Rulers of Night

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    The sun was beginning to set, bathing the large city of Norland in a warm golden light, bouncing off the large windows of tall skyscrapers and making the water of the river flowing through the city, out into the ocean sparkle as though a million stars had fallen and settled upon the surface. While some might consider this a beautiful view, all others could see were the shadows growling longer with the
    sinking of the sun. Lurking in these shadows, only a very few knew, were creators not of human kind.

    Will was one of them. Small and frail looking, what appeared to be a teenage boy was squatting in the corner of an alleyway. His eyes were a deep ruby red, wide and crazed. Scattered around his feet were the carcasses of four reds and and a cat, horribly disfigured and looking as though some beast had torn them apart. This could very much have been the case, seeing as Will’s fangs were dug deep into the wing of a dove, tearing at it wildly while clutching it’s body between his hands. The wing came off, blood gushed out, adding to the red stains already around his mouth and on his clothes. Spitting out the wing, he proceeded to sinking his sharp teeth into he raw flesh, blood continuing to pour down his chin and terribly scarred neck.

    A sudden noise from further down the alley way a moment later made him freeze up, the crazed look instantly replaced by utter fear. Someone was there, he could sense it. Now, he could see it- the dark shape of a human shape illuminated by the sun’s last rays. It was advancing, coming closer. The ghoul’s heart started beating rapidly, his eyes fixed on the human shape. He was in the shadows. Maybe they wouldn’t notice. Will sniffed. A human, it was a human. The sharp burning in his throat reminded him of that the rats, cat and bird had done next to nothing in order to quench the thirst. He could practically see the blood pulsing through the human approaching him, yet he kept himself tightly pressed against the wall. Burning. Pain. Hunger. Blood. Those were the only thoughts passing through his animalistic mind as he waited for the right moment to pounce.

    Everything happened too quickly for the ghoul to comprehend. Something metallic glinted in the sunlight. The next moment will could feel a surging pain in his left leg. He had by reflex tried to dodge, but the bullet had still hit. Intense pain spread from his side, a sharp gasp of agony rolling from his lips. The silver was burning him, causing the faint smell of seared flesh to ooze out from the wound. Without thinking, Will flung the dead bird into the vampire investigators face, momentarily catching him off guard. That split second was the only thing Will needed to gather his strength, in spite of the agony, and scramble off.

    Will ran for quite some time, clutching his wounded side which was bleeding heavily by then. Normally, it would have already been healed by then. Since the bullet had been made out of silver, however, the healing process would take a lot longer, and it was rapidly draining his strength. Knowing that the vampire hunter couldn’t be far behind, Will dived into a more crowded street, hoping to be able to hide between the masses. In this state of fear and panic, his need to get away won over his bloodlust- at least for the moment. Still capable of enough thought to understand that the investigator wouldn’t shoot in such a crowded area, he knew this distraction wouldn’t do in the long run. He needed to find somewhere to hide, and that quickly. Imagining that the hunter was right behind him, pointing that fretful gun at the back of his head, the ghoul forced himself through the masses of people, trying to avoid bumping into anyone. His strides were getting slower, the silver seeping his remaining strength right out of him. He gritted his teeth, glancing around frantically for someplace to hide- anywhere would do really.

    That was when something glimmering caught his attention. A cross. He didn’t think much about it, but started heading in the direction of it- feeling spurred on by the new goal in mind. No matter how much it hurt, he’d make it to that cross. He’d make it, no matter what.

    Eventually the injured ghoul found himself in front of a church, the sun at this point completely vanished behind the horizon. It was large and grand, but Will didn’t pay much attention, simply pushing open the wooden doors as he dragged himself inside. Had the investigator lost track of him? He couldn’t be sure. For then the church as far as he could see seemed to be empty, but that didn’t mean no one would enter anytime soon. Falling to his knees, his chest heaved and fell rapidly as he gasped for breath. He was hurting and exhausted, and his throat was burning worse then ever. Will knew that if he didn’t move soon, someone was bound to find him… and yet every move he made was exceedingly painful. J-just a little longer… yet no matter how much he tried to encourage himself, he just couldn’t. Even if he tried to run, Will knew he wouldn’t get far. He glanced around, eyes wide as he looked for something sharp. He needed something sharp to get the bloody bullet out.

    Yet Will only got so far, the world beginning to swirl around him as his vision swam. There was no time for carving out the bullet. He needed to hide before he fainted. Gritting his teeth, Will started dragging himself across the floor, leaving a small trail of blood. He squeezed himself under one of the benches, letting the black space swallow him up. He shut his eyes, and let his mind drift away, into that blissful darkness.
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  2. Carefully polished peach coloured nails skimmed over a wooden desk and then came to rest atop it for a moment before self-consciously tugging down the hem of a pinstriped skirt. Standing in the middle of one of the main offices for hunters waiting to meet her instructor Hana felt more than a little awkward. Were the black frames on her glasses too clunky? She didn't know what she'd do if she had to switch to contacts for her work. The thought frightened her slightly and she worried that she'd somehow be less grounded without the familiar weight resting against the bridge of her nose. Perhaps she also looked too childish with her hair tied back in such a messy bun? But wearing it loose or in pigtails would be even worse...

    Hana shut her eyes, took a deep breath, and then sighed before opening them again. A member of the fearless Morita clan had no reason to be so jittery over such a simple thing like their first proper day of work, but...she just couldn't help it. Glancing to the side she noticed her reflection in a window and frantically tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear. Making a good first impression was key. She didn't want her instructor, whoever they may be, to think she was sloppy nor that she was just some stuck up brat who had come riding in on her family's coat tails with no intention of working hard. The former...may have been true, but never concerning her work, and the latter most certainly was not!

    Curious, her eyes strayed to the desk beside her as Hana began to wonder what sort of person her instructor was. Hmm...letters, be expected I suppose, and those aren't any of my business. Ah! How cute! Hana smiled as her eyes rested upon the porcelain kitten tucked into one corner of the desk. Her hopefulness only increased as she saw the music book resting next to what appeared to be an anthology of ghoul behaviours. Maybe we'll have things to talk about after all. The final thing that caught her notice on the desk was a necklace with a small silver cross pendant. Tilting her head she stepped forward to take a closer look and then changed her mind. It looked pretty...and she did wonder what it was doing on what was otherwise such a clean and professional desk -minus the porcelain kitten- but she was sure her instructor would have their own reasons that were no concern of hers.

    Blinking, Hana realised that she now felt far more relaxed after her brief assessment of the items on the desk. Perhaps it was because she now had an idea of what her instructor was like? Someone who liked music and porcelain kittens couldn't be that terrifying, surely. "I-I'm gonna be the best apprentice you've ever had, just you wait and see!" Hana declared to herself, somewhat louder than she was meaning to be.
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  3. Ari Daeson
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    Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

    A slim dark figure drifted down the street with an eerie air about him. His shaggy obsidian hair swayed with each step, his crimson eyes peered with a mysterious glee, covering his flawless pale skin was a baggy black V-neck long sleeved shirt which exposed the red and black stripped straps of a sleeveless undershirt that matched baggy pants with the legs tucked into knee high black combat boots. His lips formed a small mischievous smile and he held his hands behind his back close to his black and red twin pistols and a loose finger lightly tapped one of the holsters. Around his neck laid black headphone with little skulls where 'Nightmare' by Avenged Sevenfold could faintly be heard from, his steps matching the beat.

    Ari caught a scent nearly a mile away, it was the smell a bloodsucker feasting. The closer he got the stronger the smell was, it sickened him. By no means did the hunter rush, rarely did he ever. After passing the alley where the smell was the strongest he backed up and turned towards the crouched silhouette in the far corner. He sneered at the pathetic creature surrounded by small mutilated animals. He started forward and saw the ghouls features go from deranged to terrified, making the hunter let out a half laugh. He soon found that the song playing in his headphones was fitting.

    "Disgusting." He muttered quietly. He grasped the handle of one of the pistols and steadily lifted it towards the creature as he slowly continued forward. He aimed it at the ghoul's leg and fired. Usually he used his custom bullets, but today he was feeling extra spiteful and so he went with the plain silver bullets. Just when he was about to pull the trigger once again the nearly drained dove was thrown at his face. He stumbled back in surprise as he threw the corpse against one of the alley walls and rubbed blood from his eyes. He let out a growl as he finally opened his eyes and found the ghoul running.

    He turned, grabbing his other gun, and took off after him. He started to catch up, however that didn't matter anymore when the beast ducked into a more populated area.
    "Dammit!" Ari cursed, knowing that he couldn't shoot it with all the people around. He tried to follow but the crowds made this no easy task, he soon lost it. "Fucking hell!" He shouted as finally gave up his search. He sulked as he put the guns back in their holders under his shirt, crossed his arms infront of him and trudged his way through the crowd.‏ Today was seriously not his day. First thing in the morning he finds out that his shipments are taking longer than usual when he has a deadline, then finds out that one of his members was beaten nearly to death so Ari himself is going to have to pay for his hospital bill and set his attackers straight, and now he let scum escape. It was going to be a long day.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    | The Enigma Bar - The Lounge |

    Wild chatter and the continued thumping of speakers was clouding the mind of many inhabitants of the Enigma, some were off dancing in the other room where it was seemingly more like a night club while others were seated within what they called the lounge. It was significantly smaller than the hall used for the currently dancing crowd, however it was just as lively. It was clearly made to create such a dark atmosphere as the entire room was full of black furniture, from the tables to the chairs and even the bar, things were mostly black. The walls were a creamy white, clad in gold paint that traveled in elegant and elaborate swirls and curls as they created a pattern upon each pillar. The only light came from the large spheres that hung from the reddish brown ceiling, illuminating the dark room in a luminous glow of orange as the lamps placed around in each corner helped bathe the room in that fiery colour. Many people in this part of Enigma were quietly chatting to one another, hanging around the painting or seated where they were considerably quieter than the other half of the club was. It was a seemingly normal night considering all this, except at this very night the owner was present within her usual lounging spot.

    To the corner of the lounge stood a small booth like spot where a corner sofa was neatly placed, the edge fitting into space as it stood in the shape of a 'c'. It faced out to the people currently spending their night within this establishment, watching over them all most. Currently within that space was a single form. It was not as if others could not sit there, most just never attempted to when the current occupant was present. Reika. The pure blood and owner of the club was staring passively at the mass, her lips painted with the vermilion colour as they curled into a brief smile at the others, fingers twitching slightly as they were placed upon the back of the seat, painting nails strumming a soft pattern of taps. She found herself entirely enticed by each person that either subtly swayed to the raging music in the Hall or even those who leaned against the bar as they ordered another drink. She knew a large quantity of these patrons were vampires, like her, and she knew a rare few were humans who wandered into this enemy territory. "Foolish." The gentle words dripped from ruby red lips as they upturned once more to reveal ivory tips, golden eyes dancing with the orange glow. "They don't even know..." Yet it was not as if the vampires could reveal themselves and so humans were so stupidly finding themselves among a pack of wolves.

