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    As the sun began to shine upon the school, Gato couldn't help but grow sick from the sight. This place was terrible. Everything about it was terrible. Why did this place even exist? For the majority of the semester, him and his friends have struck fear into the place. Everyone is afraid to stay after hours and usually there is a big rush to leave immediately as the bell rings. After school activities have been changed to taken elsewhere or even cancelled all together. No one was safe; not even his own friends. Unfortunately, their 7th member had got a bit too cock and got themselves caught. At least they took the smart way out and killed themselves instead of being taken in. Another good thing was no leads was brought to the other members. The last thing they needed was their plan compromised by annoying authorities.

    He started the day as he usually did, preparing for the morning meeting and skating around the courtyard. Once he knew was he had to do, he stopped and stepped of his board. A little bird told him the authorities were sending spies to the school to try and catch the members. Thing was, they didn't know who it was and who they could be. They would have to be careful. For now, he would have to inform the others. He reached into his pocket taking out his phone and going to the group chat. He rolled his eyes at the usual things there. Dumb gifs, bad memes and ridiculous questions about the homework. As if he even did the homework in the first place!

    "Yo. Meeting ASAP in the courtyard. It's business."

    He typed as he went to find a table to sit at. It was time to assemble the Rule of 7. Time to finally move his plan a step forward. After pressing the send button and relaxing once. He couldn't remember the last time he had a good sleep. Sleep was something he gave up on a long time ago. Every dream was just filled with dark shadows and ridiculous whispering. It bugged him. At least he spent the hours doing something meaningful. Just the other night he beat Steel Gear Liquid 4. Man what a hard ending. He darted his eyes to the students who began to arrive and head into the building. Another morning it seemed.
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    The sun light shone through cracks in the tree's warming a patch of skin on Anika's leg. She hadn't gotten any sleep the night before due to the excitement of the day ahead of her, the day she'd finally get to meet people like her. Her mouth hung open slightly, light snoring was the only noise heard. She'd worn herself out refusing to give up her routine morning run despite not knowing the area well enough. She'd eventually ended up falling asleep under a cherry blossom tree in the field across from the academy's entrance.

    Her dreams were filled with images of murders and flashes of her traumatic past. She'd honestly never been able to sleep at night very well due to night terrors. Instead she opted to napping through out the day where ever she could. From today on however, she had to become more vigilant if she wanted to prove herself as an asset to the mission she was on. Furthermore she couldn't be caught sleeping on the job, she still had to meet with the other two who would aid her in the investigation.

    Her violet eyes fluttered open as she heard the sound of a boy yelling. He was walking towards the academy with a group of friends. More and more students began getting dropped off as she watched the school grounds come to life. It was a familiar sight, but this time around things would be different... She hoped.

    She stood up slowly, stretching out like a feline. Falling down with a giggle as she rolled around on the ground a bit before hoping up once more. As she prepared herself mentally she lugged her back pack over her shoulders. "Smile Anika... Here goes nothing." She plastered a pearly smile to her cute face and walked in with the crowd. She tried to make eye contact with as many people as she could, trying to seem friendly and approachable.

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  3. Sebastian Kurosawa

    "Why am I not surprised that's why you're here?" A gruff, older man inquired. Standing behind the counter of the currently closed bar, he aggressively shined a glass as he stared at the teen who'd been a pain in his ass for the past week. Sitting across from him was the caricature of a delinquent, though both were very aware that wasn't necessarily the case.

    "I don't know why you're actin' like you didn't know." Sebastian replied, his usual lazy stare boring into the side of the other man's head. The two had formed an odd relationship over the past week, a somewhat brother-like bond forming between the teen and business man.

    "I could guess - I doubted your mother would actually approve of it, though." The bartender said with a shrug and that got a laugh out of Sebastian.

    "If there's a group of supernaturals murkin' other supernaturals, then someone has to do somethin' about it. If the cops are gonna sit around on their asses doin' nothin', because they don't have the authority, then someone has to figure this out." Sebastian reasoned and the man nodded.

    "Didn't think you actually cared, though."

    "I don't, but, like I said - someone has to do it. And apparently, I'm just the person." He huffed, propping his elbow up on the table while resting his chin on his open palm. "Though, it is a school, so I'm sure there'll be cute girls there, at least."

