Ruler rp, anyone interested?

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  1. I recently got an idea and wanted to check if anyone was interested in it.

    Basicaly it will be four people(Or more, but i want to see just how many people get interested in this) who will get to make a ruler of an entire kingdom and have two choices of which they will be based on. The race and the "class" their ruler will be of. The races are still in making but so far i have, Humans, elven kin, Halflings (Dwarfes,Gnomes and Hobbits.), Undead and some other ideas i am grubbling on. The "Classes" will decide more of what kind of ruler you are and what the rest of the kingdom is specified on, are you a warlord and have a military kingdom? Or maybe you are a rouge and use subterfuge and assasination to make sure that your lands profit?

    The races will also unlock some options you will have to choose of. But lastly of all i am kind of bored over the fact that all rp's seem to be planne and thus wanted to add in a way to make things more interesting. I will add in a dice system, so on a d20 dice things will be decided on just how effective some things are, of course this wont be used all of the time but instead in situations when we cannot be sure of how things will end, for example if you use a powerfull spell or charge into a spear wall. Also all rulers will have a skill table which will decide if you gain any bonuses when throwing the dice, the race and the "Class" of the lord also help in these skills.

    So, i ask the question again. Who is interested, and do you dare to throw the dice?
  2. I'd like to do this.

    I'd also like the option to fully and utterly customize my kingdom with custom races, cultures, and the rest of that, but eh.

    Also, the Kingdom itself and the management of it and diplomacy should be a pertinent point. After all, a King or Queen is only as strong as the number of soldiers he/she has.
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  3. Of course that will be a factor, but the choice of a race will also change that quite radicaly. For example the undead don't eat....The only ones needing food would be the Necromancers who create the undead minions. Also classes will change things slightly, the druid class for example makes it so that the race is one who lives together with nature and thus can quite easily grow food. When i see more people coming in i will post the full list of classes and races, also the specials you can choose betwen based on each race and so on.

    Sadly if i allowed complete customation it would be abit hard to decide how to calculate the points needed for the dice, but cultures and such are compleatly up to you.
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  4. Again, I'd suggest actually allowing players to set up their own custom races, traits, and classes. But again, that's my opinion.
  5. Yes i edited my last reply with that but will now say it again, the reason why i have a couple of races and such decided that you will get to pick from is becuse the different races and classes gives points to the different skills. And if the players could choose that compleatly by themselves then there would be no standars which the points were calculated after. If most people wished the class could just simply be what the ruler is good at or what he does, but as stated a druid ruler would obviously have a connection with nature and woudnt allow the people to harm it.
  6. But if you truly belive it will gather more people to be able to choose themselves then i guess i will simply have to drop the whole gaining points by race and class and give you all points to set out by yourself, while this was something i already were planning to do i will have to raise the number of points given.

    But the main reason i am against it is becuse of the fact that some people may try to do something ridiculous like making a nation compleatly made out of dragons or something like that.
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  7. If you decide to trust the RPers enough to let them make their own kingdoms, I might be interested. ^^ I don't usually do strictly class-based RPs or those where conflicts are settled with dice, but I guess there's a first time for everything.
  8. My game is sort of like this, but it's like the recreation of history.
    Earth would have been technologically advanced as is.
  9. Well the classes were mostly for giving a sort of base of how your ruler does things, but as it is now i will most likely let people do as they please when it comes to their kingdoms and rulers. As it seems that the race/class thing isnt that well liked. And as i have stated the dice wont decide everything, but it will decide when you do things that can fail or suceed. For example using a powerfull spell. Or try to fool another ruler into accepting a trade agreement.
  10. I think you are hinting at the game Civilization
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