    Reika leaned back further till her neck was bared, head lulling back as pink hair spilled in waves around her. The hair itself was obviously waist length, however currently it was pulled up by what seemed like a thread of black thorns that poked out from the tied back hair. A set of black rose like flowers were clipped in within the pulled back strands to match what seemed like a theme of the thorn covered plants. Adorning a kimono like outfit, a very revealing one, the black material wrapped around her form with trimmings of white. The yellow obi type part was wrapped loosely around her mid section but it made the fact she revealed a large amount of skin bare. From her torso to her legs, Reika found herself always revealing the inky black tattoos bare for the world to see. Fingers reached up, pressing against the skin of her shoulders as she traced the rose drawn upon pale flesh there, smiling softly, fondly almost as she did. Often she wondered if Tatsuo-nii would find how she currently dressed odd, since it was after his absence she fell into the strangely weird habit of dressing in these types of outfits. Then again, she didn't know when he would return.

    Heaving a deep sigh, her fingers left the tattoo to reach over to the table perched between the two ends of the sofa, curling around the glass neck as she brought a elegant crystal glass to her lips, swaying the red liquid inside. Gently it would settle upon the bright red surface of her lips as she tipped it back, letting the red cascade down her throat before being finally consumed. It would have been blood but there was far to many humans here that she wasn't going to run the risk so wine was a easy swap. Reika even considered ordering something like vodka, this being her occasional rare night out after all. Placing her empty glass upon the black table, Reika turned her gaze towards the bar staff, her head tilted. No longer did she do the hiring, not after the loss of Samuel. Noting that the manager had once again hired humans, of course they were not the ones serving the vampire customers, she felt the usual constricting pain within her torso, the pain causing her to huff tiredly. She wanted so much to be free of this guilt...but how could she? Samuel had been killed twice by hunters, both as a human and ghoul and both times was her fault. Could she run and pretend it didn't happen? Since the actual events, Reika had not even dared to speak about the scarring moment, not even to Tatsuo.

    A tongue slid against the ruby surface as it delicately removed any traces of the previous glass of wine, swallowing it as she forced her smile back onto her lips as fingers placed upon her lap as she began to let her eyes wander once more. "Maybe I should return home...Coisette must be lonely" Sure, Reika was asked to take care of Coisette but the girl had become a constant in her life she was quite fond of. Her chest heaved as her lips seemed to push out to form a pout, her fingers wrapped around the hem of her the kimono's end. She wanted another drink but she found herself to tired to actually move. Keeping herself locked up in the manor didn't help her enthusiasm to be active. Curling her fingers from the material to a loose strand of pink hair as she turned her gaze back to the bar, once again finding herself studying the new human bar staff.

    "From now on I will start doing the hiring again..."

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  5. Ash played around with his drink as he glanced outside the window of the coffee shop. He had ordered coffee with milk and sugar, something that he was sure that he would of been made fun of if he was with someone. He took a sip and glanced at the clock. He had a few hours before he had to start investigating the newest story that had been taken this afternoon and he knew that if he went to early there would be nothing to see. However, if he went too late he could miss it completely. He swirled his coffee with a spoon and glanced around. It seemed like the coffee shop was in one of its rushes and so there were a lot of people milling about. He had seen the waitresses look of gratitude when all he had asked for was coffee. He took a sip of the coffee, he could see several people on dates or families together. He grimaced to himself and looked back out the window.

    He glanced at his phone, he assumed that he was to go about as normal and that if anything changed he would be told, or at least he hoped that was the case. He finished off his coffee and stood up. This place was becoming too crowded for his liking and he figured he could find out more if he was actually outside. He left a tip and put on his coat before going outside. The air hit him as soon as he walked out of the warm shop. He zipped his coat up and started walking down the street. He lit a cigarette and took a deep intake before letting it out slowly.

    He kept walking until he picked up the scent of blood...and the scent of a ghoul. He ran fingers through his hair, this wasn't his case and there was no reason to go looking for something that wasn't part of his job tonight. However, he couldn't just leave a ghoul out there, eating things. He took a deep breath, he was sure that someone else would take care of it. There had to be someone else on that case, and he would stick to the other one. He kept his head down and walked forward, not even thinking about it. Or at least, trying not too. He felt his gun on his side and squeezed it softly.

    He moved into a crowd of people and glanced up. He was trying to decide whether or not he should head back, the other subject shouldn't become active until later, so he had time to kill. He turned around, ignoring all the cursing of the people around him and headed back to where he had picked up the scent. He walked towards the ally and saw a gruesome scene of doves and a cat. He glanced around and saw that this ghoul had been chased away, there were things knocked over and the one dove had not been completely finished. He looked around before heading to the right, figuring that the ghoul wouldn't of headed towards the mass of people.
  6. Sonna sighed, as she was returning form the woods outside the city carrying several coolers full of blood in a wagon. She'd spent most of the weekend in a cave draining blood from a bear and her cubs as well as any other animal who used the cave as shelter from the cold. She'd set a fire with moist twigs and grass as well as tossing a bunch of herbs to cover the sent of smoke and blood at the entrance of the cave attracting other animals as well. She was here to collect blood not attract others and get her self-killed for it. The bear hadn't even notice her as she fired the tranq in to her and her cubs. Asleep and safe she had with her needles and empty containers. Filling box after box of blood making sure she only took enough that the bear and her cubs would still be alive but sleepy and a little dizzy after she was gone. She'd put out the fire and washed everything she used before she packed up and headed back to her home.

    She'd stuck to ally ways and dark streets to avoid being seen by humans and other vampires who would question her about her coolers and make her very grouchy, after all she'd been surrounded by blood for two whole days on end and she couldn’t even take a sip for her self! Or rather, she refused to drink what she collected knowing that she could feed later on in the night. While the ones she world feed as soon as she got home, needed it much more then her on any given day of the week. Her red hair hidden by a dark green scarf and her bright blue eyes covered by sunglasses as she moved along silently. She had to cover her nose every now and then because she could smell rotting flesh and moved a little quicker to get home. She decided to take the short cut tonight just because she was getting tired of her normal route. She headed towards the church where there was a secluded pathway from the church to the graveyard. Along the way, she'd need to move a few things and carry her wagon over fences. but better then the long route that took her half way around the city.

    "what's this?" she thought as she smelt something strange in the air as she approached the church, she debated on weather she'd go in to the church or not to find out. She sighed and walked to the back door of the church and snuck in taking her cargo with her. Leaving it at the altar, she looked down the walkway to see the front doors wide open and a trail of blood. She raced to the doors and shut them before looking at the trail of blood on the ground that lead to a bench as she could see the outline of someone under it bleeding. The sent of silver caught her nose and she winced at it’s abrasive sent.

    "a hunter must have got him" she thought looking at the figure and taking her scarf and sunglasses off and putting them in her coat pocket before she went to her wagon and pulled out some alcohol and a rag to clean up the mess off blood. If humans found this in the morning then there'd be trouble for everyone. She willed the alcohol to rise from the bottle and surround the blood before mixing it, that way she'd only need to wipe it up and wring it out in the ally way were it wont be found. She carefully moved the bench aside so she could see the one who'd hidden under it. It was a boy; he was covered in blood and his leg still bleeding from the gunshot wound.

    "Why must hunters do this?" she said softly she knew the blood in him was animal and not human so hunters shouldn't have gone after the poor boy. She sighed again before she went to get a few boxes of blood from the cooler and her first aid kit. She'd need to take the bullet out of him first but there was no way in hell was she touching it.
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  7. There were people milling about in a slower pace than usual. Astrid let out a noise of annoyance as she kept getting shoved and as her feet were always being stepped on. Finally having enough, she started shoving people out of the way, not caring if they cursed at her or shoved her back. Astrid let out a breath of relief as she was finally free from the compressed group of people, running a hand through her midnight black hair with a sigh. "Humans..." she spat quietly in disgust, narrowing her eyes into a glare as she kept walking forward.

    Turning a corner into an alleyway, Astrid wasn't affected by it's sudden temperature change and dark shadows. In fact, it calmed her from her growing aggravation by the past event with the people. While she was walking, Astrid's dark gray eyes scanned the mildewed alley with slight confusion as the smell of silver and blood aroused around her. She furrowed her brow and quickened her pace, keeping a cautious hand on her pistol. Based on the smell, Astrid could immediately place it as a hunter of some kind. She turned a corner, her combat boots creating an echo that bounced off of the walls. "What-" she started, but stopped herself when she saw the sight before her. Small animals were scattered across the concrete ground, lifeless, eyes dull and gray.

    From past experiences, the only thing that Astrid could think of that would kill all of the animals, was a ghoul. With a sigh, Astrid turned on her heel and strode out of the alleyway, her long black jacket blowing in the wind. "Not my problem, it's probably already taken care of." she said, putting her hands in her pants pockets. They were black leather pants that tucked into her commonly used combat boots. Astrid also wore a black T-shirt that came over the pants with 'headstrong' written in white letters across the front. On top of that, an over-sized black jacket wrapped around her body, keeping the cold away. Of course, it was all black because she needed to hide in the shadows, come she needed to stay in the shadows to listen for any news about vampires. Astrid wasn't fond of her job since it was required for her to run around after vampires and try killing them. She didn't understand why humans would want to kill off the beings because they didn't like how they drank blood to live.

    Astrid gave a humorless breath under her breath. "It's like saying cows would kill us off because we eat them." she said softly, keeping her eyes ahead, ignoring all of the people passing her by. She had no tolerance or patience for other humans, despite being one herself. "Such an ignorant species. Why do I have to be one?" Astrid thought bitterly, shoving her hands deeper into her pockets, her eyes simmering slightly at the memories from her past. Setting her jaw, Astrid looked among the busy streets and cracked pavement, the walls worn with age, teenagers shoving people out of the way as they skateboarded by. Astrid shook her head, her hair moving as she did so, and continued walking, hoping to get away from all of the people around her. She was tired of seeing so many insignificant people in one day.
  8. SHI JU

    It was late, almost getting dark already, this was Ju's favorite time of the day because of one only reason; vampires and ghouls go out in this time of the day. As the hours passed, Ju was still in his office in the Vampire Investigator Center; it was a small corner of the floor, but he didn't cared about it, he was just setting everything for his major activity...."The Hunt", that's how he call that time of the day when he goes out and let "his demons" take control, this happens almost every night, sometimes he is a loudly killing machine or a silent predator waiting peacefully for his prey to make a wrong move; he isn't one of those Investigators that you can send to clean some vampire's muss, and his captain knew about it, he is one of those, those that enjoy his primal work, and it's good doing it.