    "Not this shit again." The bartender breathed out - he had grown tired of listening to Sebastian drone on and on about what 'archetype' of girl was superior on the food chain.

    "Don't kill my vibe, bitch." Sebastian said through a lazy glare, eyes narrowing before he and the bartender broke out into a chuckle-fest. "Anyway, I better get going."

    "Still, are you sure this is something you should be doing? Just because something has to be done, doesn't mean you're the one that has to do it, y'know." The bartender pointed out and Sebastian shrugged. "If kids are getting murdered..."

    "If I wind up getting my shit 'rekt', then you'll take care of my mother. Therefore, I don't care." Sebastian cut him off while wagging his index finger in front of him. "Now, I better get going. Don't want to be too late." Baz said with a wave as he exited the bar, making his way to the academy.
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    It had been a fairly quiet and average morning for Mikumo, her usual morning routine boring as ever. She was a person of habit, she as usual took the long way to school that took her through a heavily vegetated area. It was a abandoned part of the city that was out of the way to the path to the academy, but with how early she left it never mattered. Walking through she had a slow pace looking around, a large abandoned building encased in leaf and vine. Mikumo approached the building touching a moss covered wall flat palmed and closed her eye's. "Good Morning," she mumbled quietly communicating with the plant. It was another part of her usual routine to greet the plants that covered the building, she wanted them to know she appreciated their beauty. They seemed to always reply to her greeting with the same reply in return, she didn't have the want to have a full conversation with them. Mikumo soon moved on her walk to the academy through the overgrown path she usually took, it had been filled with wild flowers that she had given a little help with growing some time ago. With it being one of her favorite areas in the city she helped tend to it, no one else seemed to care for the area since it was abandoned so she did her best to use her power to assist the plants that lived there.

    She had left with a excess amount of time do enjoy herself, she moved through the over grown grass to a cleared spot. It was her own little get away in the city it seemed, she moved to the center and laid in the grass. Setting her school bag aside her she rested her hands on her stomach while looking up at the sky. It was relaxing, this was the only place Mikumo really felt at peace. School was a dreadful place filled with useless people aside from her friends, they were weeds that needed to be picked from the garden. She enjoyed herself there at times but never was off guard or relaxed, not like in this place. Mikumo lightly sang to herself while watching clouds flow by with a smile on her face.

    Though suddenly her peace was interrupted by the sound of her phone going off, she knew the tone. It was the one she had set for Gato, she quickly pulled her phone from her bag while still laying down. Checking the message she pouted a bit, time for a meeting? To bad her relaxation time was cut short she thought, she sat up slipping her phone into her bag then stood. Grabbing her bag she stretched a bit then quickly went on her way twords the academy with a quick pace to meet with her friends.​
  5. Tsuda Isao

    The morning seemed to start off as it usually did with him getting up with little excitement. Tsuda Isao enjoyed going to school, but only to see his friends. He figured that he had already been taught everything he will ever need to know, and since he was what he called an "unnatural" most of his days was just waiting for orders from Gato. Tsuda had involved himself with him when he was just starting high school and had grown to like Gato and his schemes. Today he would prove that Rule of 7 was to be truly feared. Students already feared them, but he would make absolute sure that they were the ones in charge, and if police decided to involve themselves, he would simply destroy them, unless Gato said otherwise.

    Tsuda walked to school with his left hand in his left pocket like he always did, this was what people most recognized him for, and had the usual blank bored stare. Tsuda noticed that people were taking their time, he didn't like to be late and always pushed to be somewhere either on time or early and shook his head as he saw people messing around. "Idiots." he said to himself as he continued to walk to the school. His surroundings were fairly plain and city like, he never wandered off path and didn't bother with talking to anyone as he walked.

    He heard his phone ring, and he instinctively dug it out of his pocket to see who had left a message this time. When he saw it was Gato he replied with "I will be there soon. I was just about to text you to see what we were going to do today.". He trusted Gato with his life and would do anything Gato said, even if it was to murder someone in public or to bring him someones head. Tsuda didn't know what Gato had planned this time, but he was hoping it would be ominous enough so that they could scare the police into avoiding them. He grinned at the thought as he reached the school. "I'm back." he said to himself like he always did. He never even understood why he felt so compelled to say that every time, though he did it anyway. Tsuda headed straight to the courtyard. When he reached there he looked around and didn't see anyone around, so he found a place to sit and wait for everyone to arrive.

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    American Psycho was one of his favorite novels to read as he could relate mostly to the main character - a ruthless serial killer.

    The Rule of 7 was the poor boy's motivation in life. The organization's true goal wasn't exactly clear to him, but it at least benefited him. Ha Jae was able to hone his skills and powers in the organization and take revenge for the fruitless years of his boring life. In a way, the dimly lit classroom emphasized how things were in his life. The shadows were Ha Jae's demons while the Rule of 7 fought back. It could also be interpreted as the other innocent student's coming demise. Nobody would suspect a quiet, kind-looking boy to be in such a club, and he made sure to keep his image up so he wouldn't be suspected. The American Psycho book had been covered with a cover from a book he despised - Meant to Be. Others might suspect something if they knew he was reading a book about a serial killer. Luckily, the classroom had been empty. Ha Jae could keep his composure if there wasn't any boisterous idiots around.

    Closing the book gently, he let out a sigh of satisfactory; the book had left him in high spirits. Ha Jae held the book close to his chest, keeping his signature clueless and oblivious look upon his face. Standing up from his desk, he headed for the door. He reached out to the door knob, but the door swung out, revealing Ha Jae's homeroom teacher from behind.

    "Oh, you're still here?" the homeroom teacher inquired.

    "Uh... yeah. I got caught up in this book and I couldn't stop reading." Ha Jae turned his head to examine the clock above. To his eyes, the clocks struck thirteen. "Would you look at the time."

    "What book is it?" The teacher squinted to read the title of the book that was caressed by Ha Jae, smiling. "Ah, I read that book when it first came out! It's a great read!"

    "I see. I'm not that far into it, Mrs. Knapp. I don't think romance is right for me."

    "You'll get used to it. Some of romance can be good!" Finally looking at the time, the teacher gasped. "Would you look at the time! I'm going to miss my soap opera!"

    The gasp had caught Ha Jae off guard. As the teacher ran past, the boy's eyes turned dead and lifeless. "This simply won't do..." he murmured to himself, rubbing his temples. He continued to walk until he got to the exit doors of the school until his phone buzzed. Ha Jae's neutral face seemed to shine once he checked his phone. It was a message from the leader of the Rule of 7, a meeting! Not to mention a meeting of urgency. He spun around and sped walk in the other direction. He made sure to avoid anyone in the halls, hiding in empty and dark classroom if need be.

    Ha Jae couldn't fully comprehend how he could like such a group of people so loosely connected. Honestly, he didn't really know the members of the group well, not even Gato, mainly because he was a freshman who had just transferred much like a few others. He'd never had a healthy relationship and in the back of his mind, he knew this wouldn't be one such either. Maybe Ha Jae could at least clean up his personality to make a friend or two in the organization. Yet, he'd do anything for the organization, not for himself, but for the wellness of it. Ha Jae would gladly sacrifice himself in honor of it. While he was selfish, he didn't want to ruin the upperclassmen's freedom with his problems.

    Ha Jae would waste no more time getting to the courtyard, but he was cautious as to not let anyone else but the Rule of 7 members see him. He wasn't about to hinder the meeting or its members. As Ha Jae got closer, he could make out two figures, both apart of the organization. Tip-toeing to an empty seat, he shyly sat and kept his head down. This is was his first serious meeting.

    "Hello." he whispered under his breath.

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  7. Marrionetta Cencearo

    "But it's really scary!" A girl whined as she brought her knees closer to her chest.

    "Big deal," Another sighed as she took a long drag from her cigarette "He's def dead now, so that's one less to worry about. You'll worry yourself gray at this rate, Rei."

    A small group of girls remained huddled in a gym storage closet gossiping about the events that unfolded while trying to avoid the prying ears of people outside their little clique. It was in situations like this where Marrionetta gathered information on who they suspected was to be in the Rule of 7, who dared try to speak against them and anyone that choose to be foolish enough to give her friends a hard time. While the two girls bickered on the situation, Marionetta stood there with her back against the wall, unable to face the two who bashed the choices made by their 7th member. It wasn't until their argument drew to a close that they became suspicious of their friend's silence.

    "You OK there, Mar?" one poked as she put out her cigarette.Marrionetta was slow to process the words of concern that were expressed; she couldn't even reply before her friend continued in a mix of sympathy and astonishment. "Wow, even our bucket of Sunshine is shaken, eh?"

    "Of course!" The other replied for Marrionetta almost angrily "Lives are fragile and irreplaceable!"

    "Yeah," she said glancing at her phone screen to see a notification from Gato and quickly deleted it from her screen "If only they were a little more resilient. Anyway, the counselors want to see me to make sure I'm not here swallowing razors and all. Ya know, actually doing their jobs." she offered them a smile and jazz hands as she slipped her phone back into her pocket. Only getting a couple of giggles out of them. An exchange of goodbyes and she was off, carefully shutting the door behind her and hurrying to the courtyard as the message instructed, a rehearsed smile plastered to her face as she approached the location.

    As usual, she avoided directly sitting near the group and occupied a nearby seat, just close enough to hear the conversation, but not close enough to look involved. "Crowded, isn't it?" She joked while she took out a textbook and some worksheets to make it look as though she were doing something.
  8. Sebastian Kurosawa

    Hands in his pockets, Sebastian casually strolled his way through the city towards the academy. With headphones covering his ears and music rattling his brain, the teen found it quite easy to think. It was quite the contradiction - the excess and rampant noise was one of the few things that could clear Sebastian's mind enough to give him room to think.

    'Crazy cult killin' kids at an academy.' He mentally mused over what he already knew. 'Rule of 7. Only thing anyone knows. Could be some insane death game with seven rules. The kids that are killed are the ones that broke one of the seven rules, possibly. Wouldn't rule it out. Maybe I'll look into school clubs that have uneven numbers. Most rules are even because groups tend to be even, but if the rules themselves are an odd number then it's only right the members will be as well.' Reaching into his pocket, Sebastian pulled out his phone before making a note of his primary 'target' - School Clubs.

    It seemed like a reasonable place to start, and before he even know it, his feet had led him to his destination. Standing at the front of the academy as students seemed to still be arriving, the teen glared at the building.

    'What fucked up secrets are you hiding?' He pondered as he stepped forward, hands still in his pockets. With his slight height advantage in comparison to other students, as well as his demeanor and choice of clothing, the teen found himself already being labeled as the unruly type based on the sideways glances and borderline sneers he was receiving.

    'Oh, I'm gonna love this."
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    The stares Anika was getting were less than welcoming. In return the smile on her face became bigger and bigger the more unpleasant and uncomfortable she felt. She had to remember the school had been turned into a crime scene of sorts and that was enough to send anyone into a state of unsteadiness.

    "Keep it moving little girl," A group of preppy looking girls bumped past Ani, knocking her back pack off of her shoulder she'd slumped it over. She hadn't realized she had stopped at the entrance staring up in a trance. Little girl?she thought to herself making a puzzled face.

    "Nice outfit," the tall one with dark curls added sarcastically as they all turned back to look her up and down. Laughing in unison as they were gobbled up by the double doors.

    The small girl looked down at her attire and immediately face palmed herself; she'd forgotten to change out of her running clothes. She didn't think they were ugly, but she wasn't sure wether or not she could walk around school in a sports bra and capri running tights. With a long sigh and a smile she squatted down picking up her back pack. She'd nearly forgotten since using her powers last she'd reversed her bodies physical age. At least she wasn't surprised by the insults from prettier girls, she'd been use to that sort of thing.

    She hadn't felt the weight of her bag before, but it felt light as she lifted it up. So, she unzipped it to examine the contents. She'd packed her school clothes and a manga, but nothing else. She was beginning to get a bit frustrated, a blush creeping it's way up the sides of her neck. Why did she have to be so forgetful and on her first day of all days? Zipping her bag back up hurriedly she stepped off in the other direction walking around the side of the school.

    She would wait until the sea of students swelled down to make her way in and change her clothes. She hadn't come there to study anyways, what did it matter if she was a bit late? Upon approaching the courtyard she realized there were other students scattered about, unsure whether they would be as "friendly" as the others she sat as far away from everyone as possible. Taking a spot on a hill directly across from the courtyard she pulled out her 'Soul Eater' manga and began to block everything out.

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  10. Skulking around the school, Sebastian felt somewhat akin to a pink elephant. Everyone noticed him, but no one acknowledged him. He knew why - it wasn't even the fact he was perceived as a delinquent. No, it was because he was a transfer student that people were shying away from him. Another curiosity he was sure to make note of; the cause was either no one wanted to bite the bullet and get to know the new kid, or there was something else.

    That got his mind racing.

    Still, he continued to lazily scour the campus - or rather as much as he could before he got lazy and said 'fuck it'. After making a shoddy mental map of the landscape, Sebastian had decided he had put in too much work and now was time to rest. I mean, you can't really expect someone to walk around for a total of 10 minutes before deciding they were tired of living. He was a teenager after all and there's nothing more life threatening for a teenager than physical activity.

    Not even paying attention to where he was walking, he paused in the middle of his stride when he noticed someone out of the corner of his eye. The girl's dark shade of skin was what had caught his attention, and after a few seconds of attempting to place her face he realized who she was.

    'Wew, lads, didn't think I'd find one of the others that fast.' He mused mentally as he slowly made his way over to Anika, taking note of the fact she seemed to be engrossed in a book of some type. Creeping up behind her, he casually leaned over her head and gazed down into the manga.

    "Y'know, Tsubaki has a really nice chest." He commented idly, solely to make his presence known as he raised a hand in greeting. He didn't know Anika personally but he had seen her picture, and he had been informed that she was also going to be investigating the incidents at the academy.
  11. [​IMG]

    "Are you sure you're up for this." The older man said his eyes fixated at the young teenager's image reflecting on the rearview mirror. "We can always assign someone else on this investigation. It doesn't necessarily have to be you."

    "Is it not already too late?" The young boy said while playing on his handheld console. "You worry too much, uncle."

    "Could you blame me? This is a mass murder case afterall. Of course, I'd be worried." The man sighed as he regretted ever making the decision in the first place. "I should have just said 'no' right off the bat."

    "It's fine, uncle." The young boy reassured him finally finishing his game. He looked up at the older man with a huge grin on his face. Obviously excited get started. "If they chose me then I must be really good." He said with a cheeky smile then scooted out of the car. "Afterall I didn't go to all that training for nothing. See yah later." He said closing the door behind him. Rei then rushed his way towards the school entrance immediately taking note of all the faces of the students as he pass. "I wonder where those two could be?" He asked himself. He memorized both Anika's and Sebastian's profile. Now all he has to do is meet with both of them for them to begin their mission.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Anika had always found it easy to become completely engulfed in her own imaginary world. She'd spent most of her childhood alone after the bullying at school became too intense and she began home schooling with Nisha. Her introverted extrovert nature became worse and she eventually became her own best friend.

    Her eyes scanned the pages of the manga carefully taking in every detail, giggling slightly. She nearly missed Sebastian's surprise introduction. She made a small noise of confusion as she realized his shadow looming over her. She closed her manga setting it beside herself, waiting for her blush to reside from his comment.

    "That's an interesting way to say hello..." The smol girl stood lifting her backpack, prepared to leave as she turned to face him. "I should be going inside thou-" her head cocked to the side as she got a good look at the tall boy. Suddenly, she remembered who he was. Setting her bag down she smiled wide and raised her hand to him bowing slightly.

    "Sebastian Kurosawa, right? I'm sorry, I thought you were some juvenile pervert..." She ran a hand through her hair laughing nervously before extending it to him. "It's nice to officially meet you."

  13. [​IMG]


    Mikumo had finally made it to the gate of the academy adjusting her school bag on her shoulder she looked forward at the school building. She noticed some of her least favorite classmates harassing a somewhat small girl who she recognized as one of the new transfer students. It was nothing new though, new kids always seemed to get picked on around here and the girl being a bit short didn't help her odds with it.

