Rulers of Night [OOC]

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    That means...
    @Soñar Gardián

    In order to keep the vampires from seeming OP in the RP, Vio and I will be implementing a battle system. This also means that every battle must be supervised by one of the moderators, to make sure that everyone abides to this. Now you might wonder, what does this battle system actually mean? Here comes the explanation.

    In order to use magic, a vampire must dab into their mana storage. Mana is what they gain when drinking the blood of humans, and what allows them to remain alive. Every vampire has by default 100 MP (mana points). When using spells, they will use up a certain amount of MP. The stronger their magic, the more MP it will demand. The only way for a vampire to regain MP is by drinking blood of other humans (or in some cases, vampires). They must by all means make sure that they do not lose all of their MP. It would within a rather short but delayed span of time result in rapid aging and shortly thereafter, turning into a pile of dust. You don't want this for your character, do you? So you better use your powers carefully. Simple things might just use 1 or 10 MP, but really powerful attacks can use up to 50 or even more MP. Like this... everyone has a chance beating the vampires- as they will eventually run out of MP.

    Now, usually one cannot gain more than 100 MP. No matter how much blood you drink, you cannot get more. In order to surpass 100, you must frequently drink the blood of other vampires. Most vampires don't do this, as it does not only offend vampire law and is seen as disgusting as wrong, but it can also result in other, rather severe, consequences

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  3. I see.... but can you give me an example of a skill that requires 50 mana was it like something like a skill that rival the power of 2 missiles expolsion combined?
  4. According to Vio's and my decision, Claudius Raging Dragons might be one of them. :3
  5. thanks for this explination, it really helps :)
  6. one more thing... is claudius really 192? or was there some kind of mistake?
  7. Hi there~

    This is a pretty good idea, now, what is going to be our limit?
    For us the vampire investigator?
    We must do a skill set?
    If that's the case, do we have a limited amount of skills?
    Do wehave something like HP?
  8. For skills and HP I trust my players to retrain common sense. It is more of a story that we write, than a game to be played. Of course, should someone chose to be unreasonable they will of course suffer consequences by the hand of me, the GM, or one of my mods. It is logical that one character can't do everything, or that when they... I dunno, are cut, that their character gains damage and get weaker. I expect that people are aware of this.
  9. 1) Due to the apparent inconsistency of the ages I have made an age chart to show where everyone should stand. Regardless, Claudius is still going to be one of the older vampires compared to the others. Not the only older vampire, but one of the few, so it is only natural that he would have more of an understanding of his element and how to utilize it.

    2) On another note, I am a game moderator and you guys are the game players. You guys comparing your characters to mine to get what you want isn't going to get you guys what you want. I've already spoken to Gladis about reasons why Claudius is the way he is, and I SHOULDN'T NOR HAVE TO explain myself or my characters to any one. NEITHER SHOULD DOOMY.

    3) Coisette, for those who have been nit picking over her ability as well is also NOT OP. She is heavily limited and due to the fact that this is a story oriented role-play, so it shouldn't even matter.

    3) What a Game Master says goes, NO EXCEPTIONS. No complaining, and comparing. You can ask why it is the way it is in order to get a better understanding, but that doesn't change the fact that it is going to be changed or you are going to get kicked out of the role-play.

    4) THIS ISN'T A BATTLE ORIENTED ROLE-PLAY!!! All the fights are preplanned because this is a STORY role-play. So all this talk about over powered characters and perfect characters is NOT NEEDED. They do not play into the actual plot at all. To be frank the skills and abilities are there mostly for show. For all you thinking this was a battle centered role-play, you are going to be gravely disappointed.

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  10. I have, however, put limitations on Coisette's ability for those who has an issue with it. I do not want her to come across as OP because she is NOT, I swear. She is a child vampire just hitting the puberty stage, so most, if not ALL the other vampires SHOULD be stronger than her and better at monitoring their own abilities. With the limitations, however, I feel as though it will make YOU ALL feel better and just put the OP issue behind us all. We are all here to have fun, and we SHOULD have fun instead of duking it out with mean words.

    I was not here for the agrument, but I DID read everything that happened and I don't like what I am seeing. We should not be arguing over eachother's characters. We should be congradulating each other on our creativity and awesomeness. It makes me upset that we have such a good RP idea, yet there are people who want to ruin everyone's fun by bitching and moaning.