    Ju is a gun maniac/lover, in his arsenal he has two revolvers .47 and two pistols .9, a shotgun .12, a semi-automatic sniper rifle .50, a .23 modified assault rifle and even a bow with 30 silver arrows. He uses his own bullets which are made with an alley of silver, phosphorus and sulfur, these bullets are lighter than a full silver one, for this reason they can travel faster and longer distances, but they won't hit as hard as a full silver bullet.

    It was already time, the sun has completely set on the horizon, Ju took his revolvers and his sniper rifle, without saying a word, he went out of the building and started walking, looking for the nasty smell of the ghouls when they are eating. After like three kilometers of walking, Ju got an essence, he quickly took out one of his revolvers and his sniper rifle, decided to end with the creature and start filling his inner hunger that asked him for more.

    "Kyhaha...Kyhahahahaha" he laughed, he found the ghoul next to a young lady's body, for sure no more than 25 years, poor girl; the ghoul noticed Ju's presence before he could entirely pull the trigger, then the ghoul proceeded to attack Ju with a over human speed, he knew what Ju was going to do and letting him wasn't part of his plans. Ju turned his neck and produced a hard "crack" sound right before the ghoul charged against him, "Bukijutsu technique 1: Counter Rifle", he thought as the ghoul was almost ripping his head when he made a fast move to the left and hit the ghoul with his knee right in the chest, before the ghoul could stand again, Ju's rifle was already in front of his head, with one eye covered by his other hand, Ju furiously pulled the trigger, making a hole with the size of a tangerine in the ghoul's head.

    "Khuhuhu, no match", Ju said as he took two bags out of his holdall, he entered both bodies each in a different bag and proceeded to take them to the Vampire Investigator Building.
  9. Leena and Luke

    Luke,.. .. Luke, Luke, Luke!! The blue haired 'man' bloomed, smiling haphazardly midway through the final set. The chants, sounds, and music were all deafening, such as the lights were blinding. But Leena' adored every single minute of it. She adored every single fan she had, every single chance she had to be up on stage and preform for people. But there was just one problem about loving her life, her stage-life, wasn't really "hers"; after all, up there, in front of millions of screaming, adoring fans, Leena' wasn't "Leena", but an entirely different personality, draped in a blue appearance of sultry charm and rooted vocals. Up there...Leena was Luke Cross, international pop-star; something people couldn't seem to get enough of.

    A couple strobe lights blared out of place, illuminating the crowd before 'him', revealing all types of people, dressed in their own versions of "Luke Cross" cosplay, as well as less-avid fans, dressed the way they normally would on an average day. Foam fingers, glow sticks, and specialty rings lit' up the darkened audience, cascading across the darkness in different patterns, alerting the presence on-stage that 'he' still had a captive audience; as if the screeching and chanting wasn't affirmation enough. Luke brought his scrawny, feminine digits to the microphone, encasing the body of the audio-device into a cupped form so 'he' now had the ball head of the microphone as close to 'his' lips as 'he' could without encompassing the speaker fully into 'his' mouth; what a site that would be. Leena' mentally noted to write that one down for future use, however she was alright quite sure, if not 100% so, there were fanfictions out there using this idea/joke to some extent. This certainly frightened the singer slightly, but she had read worse about her alter-ego, teenage girls really did have nasty minds.

    'He' looked down into the audience once more, making note of the people he saw, all different, none the same. People, much like every other, but different at the same time. Leena' appreciated the fact that so many different types of humans appreciated her singing, her talent, it made her happy to know she could put the one thing she hadn't regretted in life to use in some way. As 'he' pulled away from the mic, reverberation echoing through the stadium, 'he' pulled his signature side-smile grin; one he knew drove many of the younger girls to become weak in the knees, then simply pulled away from the microphone, letting the techy' parts of 'his' crew deal with dimming the lights in the stadium to utter blackness, allowing Luke Cross, and any remnants of Leena's alter-ego, fade from the vision of each and every human that littered the floor and chairs before her, before backing into the darkness; a true vampire's home with the screams, cheers and chants of her loyal fans in the fading background.

    Leena rounded the corner to her dressing room at an abnormally fast pace, shooting a quick glace-smile combo at the camera's and fans before being ushered past the solid blue door by Lex, her personal body-guard and one of the only people Leena actually trusted with her secret; aside from a select few very close friends. The door shut quietly, a shock to Leena' seeing as Lex would normally have to slam it shut, forcing the hands, reporter microphones and camera's through the small gap that remained open for 'Luke' to slide into. 'He' made 'his' way to the far back section of the rather large dressing room, running a long arm up the side of 'his' face, up and under the blue wig that was currently on 'his' head. Expensive wig or not, wigs itched like there was no-tomorrow, and wearing one for 4 hours on end, under hot stage lights in a crowded arena, not fun. 'Luke' vaulted 'himself' up and onto the large egg-white love-seat, landing with a satisfying "plop" and finishing the droll combo with a 1...2...siggghhhhh.

    'Luke's' head was only allowed a mere moment of rest, neck supported by the back of the sofa before 'he' snapped back up at full attention, smiling towards Lex. Lex himself was a decent looking guy, and whether the creepy looks Leena' gave him as 'Luke' freaked him out, he would never say. Leena' considered Lex 'an older brother she never had' type of person, regardless of paying him to stick by her side at all times. Lex was tall, nearly 6'4", slender build, shaggy black hair, and a facial bone structure that really had Leena' wondering why she'd sworn off love so long ago, he was quite perfect; even his quirks were somewhat adorable; especially the one of always needing to toss his head in order to fix his hair. Ah- there it is. Leena' smiled, locking glances with Lex who had just finished shoving the last camera from the small opening in the door, and locking it tight. He didn't want to risk anyone figuring out Leena's secret, nor' did Leena'.

    Lex smiled in return, a signature side-smile, I wonder why Luke got that from? He turned his back to the blue haired singer, delving into the various bags placed on the 3 connected tables to the right of the room. "Just because I can't see it; Leena', doesn't mean I don't know you're looking at me..." this came out in a joking tone, one of obvious playfulness, only egging Leena' on. She laughed to herself, letting another long sigh roll past her lips, licking at the bottom muscle in hopes she could soon be sucking on something much more flavorful- perhaps strawberry? Leena' reached into the jeans she currently had on, still dressed as Luke, retrieving a shimmering red lollipop, muddled in a clearly opened wrapper. The sound of crinkling plastic echoed through the room, altering Lex she was now chewing on candy, no surprise there. Lex knew all of Leena's strengths, weaknesses, quirks, fears, and habits, even the ones he wish he didn't, the only thing Leena had yet to tell him, regardless of knowing the man for more than 8 years, was that she was in-fact, a vampire, and not a half-assed one either, no, a pure-blood vampire. Lex currently believed that Leena' was no older than 21...what a shocker it's going to be if she ever did decide to tell him.

    The thought had crossed the young girls mind many times. Should she tell Lex? Could he handle knowing there were other things roaming this earth aside from humans? And not just vampires either...ghouls...
    Leena' sighed. Her sigh rather engrossing of the large room, catching the tall mans attention. He looked her way, just a quick glance, a questioning expression on his face. Leena' looked away, the soft wavy blue hair following her sudden gesture. Quietly, she got up from the love-seat, making her way over to a large separate room, blocked off by a sheer white curtain, containing all of 'Luke Cross's' clothing. The character Leena' was currently portraying was known as Luke Cross, a rather charming and handsome young man, who always seemed to be damply layered in the colour blue, no matter what shade. Luke was short like Leena', which was someone of a bummer seeing as it was an easy give-away, being as short as Leena'; 5'6", but no one seemed to care or notice. 'Luke's' hair was always messy, thrown about in any which way fell nicely with the wigs, after all, if you've ever tried to style a wig, you understand why Leena' couldn't give less-a-fuck than what she already did about 'Luke's' hair. 'Luke's' dress style was casual with a little techno-flare thrown into the mix, mostly bright out-standing colours. Everything else was Leena' though. The large blue, doe' eyes, the soft facial features, the petite hands, and the jutted jaw line. All Leena'.

    She passed through the sheer curtain into the cut-off closet section and immediately began to tear off the heavy and baggy clothing that was currently encasing her body. This was Leena's favourite part of every night, no matter the venue. She adored cosplaying in general, but after the day was done, coming back home, or where-ever she found privacy to tear the outfit from her body, was a great relief. 'Luke's' wig simultaneously fell from her head and to the carpeted ground, coming to a stop besides' 'Luke's' shoes which were no now longer on Leena's feet. She looked to her left, through the curtain, making double sure Lex wasn't peaking; whoever had the genius idea of putting up such a sheer curtain, clearly didn't anticipate a dis-robing male/female pop-star and her body guard. That thought made Leena giggle, not taking into account Lex swung his head back to attention just as her's came to peer through the curtain. The strawberry 'pop' swiveled from one side of her mouth to the other, causing a rather wrinkly-weird feeling on the side it just left, she bit down, pulling the skin from that side of her cheek. In unison, she swiftly reached to the far left corner of the closet, grabbing for the dress she had discarded earlier, and slipping it over her petite figure. Once the dress was lane' carelessly over her body, she let her long coral coloured tresses fall past her shoulders, and chest, just neatly meeting at her hip bones in the back, and waist in the front. It was freeing to be Leena' once more.

    "Lex! is the car ready?" Leena came to a standstill on the temediary between the door frame where the sheer curtain hung, wrapping it around her arms and tugging on it like a child. She saw Lex with bags slung over his shoulders, a smirk lining his face; clearly he had been waiting.
    "Oh no, there's no rush at all, just take your time..." He glared Leena's way, she glared back, first to blink lost. Leena lost. She started to pout, Lex coming up to her side, quite a boisterous laugh echoing around the two. What a bastard. Leena hated to loose, just like a little child, and with that loss, came the classic "Leena' pout", one Lex was all to used too. With a smile on his face, and a scowl on hers, the two came to the back door of the dressing room, ironically also painted blue, as Lex swung it open, guiding Leena' out with a lick kick to her bum, like a father would his child, causing the pout to subside, and the small petite, pink haired female to jump recklessly into the open door of the stretch black limo, ready to head home.
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  10. Chirs stared down on to the tiny little screen of his PSVita. On the screen was a projection of a small figure with a sword in his hand, the sword sliced through one monster after another, but each time a monster died, a new one spawned. This was starting to frustrate Chris. The HP bar at the corner of the screen was running low, the character had no mana left and there seemed to be no way out of the dungeon. Chris let out a string of mumbled curses in French as the character took another hit. The HP bar went down faster and faster until it reached zero. Chris let out a shout of irritation and another string of curses as the screen irritably enough displayed GAME OVER in large letters.

    “Damn it,” Chris didn’t have the energy to start over again, so he turned the console off. He looked around the office and noticed that a few more people had showed up. It was Chris’ first day at work and he was still waiting for his instructor’s arrival. On the outside Chris wore his usual frown, but somewhere deep inside he was just a little excited. This was his first step to reach his goal.

    Chris shut his eyes. Images of corpses and blood flooded his mind. He could hear screams of terror, and feel panic well up inside him. He knew he wasn’t there anymore, but he couldn’t shake those memories. Those bastards where still alive. He hated those creatures. Vampires. Beasts who live of human blood, they are a threat to humankind. Chris knew that there where many more who had suffered like him and there were still many to come.

    The sad thing was that Chris didn’t care about the others who had been victims to vampires, nor did he care about those who would become. Chris simply lived for one reason and one reason alone, he craved revenge. And the first step to get said revenge and achieve his goal; was to become a Vampire Investigator.
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  11. "Where are you going? Don't leave me."

    Valorian started to walked out of the living room to leave when suddenly her mother crawled onto the floor, grabbed onto her legs and hugged them. Val, having good balance due to being used to this kind of stuff, was forced to stop. She looked down at the woman who was actually sober for once, yet still acting like the clingy mother she usually is.

    "Mom, stop this. Why?" Val wore a black tie over a short sleeved white button up shirt, a black mini skirt, knee-high white socks and black uwabaki slippers. This outfit, no matter how much she tries, makes her look like a highschooler but this was the kind of style we was comfortable in so she endured it as much as she could. She sighed as she struggled to get out of Diana's iron grip. Val leaned forward until her palms pressed flat against the ground, then pointed her toes as she rolled forward, slipping out of her mother's arms but loosing her shoes in the process.

    "Valley noooooo!" Diana kicked her legs in protest as Val grabbed her shoes and put them back on.

    "I have to go. Why are you even here this late?"

    "Can't a mother visit her child every once in a while? I'm so unloved." She said in a childish voice, dropping her head to the ground, as she hadn't moved from her previous spot, and pouted. Val shook her head at the woman, knowing it was meant to be a guilt trip. "You are being ridiculous." She stood up and grabbed her camera and her small red plaid backpack purse.
    "You're so mean."

    "I have to go now, feel free to stay here if you want, I'll be back in a few hours." She said as she started again towards the door, but before she could make it the serious tone of her mother's voice stopped her. "You're not going out with a man are you?" Val looked back to see her mom's stern look. It's not like her mother was opposed to Val dating, but she didn't want her daughter to turn out like she did, prostituting herself out, getting smashed beyond belief, it was not only hurting herself but she realized years ago that it was also hurting Val, forcing her to grow up quickly and not being able to enjoy her childhood like most kids could. She deeply regretted this so she worries about Val constantly.

    "Nah, I'm just going to a bar. I've heard great things so I want to check it out."

    "Wh..." Diana started but was soon interrupted.

    "Don't worry, I'm going alone and I know the drill. Don't take free drinks from strangers, don't leave the bar with strangers, make sure I'm with in screaming range of people, blah blah blah, I can take care of myself." She chuckled. Diana looked sad for a moment, but it was soon hidden.

    "Don't gooooooo!"

    "Bye mom." Val said as she opened the front door

    "Bye sweety, stay safe and I love you!" Diana called as the door was shut and locked, then Val started walking to town where the bar was located.
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  12. Collab Post - Aka and Sin
    Reika and Val.

    After walking for a while Val finally made it to the bar. She looked up at the sign that read “The enigma Bar”, then walked in when she confirmed that it was the right place. So far she was impressed as she looked around; she loved the dark, mysterious atmosphere it had.

    There were people in the room, but it was surprisingly quiet unlike most bars she went to, then she noticed music coming from another room. “How interesting.” She whispered to herself, she thought that having a separate area for the loud people was genius.

    After examining the quiet area she started towards the bar.


    A pain rocketed through her chest as golden eyes found themselves snapping shut in annoyance, fingers trembling with an unseen swirl of emotions. Why? Reika was furiously trying to push down that dreaded guilt with wine but it seemed to only let her mind drift back to her loss. She couldn't understand why but she just placed the blame on the fact she was no where near as intoxicated as she currently wished to be.

    With at tired sigh, Reika found herself leaning back against the cushions of the sofa, her eyes opening as she stared blankly at the ceiling. It was becoming loud. A small shudder rippled through her spine as she found herself sitting up as one of the staff appeared, a new glass in hand. With a muttered thank you, Reika took the glass and instantly it was headed towards her lips, only ceased when Reika set her gaze upon a new comer.


    With a quiet clutter, the glass found itself upon the table as Reika had already gotten to her feet, heading towards the bar with quick strides. Eyes fell upon her but the vampire did not care, her focus remaining upon the human. As she found herself behind the female, she couldn't help but note how similar to Samuel this person was. It was a joke right? A cruel prank? Angered, her hand shot out to grasp the thin wrist of the girl, spinning around as she found herself pulling the girl along and into one of the back rooms, the office to be more precise.

    "You! What the hell are you!"

    Val almost made it to the bar when someone approached her from behind. She was about to turn around when suddenly her wrist was grabbed and she was dragged away. “What the…” She struggled under the grip of the pink-haired woman, but she couldn’t escape. The strength of this stranger was unreal. When she was released in an empty office she rubbed her wrist, a hand print was left on the surface.

    “What kind of question is that!?” Val was stunned at the woman’s actions, not only was she hauled around like a ragdoll, but she was also being yelled at, and her words made no sense whatsoever. One thing was certain though; Val was not going to take this. She may be small but she wasn’t one to let people run all over her.

    “First of all; I am not a ‘what’, I am a ‘who’! Second of all; a simple ‘Hey, I’m so and so, nice to meet you, who might you be’ would suffice. I would be more than happy to introduce myself, but did you really have to drag me to this room? Seriously what’s your problem?” She ranted, then sighed calming herself down. “I am Valorian N. Lynne, and I’m not too fond of being yelled at by strangers so if you’ll excuse me…” She began to turn to leave the room.


    Reika seemed only to snap at that, her lips twisting into an irritated scowl as she felt the girls arm leave her grip, her ivory teeth momentarily sneaking past red lips as she seemed to narrow her gaze further. "Shut up!" She exclaimed, throwing her arms up as she stormed over to the door, a hand slamming upon the wooden surface with a rather loud thud as she turned golden eyes upon her, livid in the dim lights of the room.

    "Listen to me brat." She hissed, leaning forwards till gold came close to red, lips pulled back in a snarl as she was trying so very hard not to try and rip the girls throat out. Painfully. "I dont care who came up with this idea...but how dare you imitate Samuel..." Her tone was a bare whisper, dragging slowly from her lips as her eyes studied her carefully. A lot of her features only made Reika shudder in thought as the image of her previous ghoul came to mind. "Is it not considered disrespectful to imitate and mock the dead girl?"

    Leaning back against the door, Reika kept her expression dulled from the usual smile, lips twisted into a scowl of all things. For years she had not shown such a dark expression, yet all it took was one girl to twist her false smiles into a dreaded glare. "You must be really stupid...To enter my club looking like Samuel..Your resemblance to him is unnatural!" Reika found herself uncaring of the rules, she wanted to kill this child and end it all, get rid of anything that made her think of Samuel.

    Valorian flinched a little at the sudden blurt from the woman’s lips. When she appeared past her and slammed the door Val stepped back. She wasn’t quite sure how to react. Her mother warned her about these kinds of things, in these situations it either meant rape or being beaten to death. She never thought things like that would actually happen to her. She had always stayed out of trouble as much as she could, and she wasn’t one to get on someone’s bad side, so what did she do?

    Then she sort of found out what this was all about, though it didn’t make it less confusing. “Samuel?” She said as she tried to figure out what she was talking about. The look on this woman’s face was terrifying, was she really getting this angry over the way Val looked? Surely this woman didn’t blame her for such uncontrollable things, right? The girl was actually scared of what might happen to her, and she wasn’t one to frighten easily, but the look on the strangers said she was ready to kill. Val was extremely good at reading people so she knew how real this was. She knew she had to set things straight or else she would wind up dead, dumped in an alley.

    “Look, I have no idea what you’re talking about but I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. If it’s about the way I look, I can’t help that, genetics and all. I don’t want any trouble…” She realized how pathetic she sounded and stood tall… well as tall as she could. “But I’m not scared,” Liar. She told herself. “And I won’t go down without a fight!”


    Her lips twisted and curled to a frown as she kept a critical gaze upon her. Even Reika know she was quick to act and quick to anger upon anything related to Samuel but this was uncanny! Her fingers unfurled and relaxed as she cocked a head to the side, deciding to ignore her anger for a brief moment to study her features more closely. It was only for a few seconds, but golden eyes seemed to look closely at her before shutting, a deep sigh causing her chest to puff out.


    Reika listened to her carefully before a soft grin came to her lips, causing the vampire to step forwards with a light smile. It was so clear she was terrified. From the thudding of her heart to the posture she so rigidly held. She reached over, fingers ghosting against her head for a moment before she ruffled her hair, suddenly smiling brightly. From her eyes one would tell how the anger still lurked inside, yet it had become caught and restrained. "I apologize Hun. You honestly do remind me of an old friend..." She repeated before standing up properly.

    "Just calm down, there is no need to fight. Tell me, what are you doing at my look very young..."

    Val tensed when a hand gently touched her skin then ruffled her hair. She backed away in response, she didn’t trust her but she saw that the woman had calmed down a little so she no longer feared for her life. She was definitely odd though; she went from furious to seemingly cheerful within a few seconds.

    She sighed at the comment on her age as he opened her purse, still keeping an eye on the owner as she grabbed her wallet and pulled out her ID.
    “I came here because I was told that this place was worth checking out. If I liked it I was planning on putting in an application because I recently quit my other job. I turned 21 in early August.” She explained handing the card to her. She was seriously considering against this idea though, the psycho would have killed her! She could see it!

    “You never told me your name.” She huffed.


    Reika stared at the girl as she took the card from the girl, holding the plastic between painted nails as she brought it closer to her. Slowly, a finger traced the edges as her gaze flickered across the printing before back to her and finally back to the card. Seeing no indication this was fake, Reika passed it back to her with a small smile tracing her lips. "I see...I guess you are the correct age. Forgive me Hun." She cooed, standing properly as she folded her arms under her torso, shifting slightly. "I simply thought you were younger...a lot younger."

    Listening to her request or statement, whatever she wanted to call it, Reika seemed to become still. This girl who bore resemblance to Samuel wanted to work in the same place as him? Turning upon her heels she grit her teeth angrily, fingers curling into the pale flesh of her wrist until small traces of blood fell from the cresent shaped wounds. It would heal and so Reika easily passed the dulling pain off. "I understand. Well, screw the application because I honestly find reading them a bore, you can have the job." She stated with a hand running through the pinned back locks, her gaze sliding back to the girl. "You can just tell the Manager I said so and if he complains then he can talk to me." Luckily, she trusted the manager to avoid giving Val any tasks that would involve her with the vampire community.