    Mikumo sighed and kept moving forward after watching the girls interaction, though it took a bit longer then expected. She had to make her way around other early arriving students who seemed to take over the area. Their little clicks hanging out before classes talking. Most were those she found annoying, they talked around useless things as she passed them. Though some scared, talking about the murders and who would be next. The more popular of those groups she over heard talked about those she found annoying they wished would be next. Talking like that only make a bigger target on their backs in her mind, she loved the idea of targeting popular jerks like those. They were the ones who bothered her the most in her past, revenge was always nice. Making eye contact with one of the students Mikumo looked away and kept moving as they moved one with their boring conversations.

    Mikumo quickly made it to the others who today seemed to try to look like they had nothing to do with each other. She pouted a bit, she hated when they would have to pretend not the hang out. They were all friends in reality she hated having to hide it sometimes, but then again it kept them from being caught. Still pouting a bit she went over to some of the plants near the other to look like she was doing her usual tending to the courtyard plants. She glanced over to who was closest to her, Marrionetta


    She said in a quiet tone but slight smile to look friendly.​
  14. Tsuda Isao
    He grew a little impatient having sat there for so long, when his friends finally started arriving he couldn't wait. Tsuda casually looked around holding his phone, he had never really interacted to much with the members of Rule of 7 but he still considered them all friends. The only person who he was close to was Gato, who as usual seemed to be late. He let out a sigh pretending that he had just lost a game on his phone when in reality he was only reading the message Gato sent in the group chat again. "If it is so important why are you always so late...?" he asked himself, though the answer might become evident enough when Gato arrives.

    Tsuda looked around and caught a glimpse of Ha Jae who seemed to be shy and timid as always. He started over but decided to stay put next to the wall so that their group won't be suspected, though that thought made him smirk cynically to himself because he knew that even if they had gotten caught who could stop them? The police wouldn't last a minute against the entire group together, the Rule of 7 had powerful "unnaturals" who all knew how to work as a team to defeat any enemy no matter how powerful they may be. Tsuda thought that it is possible that the police might have hand picked detectives to discover who the perpetrators were, he planned to use his own skills to find out who they were so that he could report them to Gato to get the order on what to do.
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  15. "And what makes you think I'm not?" He inquired with a raised eyebrow as he shook her hand, a casual smile on his face. So, this was going to be one of his 'partners'. He didn't know much about her, obviously, but she didn't seem... Special. She seemed to be quite normal on the surface, and that made him naturally curious. Would it be one of those things where the normal person turns out to be the cannibalistic serial killer that spouts random exposition at odd times? Or would she just actually be normal?

    'Cannibal serial killer would be more interesting.' He concluded mentally while folding his arms across his chest, looking Anika over once more.

    "So, Anika, you seen anything anything interesting yet?" He inquired, his gaze going past her as he watched a group of students go by. Everyone seemed to calm and happy - it was... Strange, and slightly unnerving. For him, at least.
  16. [​IMG]

    "Oh… I…” she quickly placed her arms behind herself, being sure to only lightly squeeze his hand and of course smile back politely. One of the many downfalls of her power was the fact that it was something she couldn’t control. Any prolonged contact with her exposed skin would heal someone and in turn weaken/ alter her, even if the person wasn’t aware they were hurting. Her power could even leave a sort of water mark on a seemingly healthy person until the next time they were injured or ill.

    Anika laughed courteously at Sebastian’s response when she couldn’t find the words. Was that his idea of a joke? she idly thought to herself as she watched him look her over. Her leg began to shake a bit as she started to bite her bottom lip as he spoke up once more.

    "I’ve only just arrived, nothing strange to report…” she felt like some sort of covert spy relaying the details of her experiences so far. Things were becoming more and more real. “Everyone seems to act like a bunch of regular high school students here.” She turned her head to see what the tall boy was looking at.

    "What’s the matter? You see something strange?” she continued to stare in the same direction as him noticing a group of students.

  17. [​IMG]

    Gato began to swiftly make his way to the meeting spot. As expected, not everyone was here yet. Great. What a pain in the ass. For once, could they be grown up and actually make it here on time. He placed his board down and looked to Ha, Tsuda, and Mikumo. Well they were always the one's to be here first at least. Always. It was kinda creepy in a way but hey, he couldn't complain.


