Ruins of Naught

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  1. Cupping a hand across the length of her brow to shield the sun from her eyes, it appeared the town was as busy as ever. People milled and meandered from here to there, there to here. Some exchanging conversation with another while others made a clear point to do what they had on their minds and nothing else.

    Blowing the black hair up and out of her face that dared to trickle down, she couldn't help but frown a little. She couldn't see even from this close were the lock was. She knew the phrase was confusing to most but it was a key word that mercs and assassins used in everyday conversation hoping to keep low and out of the eyes of the law. A lock was nothing more than a lazy word for a mission that required them to gather something of value or even a person of value. She was waiting for Jynard to make his appearance in the town square so she could report in the current lock she had finished and in turn, gather up a secondary one.

    Wagon's bounded along the well worn road into the town, most of them filled with vegetables fresh out of the fields in hopes to sell; but there was one or two of them that had a family and some stragglers from the road as well.

    Meridan was a quiet place to dwell in all honest truth, it was quaint and screamed the simple life that made you think of a story book rather. It was easily why Jynard had chosen this place as a rendezvous due to its serene nature.

    Forcing herself up from lying on her stomach to sit on the grass as she idly drop her hand back down, the annoying sound of her stomach proved to catch her attention again. The throng that was usually held some coin in it was empty, probably why she was so desperate to receive the payment from the last mission so she could at least eat something in the day rather than going rooting around for it in the backdrop of the sparse forest.
  2. Though in the town there is once again a frequent visitor, though mostly on the outskirt. It's a young dragon, when not on the hunt then usually on the roof tops of the houses of the outskirt. The dragon is mostly ignored by the citizens, seeing that he is a frequent visitor afterall. Furthermore, it is no threat at all, or atleast never harmed a citizen.

    Tynebris - the dragon - lying on a flat roof, observing the other houses while sun bathing in the busy town. A majestic and friendly creature, not many talk with him or have ever heard him talk. It wasn't necessary to talk with him, the dragon always tries to not disturb anyone while observing.

    As natural as it is for every living being to get hungry, not even Tynebris was spared from the struggle. However, it doesn't matter how much he begs for a little snack or for leftovers, the dragon was simply ignored or shooed away. What else should he try to do? Attacking citizens would only cause trouble, that he knows. The only option left is to hunt a wild animal, a roof isn't very suitable for finding a prey though. The dragon gets up, stretching his wings, unintentionally casting a huge and broad shadow. The dragon looks down at his shadow and grins, he likes playing with his shadow; but not in this moment.

    The dragon lifts off and flies a bit around, searching for some unaware birds - a easy snack for Tynebris. He finds a little flock and dives one of the birds, grabbing it with his claws and then the dragon glides down to the ground. Tynebris safely lands on the floor, still holding the bird with claws. The dragon doesn't notice Ramisa sitting on the field, while he prepares the bird to be a dragon-snack.
  3. Stretching an arm upwards forcing a surge of shivers and cracks up and down her spine, the looming shadow that flew over caused her to cringe momentarily, before drawing her gaze skywards. At least for the time before craning her neck back nearly falling over backwards realizing it had been the same roosting dragon that had seemed to take residence up in Meridan.

    Flailing her arms to get her balance back from falling over, she idly rubbed the back of her head. It was an often conversation with the townsfolk about the creature seeming to make the town his roost. Some were against allowing such a creature here and others seen it as a great way to deter bandits and thieves from striking against them. Either way, the decision was a stalemate and so far the creature didn't seem keen on bothering many of the inhabitants.

    Though she wouldn't go about eating birds from the sky like some, she was a little envious of his ability to go out and eat whatever he wanted.

    Ears flicked upwards causing her attention to shift back looking upwards to the looming secondary figure that seemed to use her distracted gaze to arrive, