Rule of the Wolf

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    • In the midst of a warring states era Japan, there are multiple wars being waged. The longest-running war was perhaps that of humans and yōkai. With yōkai fighting amongst themselves for power, it was only a matter of time before humans got caught up in the mix. When human villages are plunged into terror, who better to call than the onmyōji to come and dispel the demons?

    • Name: Kiba aka "Itsuwari no Akuma" (Demon of Deceit)
      Race: Wolf Daiyōkai
      Gender: Male
      Age: Nearly 200, appears to be in 20's
      Skin: Pale
      Hair: Black, medium-length
      Eyes: Amber
      Height: Around 5'10"
      Weight: Average
      Build: Lean-fit
      Occupation: Trouble-maker
      Best Skill: Deceiving, manipulating people
      Worst Skill: Tactfulness
      Personality: Tactless, adaptable, cold, witty, cunning, detached, easy-going
      Bio: Kiba is the son of Ōkami no Ryōshu (Wolf Lord), a powerful daiyōkai who roams, conquering other powerful demons. Few humans have ever come into contact with his father and lived to tell the tale, but many demon slayers have heard of him. Unlike his father, Kiba doesn't pursue strength and title. He doesn't typically harm humans, though mostly out of lack of interest and feeling they aren't worth the effort. He does, however, find pleasure in causing trouble for them, which is what earned him his nickname. No one has ever seen Kiba's true form. He currently occupies an abandoned shrine outside of a village.

      Name: Asuhara Rei
      Race: Human
      Gender: Male
      Age: 25
      Skin: Olive-undertoned brown
      Hair: Long dark brown hair, usually tied back in a pony tail by a thin ribbon
      Eyes: Dark brown, almond shaped
      Height: Tall
      Weight: Somewhat thin
      Build: Broad, large, long hands
      Occupation: Priest
      Best skill: Speaking in public
      Worst skill: Sense of direction
      Personality: Outgoing, very optimistic, very playful
      Bio: TBA

    Bright light rose over the hills in the east, glowing so deep a fiery red that the hills became but a black silhouette. Slowly, the sun poked its head over the edge of the earth, throwing beams of golden light down onto the darkened world. On the west, a streak of dark blue dotted with stars, an almost black color transitioning into a purple, pink, peach, and orange sky. Trees in the forests breathed to life, stretching their branches up and out as the sunlight poured down on their leaves. Birds were singing their morning songs, telling the world it was time to wake up. Cicadas buzzed in the trees, their humming a constant reminder that it was summer. Splayed sparsely across the green landscape was a place which was hustling and bustling already even at sunrise.

    The worn dirt roads were filled to the brim with people all scurrying like ants, going about their day. Vendors shouted to passers-by to buy their wares, carts roamed the already narrow roads, carrying items of different purposes. Men and women alike tended to the fields just outside the snaky rows of shack-like buildings that served as homes to the inhabitants of the village. At the far end of the road, where it began to lead into the countryside, there stood a small group of men. There were a few women and even children gathered there, watching the place in the distance where the road could no longer be seen. They were waiting for someone, a very special someone whom they had sent word to for assistance with a very particular problem.

    For a while the village had been plagued by a demon. They had never gotten a clear visual of it, for it came in the night under the cover of darkness; and would take a villager. They had a suspicion as to where its dwelling was, an old shrine that no one visited not too far away, only just hidden in the first fringes of the forest.

    They waited to greet the priest, settle him in, and further explain their situation before showing him to the suspected culprit.
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  1. Rei's geta clicked against the hard packed soil as he made his way through the bustling streets. He was bumped and had to pull on his aqua kariginu back higher onto his shoulder. His dark hair was pulled back simply, making his appearance clean and professional. His brown eyes, however betrayed his true nature. They danced over the items for sale, alighting on every new thing he could make out.

    He stopped by a stall selling barrels of rice, bowed to the shopkeep and said, "I'm looking for the road leading out of the town. Am I going the right way if I go further this way?" He pointed the same way he had been travelling thus far.

    The man behind the cart shook his head, "No, priest, you need to go that way." He pointed in a different direction. "Are you so unused to this town as to get so turned around?"

    Rei blushed and put a hand behind his head, "I'm afraid I'm some distance from my temple. Thank you for you're assistance." He then resumed his way to the road where he had promised to meet some villagers about their demon problem.

    It was not far from where he had wandered off course so he made it to the edge of the forest in only a few moments. "Greetings," He called when he saw the silhouettes against the orange sky and fading stars. "I am the priest named Asuhara Rei. Please tell me how I may help you."
  2. "Greetings," The elderly man, presumably the head of the village, stepped forth and bowed. The others that were gathered there with him merely bowed and few offered their own muttered greetings to the traveler. "For many days now, our village has been plagued by a demon." The Chief started, gesturing for Rei to walk with him. A couple other men followed a few paces behind them. "It comes in the night while we sleep, and when we wake, we find a child has gone missing. We believe it to be the demon that inhabits the old shrine that hasn't been used since the priest left this village long ago." The man led the way off the dirt road across a short expanse of grassy field where there was a clearly trodden path to the forest's edge.

    "We have tried to approach it ourselves, but it is a tricky one. Please do what you can so that the children might be found." The Chief bowed again. They had arrived as close to the shrine as the villagers dared to get, which was just outside the torii well hidden by the trees. It was difficult to make out in the tall weeds that grew up from it, but there was a broken stone path that led up to the doors of the building. The shrine too was overrun, riddled with ivy that clung to its walls and roof, nearly hidden by new young trees replacing what had been cut down years before. The heavy wooden door of the shrine, cracked and splintered, a rather large hole allowing a peek inside.

    Shadows crowded in the corners where light didn't reach, lurking about like ghostly omens. Patterns of light danced along the walls, pouring in through the holes in the ceiling. The wooden floor was paved with dust, weeds and patches of flowers popping up between the boards. In the darkness at the back, where the sunlight wouldn't reach, resided the demon.
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