    Val brought up the valid point that Reika had yet to give her name. Blinking, lips parted to form a small 'o', she turned back to face the childish looking girl before she dipped her head, smiling against. "Sorry! I was so caught up that I didn't notice." She told her, waving her hands softly before she looked around the office. Stupid manager had changed her office. "I'm Reika Kurohime, The owner of this Bar." With that she waved her hand dismissively, yawning softly as she turned around. "You can start whenever... I need a drink so I shall go." Not even with a goodbye, Reika had spun around and exited the room, already walking to the seats where she slumped down with a annoyed groan.

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  13. It took Ju forty five minutes to arrive the Vampire Investigator Building carrying both bodies, he doesn't have any kind of vehicle so everything is on foot for him, when he arrived the building the first thing he did was leaving both bodies in the laboratory area, were most of the non humans corpses were taken to be investigated and burned, "Yo Ju, I see you have something for me", said the main researcher, it was a cheerful person who takes his job seriously, Ju only placed both bodies in their respective areas; ghoul corpses must go to the left freezer, vampired to the center one and humans to the right.

    Ju uses to bring at least three bodies per week, but, sometimes ghouls and vampires aren't that active so he must wait until some of the them make a wrong move. "Was this an easy one?", asked the researcher to Ju, he only took a penny from his pocket and thrown it toward the corpse, this is something that he does for mark the strength of the enemy, one penny means "Easy", as the amount of monetary value of the pennies raise, so do the enemy's power.

    "I charge you this", said Ju with a serious gaze before going back to his office in the main area of the facility.Ju is a serious person, silent most of the time, words rarely come out from his mouth, for this reason most of the Investigators had made a lot of weird rumors about him, but he doesn't really matter.He had already done his "hunt" of the day so it was time for him to come back home after doing the usual paperwork's notification of the night; after each Investigator ends with a ghoul/vampire it must do a notification specifying the ghoul/vampire age, situation, faction, etc.

    After thirty minutes, Ju finally ended the paperwork, without saying a word, he placed the file on the desk, took his robe and one of his revolvers, then headed towards the main door. None of the Investigators know the location of Ju's house, for this reason locating him was an impossible task, the only sure thing is that when you call him, he will come, doesn't matter the hour or place. Ju walked onto the pavement, then, the thing that makes his location unknown passed, he deviated from the path and entered to the woods. These wasn't some normal woods inside the city, if you made it walk enough you will go out of the city toward them, Ju's facility was a small wood cabin in these woods, in the deepest part close to an small lake. Maybe when you imagine Ju's facility you think about a place full of guns and skins, but this wasn't the case, Ju's cabin is a completely average home. A kitchen, a bathroom, a room, a hall, a dining room and a small library.
  14. "Homeward-bound, driver!" Leena' fell back into the soft leather seats, just as the momentum of the car pulling away from the deserted back-ally of the stadium; added to the forced fall. She giggled, smiling, still sucking on the quickly dissipating strawberry lollipop now in the cusp of her left cheek. She sighed, not like an exasperated sigh, but more of a relief for the end of the night; kind of sigh. She brought up two dainty fingers to her face, dragging them down her cheek and pulling away to see a thick crease of foundation embedded in the rings of her fingers. Dammit, she knew she forgot something. Whining silently, the relief of being free of 'Luke' for the night, gone in an instant.

    Lex silently looked over Leena's way, noticing the foundation covered fingers and the sudden slump in her posture. She could be such a child, even for a 21 year old woman. He smiled, placing a hand on her leg and patting down hard, earning a snide glance in his direction, followed by a cat-claw type slap at his shoulder. Leena' knew he was joking about her attitude, and it was true, she pouted about the most useless things. And just like magic, her mood once again shifted to a happy demeanor.

    Beep, beep, beep...
    Beep, beep, beep......

    Leena's distraction from gazing out the window was suddenly interrupted by a constant annoying buzz, it reminded her of her cellphone...wait a minute, it was her cellphone. She mentally smacked herself, before swiftly reaching a hand down the front of her dress, into her bra and retrieving the device.

    "This is Lenna.."

    She answered in a cheery tone, only to be met with an over-enthusiastic tone in return, muffled by a loud background of music and shouting people.

    "Leena, it's Jett! Girl, you have to check out this new club! It's quite the new hot-spot! Club Enigma! Come out!"

    Jett was a recent friend, only being in the young woman's life for about 5 months, but she already considered him a decent guy, and a good friend. She also knew that when Jett had found a new place, it wasn't a statement to be taken lightly. She looked over at Lex who had a questioning look on his face, clearly wondering who was on the phone with her. She looked back to the open area inside the limo, plain empty seats in front of the two.

    "A club? it absolutely packed?"

    In all honesty, Leena didn't want the night to end quite yet, and she didn't want to stop being least...not yet...if she could grasp the opportunity to have a little fun, then why the hell-not? The conversation continued for a good 2 minutes before Leena's face contorted in annoyance.

    "Alright Jett, fine, maybe I'll make an appearance."

    She snapped the phone closed, looked towards Lex, and smirked. "I thought you were tired?" He questioned; Leena's smirk faltered for a moment, before she replaced it with a vicious looking grin. "I was, but now I'm feeling...a little more energized!" She giggled, rolling down the window and spitting the clean lollipop stick out into the nighttime air. It was refreshing to have a breeze hit her face for once, since her escape from the stadium. "Driver! To Enigma!"
    The limo pulled up to the front of a rather classy looking building, dark lighting and a large line stretching from the front door almost all the way around to the back. "Dammit...we'll never get in with this type of line..." she looked rather depressed all of a sudden. Lex looked towards her, watching the fun drain from her facial features. "We?" He asked, rather surprised. "Yes, we Mister. You need to get out more and I'm not going in there alone..." Lex looked towards the petite female, seeing her crouch in on herself slowly...she really was different when she wasn't 'Luke'...he sighed, knowing no matter what he said if she found a way in, he was coming in behind her. "It's to bad we don't know anyone famous..." he stabbed in Leena's direction, sarcasm lacing his voice, and before he knew it, the girl beside him was tearing off her dress, shoes and accessories, replacing them for the blue ones laying haphazardly around the limo's seats; wig included. Lex took the gentleman's approach, shielding his eyes. When he looked back, Leenalee Laparox was no longer sitting beside him, nope, it was Luke Cross. He mentally noted he'd never get used to that.

    "Alright...let's go." Leena flung the limo door open, quickly leaving word to the driver to park somewhere out-back, as she would find him later. Lex sighed, following his young employer out the door, and to the packed entrance of Enigma. Instantly, the chatty' crowd was full of yelling, screams, mostly of Luke's name. It was true, Leena really had built herself an adored personality that was known quite well. He smiled, slowly following behind the young 'man'. Luke came up to the door, facing the large man dressed in a black suit, oddly enough wearing sunglasses at night, only to be let-through with ease; Lex in tow. He followed the blue haired person in front of him, heading into a rather dimly lit room. It was quiet, not exactly the scene of a "hot-spot" as Leena had been told over the phone. The lighting was dark and moody, reflecting the emotions of most people in that certain section. Soon, Lex's ears picked up on the pounding sound of music, Leena having already noticed it. People were staring, and a lot of them too, looking at the blue haired pop star, amazed that he'd even make an appearance, seeing as his fans knew how much Luke enjoyed time to himself. It was definitely a site to see, but miracles did happen. Before Lex could even point the blue haired cross-dresser in the right direction, 'he' was already on his way, following his ears to the sound.

    Luke crossed the mellow floor, only to find his way into a completely sectioned off room, containing many more people, dancing and shaking, and even grinding. It excited Leena to see so many people having fun; after all, the night was still young. With Luke's signature smirk, and Leena's signature grin, plastered on the blue haired 'boys' face, he dove into the crowd, listening in on the hushed whispers of people in awe at 'his' appearance.
    Is that Luke Cross?
    Holy crap is that who I think is it?
    Honey, look! It's that Cross guy! Think I could snatch an audiograph?

    Lex stayed distant, keeping himself in the quieter section of the club, a place more suited to his style. He was Leena's body guard, but she knew as well as he that his scene, wasn't exactly bustling clubs, let alone dancing. He was quite awful at it. Leena on the other hand, had quite the talent. The last he saw of the blue-headed girl, was her pulling a blonde female into her arms with a twirl, earning a shocked look, before a slight freak-out that she was "dancing with Luke Cross".
    The slate haired male found himself edging slowly back to the bar, glancing at Leena occasionally. He sat silently, placing his hands on the smooth wood of the counter top. He paid no attention to the bartender coming up to him, before uttering softly "Wine.." and listening to the persons footsteps silently stalk away. His gaze lifted to his left, where a smallish' couch resided in the corner of the silent part of the bar, playing host to a single person. He glanced her direction, coming back to the bar to find a glass of wine sitting before him. He took the fragile stem in his hands, swishing the red liquid around, sipping from it and placing the glass back down. He looked back to the person on the couch once again, locking gazes with her for a mere moment, then looking towards Leena, checking to see if she was alright. The way she was dancing, it looked like it was going to be a long night. He smiled, turning his head back, rimming a single digit along the edge of the glass.
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  15. Figuring she had walked around long enough, Astrid started to make her way back to the Vampire Investigation building. She flicked the hair out of her eyes and turned the corner, keeping her head low. After a few moments of walking, Astrid was standing in front of two doors leading into the building. Giving a sigh, Astrid pulled the door open forcefully and strode in, avoiding the stares she received from the noise. She walked into the main boss' office and dropped a file onto his desk roughly before walking out since he wasn't there.

    Astrid felt the heat of the building seep through her coat and shrugged it off, holding it in her hand. With a sigh of relief, Astrid was relieved not to kill any vampires that day. If needed, she could kill vampires. Astrid just tried avoiding it as much as possible, since one of their kind had helped her long ago. She made her way to a water gallon and grabbed a paper cup, filling it to the brim. Downing it slowly, Astrid's dark gray eyes searched the room with slight interest. "Seems there's more people around today." she whispered, her breath hitting the cup. As she finished the water, Astrid threw the cup away and leaned against the wall, watching more people walk in.

    Of course, Astrid already knew that people would avoid her because of her dark demeanor, not that she cared. She gave a humorless laugh under her breath and drummed her finger on her pistol. The vampire investigators were chatting among themselves and Astrid kept looking at the different people. One, who obviously seemed crazy and blood-thirsty, had white hair and many guns. There was another one who seemed to have just walked in, he seemed open and had a PSVista, a crown of blonde hair on his head.

    Astrid sighed and pushed herself up from leaning on the wall and headed for the door to go back outside. Just as she put a hand on the handle, a voice called out behind her. Astrid growled slightly and slowly let go of the handle before turning around.

    "Miss Waye, do you think you are doing? Why did you put this on my desk? A fail to see why you would report an unfinished mission to me." the minister of vampire law was clear irritated, her blonde brows knitted into a deep frown. The relationship between the boss and Astrid wasn't a very good one.

    "It's getting late, and I don't feel too keen on killing him." she said, getting frustrated. She had been through this with the boss before.