    That is all I have to say on the matter

    @Gladis @Vio

    You guys are working very hard and everyone should appreciate that you are trying to make everyone happy, but I feel like if they do not like your idea, then they should just leave instead of making things MUCH harder on you two. HMPH

    *sips my tea quietly*
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  11. sorry about being nit picky since I'm pretty much new so I thought GM exist to create an RP and oversee it so that no inconsistency will happen in an RP and I thought as an RPer all are equal in terms of character creation so sorry about that but I just want to know what really is going on and I don't want to dive into something then messed it up for everybody because of my ignorance so yeah.
  12. to be honest, I don't see any of the characters as overpowered or underpowered (and anyway, even if I did see things like that it's not my place to comment because I shouldn't like it if someone was negitive on the character I worked hard on ether.).. they are what they are (which is awesome :] ) but on my end of things understanding the power system enables me to gain an even better appreciation of everyone's characters and how they've thought out their powers to fit things :] unlike myself who's sole contribution to my character's powers is 'I burn stuff!' but I was never much good with stuff like that anyway :]

    now that I've said my pieace I'd better put my money where my mouth is and actally post my vampire's post.. :] uhhh... before I do.. 600 words is okay right? I can shorten it that bit more if needed :] I think I'll post it and shorten it if need be.. if anyone wants me to bump Leonard into them somehow, I'll re edit my post to incoperate that :]
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  13. Yes, that's exactly what the GM is meant to do. There have just been tons of problems turning up, which complicated things. I seriously need to remind all people that this is not a battle oriented RP. All battles are to be pre-planned and organized- meaning that the victor of a battle and the outcome is already decided before it actually occurs. This RP is focused on plot, not strategy or fights. That is why such a thing as overpowered or underpowered characters really isn't anything to worry about. Nevertheless, this also means that one must be alright to injure or even kill one's own characters, for the sake of the plot.

    I know I told you to remove those attacks- and I will apologize for that. I never imagined people would use 'attacks' in that sense either way, but I suppose it doesn't really matter. So long as the story flows, it's alright. Therefor your character is fine as he is. I won't comment on him any further.

    Again, I apologize for the chaos. Being a GM is all but easy- especially when the role play is in such a chaotic state. x.x

    600 words are fine. It's not the length that matters, really. It's just that it shouldn't be a pointless post. Especially not if it's long. I'm sorry for what I told you earlier as well.
  14. no need to appologise, you were just being a caring GM and looking out for everyone *waves hand* it's coolio.. :]
  15. @Doc_Halladay
    @Soñar Gardián

    I need you guys to PM me so we can figure out how to incorporate your characters. Some of you already have your characters linked and thus have interaction possibilities- I would like to see those of you posting soon. Perhaps when the night is over and the next day begins- putting some distance between events. Nevertheless there still might be things we need to talk about, figure out or settle. This is the kind of RP where we plan and plot. Sure, there is room for winging it, but planning and plotting is a huge part of the RP.

    Besides that, people need to STOP being afraid of INTERACTING with each other. If you don't interact, you're not role playing, but WRITING A STORY. We are role playing, not writing stories. Don't wait for people to come to you. Be aggressive for once and take the initiative. We can't have a role play consisting of a bunch of passive people. It'll die like that... or your characters will end up being ignored/excluded. So, seriously, stop being afraid. ​
  16. no need to apologize since it's not a big deal and I don't really care much about power level but it just confused me when you said a specific rule while others contradict that rule, that's my main issue...... btw is my character accepted?
  17. I had no idea people were contradicting it, to be honest. x.x I can understand why you were upset. Either way, yes... you're accepted. ^^
  18. like I said, I'm 95% wrong with such things so don't listen to me! :eyepopping: :]
  19. Yes but in doing that it really just caused more problems. Let the Game Master and Game Mods worry about what needs be done and with whom please. You have to take into consideration that this role-play is just starting out, and it's grown a lot larger than we thought it would. Right now there are only two game moderators and the game master lives in a separate time zone, so there is a delay. It's hard to keep up with everything, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still our job to handle it, not the game players. Game players that take the rules into their own hands can really just cause a lot more chaos than good. Then the mods panic and scramble to get everything in order again or to please everyone, and that just isn't fun for anyone.

    You, as a player, just need to be happy and have fun role-playing.

    Don't worry about everything else. <3

    *whispers* leave it to mommy vio and master gladis <3