alcohol. The typical smells of English youth during a night out. Pete's brown-haired friend was dragged along, but seemed not to mind at all as he grinned and winked at the woman his friend had addressed. She was certainly cute, with her large green eyes, her frail but certainly feminine posture and the red ribbon in her hair.

    The girl, still smiling, put a single finger to her lips and pondered for a few moments, seemingly considering his proposal. After a while she lifted one finger, almost touching Pete's lips with it.
    "Only one of you. The handsomest." She added with a grin, looking up at the two of them. Her accent told of continental origins, making them even more interested in the frail girl. Playing with humans before eating was rather entertaining, and moreover, she wouldn't be able to handle having to shut up and hide two humans, not even if they were this drunk. The small, annoying voice in her head told her to stop and run for it, but she swiftly shut it up and watched how the two would react to her statement.

    "Awwe, wouldn't it be betta if ya first interoduce yaself? Ialready told ya I'm Pete. 'S unfair if ya don tell us yous y'know!" Pete appeared to be pouting, but he was so far gone that his sentences were almost too bad to be understood. His brunette friend shook his head, still sober enough to pity his friend.

    "Well, I do think ya might just want to rethink tha, honey. Ya see, Pete here's too drunk to be any fun. I on the other hand, Thomas' the name, I'll be sure to entertain ya." With all of the bravo that drunk people are known for, Thomas first shoved Pete out of the way and then courteously offered the girl an arm. Pete however, didn't feel like being shoved and thus he shoved Thomas out of the way in return.

    "Hey, Thomas, ya'asshole. Whaya doin me now ma'e?! Out togetha, home togetha, righ? Don just go an hit on 'er an leave ya buddy behin-!" Not appreciating being shoved either, Thomas' face darkened and he quickly responded by raising his arm.

    "And he has shot the first one."
    The girl didn't wait for Thomas' fist to find Pete's cheek and instead, she turned around and started walking down the street. Somehow, she was now able to walk without as much pain as before. She had just remembered that the small voice had complained about going downtown. There might just be some poor forgotten soul she could feed off, or she could gather some squirrels or pigeons from the park. It wouldn't be as good as human blood, but she had lost interest in Thomas and Pete and the voice would complain if she would kill. Drinking the nasty blood would surely shut it up. Or at least for a while.

    "And the other, who one's thinking of."

    With a happy grin on her face, she continued her journey to the park in the city's centre, speeding up her pace as she entered a more populous area. She made sure to stay on the most crowded streets, her experience had taught her that the alleyways were often places where hunters lurked. Hunters that sought to end her life, and that of her kind. The small voice complained that what they shared right now wasn't 'life' to begin with, but she ignored it. After entering the park, she crawled up a tree as soon as she was sure nobody had spotted her. Sitting silently on a branch, the girl finished her song with a smirk on her face.

    "The other one died of sorrow."
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