    The minister's frown depend, her lips curling into a slight scowl as she gazed down at Astrid with cold blue eyes. "I don't care if it's late and you're 'not too keen on killing him'. Hunting vampires is your job, and if you can't stomach it you're free to leave the ministry. We can't effort having liabilities who can't do their job around." The minister's voice was flat and cold, coming at Astrid like iced spikes.

    Her hands clenched into fists, Astrid took a deep breath and opened her eyes, trying to speak as calmly as she could. "I said, I don't want to kill him." she said, her voice shaking slightly from the anger.

    Then the blonde woman leaned closer to the investigator, grasping hold of her shirt as she hissed, "If you think law breaking vampires would not hesitate to kill you just because you sympathize with them, you are badly misstaken, child. Vampires are not fluffy pets to be kept around for fun. The one's we are hunting are cold blooded murderers," the investigator let go of Astrid and turned her back on her before slamming down the files on the desk beside Astrid. "Finish your damn mission or I will have no choice but to dismiss you." saying no more, the minister stalked off, back into her office.

    The room had gone completely silent by then, all gazes trained on Astrid. Most investigators respected the boss, knowing she was not the kind of person to tolerate people who didn't do their work. However, it was rare to see her angry to her investigators. While she could be harsh and sometimes seem cold, she genuinely cared for her workers. Most who had been with the investigators for a long time, knew this. She could not stand, however, when someone babied the vampires.

    "You're terrible, absolutely terrible. Heartless creatures." Astrid growled, eyes narrowed in a deadly glare, a disgusted snarl plastered on her face. Turning on her heel, Astrid grabbed the files and yanked the door open, slamming it shut behind her as she strode off back into the alleyways. Her boots were stomping in a precise beat. Astrid was in one of her deadly moods once again. Glancing down at the file in her hands, she saw the picture of the vampire she was supposed to kill. Astrid made a sound of disgust then ripped it in half, crumbled it, and threw it on the ground. "When I say I'm not going to kill him, I mean it." she said to herself, slipping her jacket back on as the cool air bit into her skin. What the minister said rang in her head, and she couldn't shake it away. "A cold-blooded killer, huh?" she said softly, feeling the weight on her shoulders grow more and more.
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  16. The scent soon disappeared almost as quickly as it had come. Ash gave up looking around and headed back to the point where he had been told to go. He rounded the corner and kicked the dead things next to dumpsters, to make it so it just looked like a cat or other animal had gotten into it. He wiped his shoe off with one the napkins that he had taken from the diner and then threw it away. He wondered down the street towards the coordinates that he had been told to go too.

    Ash had found his target rather quickly, spotting it eating what looked like the remnants of what looked like some sort of bird. He ducked down behind one of the trashcans and took his gun out slowly and silently. He stood up quickly and shot the ghoul before it even had the chance to react. He walked over to the body, placing the gun out in front of him just in case the ghoul had any 'friends' nearby. He checked the body to make sure it was dead before pocketing his gun and picking up the body.

    He walked back to the investigation building, slowly, ducking behind corners and taking what would be the longer way to most people. He wanted to make sure he wasn't seen. He rounded the corner and went in the front door. Ash smiled polity to the receptionist and placed the body in the correct spot. "Was this an easy one Ash?" The receptionist asked. Ash shrugged "It was easy enough" He said shortly.

    Ash went to the water fountain and took a long sip. He was parched after having to carry a body all the way here. He crushed the cup and threw it away before wondering over to his computer that was in the same place as before. He sat down and started writing up his report of the kill, he wanted to get it down soon, so that he could sleep but also because if he waited too long the boss would be pissed. No one wants the boss pissed at them.
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  17. Another little collab with @Aka~Kitsune
    The Enigma Bar
    Valorian > Neal
    "Yeah... I get that a lot." She looked to the side miffed. Val took the card back and placed it back in her purse. When those words passed the woman's lips Val stared at her, mouth wide open and an astonished look on her face. "I uh..." Never has this happen before. Did she just effortlessly get a job? No way! There's got to be a catch somewhere. She was so caught up in disbelief that she almost didn't catch her name, Reika Kurohime.

    Soon she was left alone in the office.
    What was the catch? Well she did seem like she was going to murder me right then and there so that's one. But I didn't have to do anything to get the job, should I really turn it down? I can't afford to turn it down, bars pay well in tips if done right, and as much as I hate to say it, looking young gets me a lot of attention which is needed for good tips. It would be insane to turn this down, especially since this place is pretty popular. That's it! I'm doing it!

    After talking herself into it she stood up and started to walk out of the room but before she could someone walked in. He was looking down at some papers before he nearly ran into her. He peered down at her for a moment as large eyebrows furrowed, his fingers curling into the papers till they began to crinkle. "Hey...What the hell are you doing in this office. Its personnel only!" He asked, voice rough and low as he narrowed his gaze at her. "I really don't suggest trying to rob anything...the owner can be quite the handful when mad little miss..."

    “That’s an understatement…” Val mumbled to herself. “I actually just met her. She hired me.” Her tone had a hint of inquiry to it.

    The manager blinked before huffing, shaking his head slightly as he reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose, brown orbs staring at her for a moment before looking back to the papers. "Damn...Well, yeah...Reika can be quite odd but she is nice." He huffed, dropping the stack on the desk as he walked over to the leather seat, slumping down as he dropped his head into his hands. "Well, I can't exactly say no since Reika owns this place and so we don't need to conduct an interview...however I have to warn you of a few things." She watched the man and actually kind of felt sorry for him, he seemed like he had a lot on his plate. She looked at his lanyard and read 'Manager, Neal Warren'

    "Ok shoot."

    Nodding his head briefly, the manager heaved a deep sigh. "First, Make sure to avoid getting into any disagreements with the patrons. If it comes to that, inform me or Reika if she is here...some can be quite fiery." He raised his hand, spreading the five fingers as he ticked the first off. "Second, Do not serve anyone that the other bar staff recommend you avoid, some of our customers are quite touchy and we need to keep newbies like you away from them." Another was ticked off. "Next, If you get hurt, get back into this room as quick as you can to bandage it, we support our workers fully but we need people who are efficient when we have crowds like this." She saw a slight change in his features indicating that that was a lie, but she didn't call him on it, the last thing she wanted was to be fired before she even started due to talking back. But she was curious, though she would never break the rules unless necessary. "Do not go into the cellar, send one of the senior staff if there is a certain drink that you find has run out." Finally, the manager stood as he peered down at the much smaller girl. "Lastly, Never get to far involved with the customers. Keep it strictly professional, if any become to close warn me or any of the other staff."

    Val nodded at the rules knowing not to question them. "Got it. I won't disappoint."

    The manager nodded once again before picking up a pen as he began to scribble furiously upon the white sheets, gazing back up at her for a second before he passed her a sheet from the draw. "This is what you need to sign." He told her, putting the signed sheets aside as he awaited for her to sign the paper. "Did she tell you when you can start?"

    "She said I could start whenever, so I was hoping to start today." She replied as she took the pen and signed her name on the line, then handed it back.

    Shoving the sheet into a folder he began to rummage in the next draw down before pulling out a lanyard, tossing it over to her to reveal a white card labelled 'Staff' upon the shiny surface. She caught the lanyard and put it on after examining it. "Seems like her...anyway, you can start now then. Follow those rules." He leaned back, returning to the paperwork as he waved his hand dismissively. "You can start right now then...Oh! Dont worry about Reika, she rarely ever turns up here lately."

    "Erm, thank you sir." She said bowing her head then quickly walked out, shutting the door quietly behind her. She made her way to the bar, introducing herself the bartenders that were already there. After that she got a feel of her surroundings and got to work.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Tatsuo Kurohime
    ~Finally ho... ZzZzZ~

    Tatsuo sat in a taxi with his legs crossed, elbow resting on the edge of the open window, and head set on his hand. Pink hair blew in the wind as his golden eyes glanced over the city of Norland. He was slightly tanner than usual as he spent the last 2 years in Egypt, though it wouldn't be long until he got his usual pale complexion back. He wore nothing but puce colored jeans, a pink belt, a pink tie, and puce beanie. The moment he got in the taxi he took off his shirt exposing muscles and a few battle scars, enjoying the cooler temperature, having been in the heat for 2 years. The cab driver complained when he did it, but Tatsu's look of death cleared that up real quick.

    Soon he arrived in front of the Kurohime manor. He stepped out and stretched, breathing in the fresh air of home. The cab driver stepped out and hastily opened the trunk, then grabbed two of 6 large suit cases. Tatsuo managed to grab 3 and they walked up to the door. His personal butler, Lennor Petrine, was quick to open the door, surprised to see his master.
    "Welcome home master, shall I take that for you?" He asked, holding his arms out expecting to take the luggage.

    "Grab the last bag from the trunk, then pay this driver and send him on his way." Tatsu ordered, his voice without emotion as always. "Right away sir." Lennor did as he was told. The vampire set the cases on the floor to the side of the lobby, and the driver did the same before walking back towards the front door. Tatsuo walked into the living room, letting his butler deal with the driver, then flopped down on the large couch. She was exhausted from the trip, which wasn't much a surprise, he usually was when he come back, it often made people wonder what all he does while he's out.

    Almost instantly he was breathing heavily, passed out on the couch. Lennor only chuckled at the sight and effortlessly grabbed all 6 of the cases.
    "Welcome home Master." He whispered as he started up the stairs towards Tatsuo's room.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Coisette Dragonmir



    Whoever had said time passed by quickly, was wrong. Especially today of all days. Coisette sat silent in her room on the second floor of the Kurohime Manor, surrounded by a random assortment of dolls, stuffed animals, and pillows that covered her oversided king bed. The sheets of satin were a rather odd shade of Crimson, nothing really suiting to a child, but Coisette had been keen on the color. Bits of black laced lined the edges of the pillows, sheets, and comforter, which even had a lace skull stitched into the middle of it. A large, dramatic canopy of black, red, and white hung loosely from the small pillars that had risen over the child's bed, giving it a rather...victorian Dracula kind of feel to it. Her floor was of Mahogany, polished, and her windows, which happened to be open to let in the cool breeze of the coming fall, were Victorian floor length. She had a balcony, decorated with a small table and chairs, where she would sit and have her tea, but today's tea had remained untouched, the chocolate buiscuts offered with it growing stale under the night sky.

    Coisette sat in stern silence, her expression completely smooth and void of emotion as she only stared into the Mirror of the black and red vanity that Reika had bought her. Her legs hung over the bedside, gently swinging back and forth, making a small thump whenever they connected with the black frame. Her small hands, nails painted a light shade of pink, were folded on her lap on the stomach of the random brown bear she had placed there. It was an old bear, having been missing its polished, black button eye since she had joined Reika and Tatsuo in their about 3 years would be the most accurate assumption.