    He said sternly before kicking his feet up and sighing. "Dammit.... Their always late.... Are you kidding me? But anyway, since you guys are here, I'll just have to let you in on the deal here."He said while closing his eyes slightly. "A little bird told me the authorities are getting on our tales. Said that they would be sending some spies our way to the school. Most likely their going to be our age to blend in better. Our plan might be compromised as far as we know." He said as he grit his teeth lightly.

    The last thing he needed was some randoms coming into the school and trying to fix everything. That was so annoying. He worked hard to strike fear into everyone and he wouldn't let that be stopped. No sir.

    "Were going to have to be careful. Anyone in the school could be the spies. And as much as I'd love to just end everyone here, were not trying to start an all out war. Well, not yet at least. So I'm gonna need some ideas on how to go about this. Anything to say?"
  18. Tsuda Isao
    Tsuda spoke first. "We could start out by finding out who these "investigators" are, then kill them before they get any further into our business." as usual he added the part of getting rid of a problem directly before it became a problem. He smirked devilishly at the thought of murdering people who would get in Gato's way. "We don't need to start a war, but I stand by your side if that is what you want to happen. I have been practicing to improve my power so that we can truly become unstoppable." he added.

    He continued to lean on the wall with his head focused on his phone, "I can try and become friends with these investigators so we can set up an ambush that I would lead them into."
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  19. Sebastian Kurosawa

    Scratching the back of his neck, Sebastian shrugged as he sat down on the ground, lazily watching as students passed them by.

    "The way I see it, in any normal situation, the campus wouldn't be this nonchalant. I mean, look - none of these kids seem scared or even bothered by any of the deaths. They're goin' about with their every day. Maybe they're so scared they're tryin' to ignore their fears, but there ain't even been any gossip." He said, sharing his observation. While he had wandered the campus he had kept his ears open, but nothing he heard stirred any curiosity within him. It was quite... Aggravating, in a way.

    But, that aggravation merely fueled his drive to get to the bottom of the murders.

    "The point is, this won't be simple. The students know about the murders, obviously, but they're purposely not talking about it. That means we can't just try to ask people what they know about the murders - there's a reason everyone is all hush-hush." He glanced over to Anika. "My only advice is to be crafty in how you approach gathering information - don't get yourself killed before the week is over."
  20. [​IMG]

    Rei was standing in front of the academy's map—studying the area and taking note of all the possible area a group of mass killers would probably make their base in. He stood there for probably a good 5 minutes until something caught his eyes. It was a charm bracelet. He went to pick it up. It had rather an unusual design on it. But what really caught his eyes was the blue stone dangling on it. It was really pretty.

    "Hey! That's mine! Give that back you theif!" A female voice screamed.

    "Who's he? This is the first time I've seen him." Her companion spoke.

    "He is a theif no doubt about it." The person that own the bracelet spoke.

    "Uh... no, I just found thi—" Rei tried to explain but was cut off when their third companion whispered to both of them.

    "He might just be our ticket." She began leaving the two frazzled at what she ment. "If we kill him they might notice us and we could be part of their gang.

    "You're right." The other two agreed. "I mean, this is the first time we saw him."

    "Most definitely a transfer." The other one added.

    "Right. And the fact that he must be stupid to have come here is like saying 'hey, come and kill me'." The other spoke.

    "You're most definitely right. And the fact that he stole your precious heirloom is reason enough." The last person spoke which made all three of them convince to take the clueless Rei out.

    "Uh... excuse me?"
    Rei tried to interrupt them. "If you want this back then I'll—" Rei's face suddenly got cut for some unknown force which caught him by surprise.

    "It was a bad choice for you to transfer here." The girl who own the bracelet spoke. "We'll make you regret ever coming here, you theif."

    "What?! Theif?! But I didn't—" Rei explained but another mysterious force suddenly came from the side but thankfully hadn't done any major damage. But he still got a cut or two and it hurt like hell. From the way things are, it looks like the three of them were using some sort of wind ability.

    All three of them started attacking Rei and all Rei could do at the time was trying to avoid them. Don't get Rei wrong. He can easily take the three of them down but... it was still too early in the morning. And migraines are the worst when it comes to mornings.
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