    The girl, herself, was dressed in a royal blue gown with white accents. The cupcake styled skirt came to her thighs, the lines of white ruffles beneathing being known to tickle her legs if she did not where her stockings. Her stockings were black, thick material running down her legs. She went without shoes for the moment, but a pair of brown mary janes rested by her bedside in a disleveled heap. The top of the dress was rather simply, rounded blue neckline, accented with a bit of white and black lace. From under the neckline, there was a simply white, peterpan collar, which seemed to match the same lacy design on the under section of the skirt. The sleeves were short, stopping about 3 inches down her arm and cuffed up to reveal the white underside. Her hair was down today, as Reika had wanted it, with a bit brushed back into a small side ponytail. She wore a bit of black ribbon there, but other than that she was without jewery.

    She blinked, scarlet eyes giving a slight glow and she brushed her fingers back over her bear. Coisette had not moved from this spot for a couple of hours it seemed, as if it was some kind of divine protest. To her it was, being that she did not like to be left alone with only the house servants and Lennor. Even more unfortunate, she had a habit to misbehave when Reika was away...misbehave as in biting the hired help if they came too close, or simply drinking their blood if it suited her fancy. Even now, her dress had been soiled with droplets of blood from her latest victim, which had earned her a spot in timeout. To protest the punishment, however, she had refused her tea. Even when Lennor told her she was free to come out, she had stayed stubborn.

    Something was peaking the girl's interest, however, as she could hear a familiar voice echoing from down the stairs. She turned slightly, eyeing the open door of her room and listening carefully to the voice before a smiles spread across those pink lips. "Tatsuo's home?"

    She did not waste anytime time rising from her bed, being sure to bring her bear with her, and making her way from her room, down the stair to the palour. She had almost walked inside, but came to a halt and lingered in the doorway, watching the shirtless Tatsuo in utter silence. Lennor was with him, someone she was not too keen on speaking to at the moment. The man grabbed all six cases of Tatsuo's luggage and exited from the other side of the room, possibly towards Tatsuo's room, which Coisette had worked hard to keep just as he had left it.

    How long had it been that he had been gone? Long enough for Coisette to almost forget what his face looked like. His hair had grown and was now a shaggy mop of pink on the top of his head. She had never been a fan of his hair, but it seemed that the style now suited him much better than before. Coisette continued to stand in the doorway for only a moment more before she stepped inside and moved to the other side of the couch, lightly sitting down beside the sleeping Tatsuo. She sat crosslegged and only watched him, Scarlet eyes blinking with mild wonder as his chest heaved up and down.

    "He's gotten tanner..." She mumbled softly as she glanced down at her teddy. She looked back at him then, moving a little up on her knees as she edged a bit closer, eyeing his tie with a bit of confusion. "Why is he naked?"
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    Collaboration Post - Church Scene
    @Gladis @Vio @lilly321
    Will, Sonna, Claudius and Lei

    Claudius (kopia).jpg Claudius (kopiea).jpg Claudius.jpg e.jpg
    Will’s blood red eyes snapped wide open. There was someone there. The person was speaking. Another shadow. He recoiled, keeping his eyes glued to the speaking shadow. Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. She was a vampire. Will mustn’t attack, he knew that. Vampires were powerful- too powerful. She was dangerous. He pressed himself further under the bench, baring his fangs.
    “easy” Sonna said as she backed away but kept the blood at his face “I’m not going to hurt you” she cooed as she placed the container at his mouth the blood sloshing in it tempting him to take it. She placed the container down and backed away she’d need him to calm down and take a breath before she’d attempt to take the bullet out of his side.
    The ghoul kept his frightened eyes glued to the vampire, the smell of blood so very tempting. Not the animal blood she brought to his mouth. No, the blood he could practically hear pulsing through her veins. He wanted to sink his teeth into that tender flesh, tear it apart as though it were paper. He wanted to lap up the blood flooding the floor. He knew not even this would quench his hunger for a longer period, and yet he was craving it. No. A tiny voice of reason hissed inside him, causing him to recoil even further, shaking his head. If she tried to approach again, Will doubted he would be able to keep himself back.
    That was when a sudden, amused laughter echoed through the church. Will’s gaze flitted around, catching the sight of a new person. He was dark skinned and had white hair, but did not appear to be a ghoul.
    She watched him silently as she opened more bottles of blood so he’d take his focus off her and back to the tempting bottles of blood. He shook his head as she put on her gloves waiting for
    when he’d calm down enough for her to take the bullet out of him. There was no way she was touching the silver without gloves on.
    “Go on drink” she urged as she placed another open bottle at his feet “I won’t bite” she joked lightly knowing she did but she won't. She swung around when she heard laughter and noticed there was someone else in the church with them
    “what's so funny?” she asked the man standing up to defend her self and the ghoul.
    ”What’s so funny?” the young man repeated in a foreign accent, continuing to laugh heartedly as he doubled over, clutching his stomach. After a while he turned a little more serious, straightening up though he was still grinning.
    ”You’re actually trying to talk sense into a ratsetsu? Look at him! He’s little more than a shabby stray with the temper of a beast. Look at those red eyes! He’s frightened and hungry- not a good combination. Whomever created him did a bad job of maintaining his needs,” suddenly the tanned male looked quite annoyed, clicking his tongue as he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. ”Kindest thing to do would be killing the poor thing.”
    There was another voice that rang out at the other end of the room. A fourth individual whom appeared silently from thin air. “You will do no such thing here young man.” A firm, yet kindly voice that demanded their attention the moment it filled the room. His echo ringing out as the voice trailed away from individual who spoke and bounced off the walls. It was clearly a man judging by the low pitch of his voice.
    Lei breathed a heavy sigh, releasing the hilt of his sword as he gave both of them a look which suggested he thought of them as idiots.
    “Fine,” he replied with a shrug, crouching down beside Sonna to take a better look at the ghoul under the bench. “We should at least restrain the thing beforewe try to take the bullet out.” As he said this, the white haired ghoul hissed, looking frightened still.
    The click of polished shoes echoed as the fourth vampire approached the rest. His long wavy dusty red hair flowing behind him as he walked. His dull red eyes inspected the guests thoroughly. His attire showing them that he had just arose from bed due to their ruckus. He yawned tiredly raising his arms high above him as he stretched. “I should really hire some more staff to work the night shift.” He sighs cooly crouching down besides the dark skinned white haired man. Hearing the other’s suggestion he shook his head. He looked over the Ghoul, studying his tense movements and harsh expressions. Then a chuckle escaped from his pursed lips. “Oooh, He’s such a cutie pie!” the red head exclaims, losing sight of all seriousness. His eyes shining with endearment as he sits there and stares at Will.
    Sonna glared at the first man angrily, for his words. Ghoul or not, they all still have souls, they still are living beings- sane or not. Standing up she glared him down “I do not know who you are nor do I care, but I’d like it if you showed some respect, at least in a church.” she said coolly before she dusted off her skirt.
    Lei arched an eyebrow at the two of them, his lips curling into a slight grimace before he gazed at them piteously. “Respect? I believe killing him is the only respectful way to treat him. Don’t you see how he’s suffering? Look at him,” he pointed at the ghoul under the bench, tapping his foot as he shook his head.
    She turned to see the man with a disapproving look. “I assume the rude one in the corner there is under your care in one way or another?” she asked the swordsman as he approached him and the ghoul and bent down to look at the poor boy. His sudden change of temperaments made her shake her head at it. Sonna sighed as she made binds with alcohol and froze it making binds on his legs and hands so he wouldn’t run or attack anyone. Will tried to resist, hissing at her ferociously and japping at her hands and arms, but ultimately he failed and was bound into a position which made it impossible for him to move.
    “Am I supposed to know who you two are?” she asked as she tried to feed the ghoul a container of blood. Then she looked at the men while she opened another container of blood and poured it into the ghouls hungry mouth.
    “Ah yes, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Reverend Claudius, but the both of you can just refer to me as Father. This is my church St. Clouds, and my home. I welcome all here.” Father Claudius smiled at the three, his fangs glinting in the dim lighting. He watched as Sonna desperately tried feeding the Ghoul and sighed sadly. “I’m afraid that isn’t going to help the poor lad. I would feed him myself but alas I had already fed my own Ghoul for tonight, and I don’t think I can feed a second at the moment.” His voice soft and regretful that he could not be of service. His red-violet hues glanced over at will, almost suggestively.
    “I’m Sonna, Father Claudius” she said respectfully to the man, bowing her head slightly in respect as he owned the space she trespassed on to tend to the ghoul. “Apologies for spilling blood all over the place” she said looking at the man before she looked back at the feeding ghoul feeling sorry for him and his blood lust.
    Will gulped it down hungrily, tears rolling down his cheeks. The blood. It did nothing. Nothing, to satiate his hunger. He needed blood. He needed flesh.Human blood, vampire blood. Anything would do. He needed it now. People. People. Blood. Flesh. People. Food… pain. The burning pain, it wouldn’t stop. Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain.
    Lei let out another sarcastic laugh. “Come on, you really think that animal blood will do him any good? Just get him out from under there and pull out the damn bullet! You’re making it worse, moron!” he was sounding quite annoyed by then, his yellow eyes burning with irritation. Clicking his tongue again, he roughly pushed her aside and reached in under the bench and pulled out the restrained, struggling ghoul. He roughly grasped him by his hair and yanked his head back so that Will had no choice but to look at him. Then he stared back into Will’s eyes menacingly.
    “Hey, take it easy! You forget this is my home. I expect you to be decent.” Claudius cross his arms in a huff as he watched Lei get rough with both the Ghoul and the other vampire.
    “You promise to be a good rasetsu and keep still?” he asked, a sharp edge in his voice.
    Will continued his fruitless struggle.
    “You promise to be a good rasetsu?!” he repeated, his voice rising slightly.
    Will finally went still, realizing that the struggling would bring him nowhere.
    Sonna got up and off the floor as before she winced, she’d cut herself on the sharp side of the bench she fell on to. “Great one more injury to tend to” she said glaring at the boy who pushed her, “Some manners would be nice if you had any” she hissed at him before cleaning up the empty containers of blood and rinsing them out with alcohol to destroy the scent of blood.
    Claudius sighed, his arms dropping back down to his side. He looked around Lei at the young girl almost apologetically. “I suppose I will apologize for the stranger this time.” He smiled briefly before returning his attention back onto the foreigner.
    “it’s alright father, some people are just as animalistic and rude as ghouls are” she said looking at Lei as he roughly handled the poor ghoul. She shook her head at Lei’s actions wondering who on earth raised him to be that way. If there was one thing about purebloods that was correct in her was her mannerisms and her respect for properly regulated authority figures.
    Lei completely ignored the two of them and smiled, gently letting go of Will’s hair to pat him on the head. “That’s a good boy…” he said softly before lifting his wrist to his lips. He bit into it, hard, tearing open a wound before holding it to Will’s lips. It was more effective than human blood, even if it wouldn’t take away the pain completely. That was something only the ghouls master was capable of doing. “Feed nicely…” Lei said warningly, watching the ghoul beginning to lap up the blood, working very hard to keep himself restrained. “Yes, like that…” he murmured, stroking Will’s hair before looking up at the two other vampires meaningfully, as though telling them to remove the bullet while Will was distracted.
    With a sigh as she put away the empty containers and grabbed her first aid kit and opened it to retrieve a pair of gloves, before she put them on and walked back over to the ghoul with some bandages, cloth and a pair of tweezers. There was no way in hell she was going to touch silver with her bare hands, or carry it without wrapping it up first.
    She’d add the bullet to her growing collection of silver items when she got home. It was a tradition her parents taught her, after all not every soul that made their way to her place was soot free. Every once in a while there would be one or two of them with silver stuck in them and she’d take it out, feed them and let them stay the night before she sent them on their way the next night. She kept the silver in a wooden box her great grandfather made for her grandmother as a gift.
    Bending down she eased the injured limb in to a better position carefully before elevating it to help stop blood flow. Taking a strip of cloth she tied off the space above the injury and below it before she got to work with her tweezers and began to gently pry out the bullet, using her abilities to wash away any blood from the wound to keep it clean and visible for her so she could get at the bullet without damaging the wound any more than it already was.
    Lei watched her work in silence, trying to keep his expression as calm and unmoved as possible.
    “Damn it!” suddenly a sharp hiss of pain escaped him. As Sonna began prying out the bullet, Will’s teeth suddenly dug into the wound, hard. It wasn’t even that he suddenly had become greedier- but most likely it hurt quite badly. He’d just have to keep patient until she was done.

    “shhh” cooed as she gently as swirled water around the injury to help ease the wound, she got it out quickly and wrapped it in the remaining cloth and doused it with alcohol to clean it before she stashed it in her pocket and bandaged up the injury with gauze and wraps.

    “There, all done” she said with a smile as she stood up with her bloody gloves, she took them off and rinsed them in alcohol as well and her tweezers before she put them away back in her first aid kit in her wagon.
    “Now, let go,” Lei told the ghoul sternly, snorting as the ghoul didn’t do so at first. “Let go,” he repeated in a pained hiss, tugging at Will’s hair. Will reluctantly did as he was told, gazing up at him wearily. He didn’t exactly seem afraid of Lei, but he didn’t seem to know how he should handle the tanned young man, either. He kept his eyes fixed on the blood and wound, feeling his mouth water. It had done more for him than any animal blood or even human blood could hope… yet the small amount he had gotten was not enough. In fact, he knew that no amount of blood would ever be enough. Soon the burning pain would begin to rise in his throat again, and the fact that he’d gotten to feed on something so delicious would mean nothing.
    Claudius watched the red haired lass get to work on the Ghoul, and he was mildly impressed with her basic medical skills. She was fairly decent at dressing the wound as well in gauze. He mused quietly in all as he watched intently as she pulled out the bullet.
    “Ah…” he murmurs softly. One of Rin’s buddies from the agency must have found him. I wonder what the Ghoul did….the Father thought to himself as he stood from his crouching and stretched out his body. Raising a hand to his hip, Claudius smiles at the two vampires.
    “You’re quite handy young miss.” He chuckles as Sonna finished her work on Will.
    “Thank you, father.” she said nodding at him again. Her skills were good, after all she had lots of practice and her parents taught her the basics at a young age wanting her to continue the job they started and pass it on to others who feel the same way about those in need. Setting aside what they are and who they side with to treat them as an equal and tend to them as they are injured and the injured had no side in any argument other than injured and needed assistance.
    “My parents taught me how to tend to the ill and help them pass the night before they left the next night over” she said watching Will, wondering what she should do now. She could take Will to her place and let him rest. But she couldn’t focus on him, her wagon of blood and his binds at the same time; It’d black her out before she even made it to her street!
    “Now, what shall we do with him?” Lei asked wearily, carefully placing the ghouls bloodied face on his lap, continuing to soothingly stroke his hair while he watched the two of them. He was quite annoyed at their comments, though pretended as though nothing had been said. It wouldn’t really make the situation better, after all.
    “I mean, I’d be reluctant to leave him with any of you. I might be rude, but the two of you seem to have your heads up in the clouds. No sense for caution whatsoever,” he commented before sighing and looking thoughtful. Taking the ghoul with him certainly seemed like the safest option, but doing so right then and in the middle of the night while the ghoul still was injured… seemed idiotic.
    “I would take him with me to my place but I can’t focus on his binds,lead him and my wagon of blood without causing harm to myself” she said “If I could I’d take him home and tie him to the spare bed in my home until he’s calmed down.” she crossed her arms trying to think of some way to help the poor sear in his predicament.
    “A-ah, before we decide anything, though,” Lei hesitated before turning away his gaze and extending his injured arm towards the girl, “w-would you mind treating this too?” he glanced at her sideways, still keeping his face mostly turned away in order to hide the fact that he was actually blushing a little, “or am I too rude to be allowed treatment by someone as good and lawful as miss?”
    Sonna blinked at the injury and sighed before she went to grab her first aid kit and another container of blood again. Kneeling down she took his arm gently and placed it in her lap before she opened her kit and started to bandage and dress the wound.
    “I set aside the thoughts of what my patients are and who they side with to heal them as an equal. “she said softly, wrapping the wound up gently and smoothly.
    Lei let out a soft laugh at these words, but said nothing. He’d acted rude enough, after all.. and he was afraid that if he opened his mouth once again, he’d just say something further to offend her. He cringed a little as she wrapped up his wound, but kept still.
    “After all the injured have no side in any argument other than injured and needed assistance. Even if their manners need improvement” Sonna continued coolly as she finished and offered him a container of blood. Lei pouted discontentedly, gazing at the container of blood as though it were an alien from outer space. Did she intend for him to drink that?
    “You’ll need this to replace what you gave him” she smiled softly patting Will on the head gently before she packed away her kit and put it back in her wagon. Will, in response, cringed and tried to wriggle away from her. “I wont bite sear” she said to Will with a smile.
    “Thank you for the offer, but I’m good,” Lei replied wearily.
    “if you insist” she said taking the container back to her wagon and headed back to join them.
    “Well then! Don’t be so quick to judge young man. As for my lack of cautiousness….well...lets just say I don’t have to explain myself to you. I don’t know where you’re from, or how they do things there, but your attitude is going to get you into trouble in this city.” Claudius hissed at Lei, his aloof demeanour suddenly becoming a more serious one as he crossed his arms in frustration.
    Lei turned his attention to Claudius and grinned him foxily, tilting his head a little to the side. “I’m sorry if I offended you, old man. It just looked as though you both had a death wish.”
    “the only wish I have is to be able to see my family again” she chuckled sadly knowing that wish could never be granted no matter how hard she wished for it to come true. “Not die from a ghoul attack or hunters” crossing her arms she looked at will again feeling sorry for him. “I’ve been doing this for years now, I know how to handle the occasional ghoul who wanders to my shop or the hunter who’s drunk a little too much” she said. She’d just drug them and let them sleep the night before kicking them to the curb at dawn.
    The man is rude, but at least he his helpfulness could make up for that fact. All Claudius could really do was give the poor guy an advanced warning, before he left the church. Unlike himself, there were others not as passive as he was in Norland. “At least you’re helpful, I can give you that and a friendly warning.” Claudius sighs lowering his left hand to his hip and running his free hand through his dusty red locks. Lei arched an eyebrow but listened silently.
    “He could stay here and I can put out a bulletin for the young man, without investigators finding out ofcourse. I am a very highly connected vampire being the owner of this church, so perhaps I can find his original owner. I could adjust my schedules so I have the strength to feed two ghouls as well. That’s still a lot of work though…” Claudius trailed off as he brought his fingers up to cup his chin while he thought to himself. He closed his eyes, thinking of their various options. They definitely couldn’t let the Ghoul leave with the young miss.
    “Your idea sounds perfect father” she said looking to the priest “The ghoul will be safe until his master is found.”
    “The idea does not sound perfect!” Lei butted in, sounding just slightly annoyed. Perhaps it was because he had the feeling the two of them were trying to act like some sort of messiah’s. Especially the girl. The girl pissed him off more than anyone. “We know nothing about the ghoul. We don’t even know if he has a living master. Sitting around and waiting for someone to arrive is… idiotic,” Lei was getting frustrated. The ghoul was obviously suffering, and Lei felt incredibly sorry for him. He could see that the ghoul had gone without a master for a long time, which made it impossible for him to comprehend the reasoning of the other two vampires. Letting him live on like this was more torturous than letting him die. Why couldn’t they understand that?
    Perhaps it was a cultural difference. Lei didn’t know, but it pissed him off.
    “would you rather let him out on the streets in this state?” she asked Lei cooly “let him wander off half sane half insane? He’d be killed before he even made it to shade before dawn!” she snapped “I agree waiting around is useless in this case but with no better options at this moment, keeping him here would be the best option” she said the last part kinder. She knew the poor thing would be picked off quickly, who ever was after him would find him easily and end him without a second thought.
    “I can come by after hours to feed him as well, you're already going to house him and I’ve caused you enough trouble for one night, the least I can do is feed him until his master is found that way you don’t need to extend your self anymore then you have” she said, She’d never let another consume her blood before, or ever saw her parents do it to their patients. It’d definitely be an experience for her. One she was willing to take a risk for. If it could help her make better treatment options to the ones who came to her then she would do it.
    “I guess I could always drain a bottle a day from my self and just feed more frequently” she thought, she fed once a week, on 3 bottles of animal blood and a lot of human food throughout the week. She’d need to feed twice or 3 times a week then and maybe up her bottle count to 5 per feeding.
    “If you two are going to make it sound like a pain, I might as well!” Lei muttered, carefully undoing Will’s binds. To his surprise, Will made no attempt to move away. He remained with his head on Lei’s lap. Perhaps he’s saner than I thought… Lei thought before correcting himself bitterly, no, that’s not it. The ghoul is far from sane. He’s completely broken…
    “How about you both just stay the night here, and then be on your way tomorrow? I don’t mind and we have room…” Claudius offers, his cheery expression returning to him as the corner of his lips curl up into a polite, warm smile.
    “If you’ll let us stay, I’d be a fool not to accept. Thank you,” Lei answered with a slight smile, at least trying to sound more polite.
    “Hmmm...I don’t know father...I need to get this blood home so I can store it properly” she said worried about the blood she collected, She needed to store it otherwise other vampires would come after her for it and it wasn’t for the ones who could get their own food, it was the ones who had trouble finding food or needed it.
    “Ah...the question was directed at the foreigner and the Ghoul. You can stay if you like, but if you have other places to be then I won’t keep you.” Claudius flashes another small smile before he turns on his heels and begins walking away. “This way, I’ll show you to the guest quarters.”

    “I’ll be on my way then” she said as she went to her wagon and got ready to leave for home.​
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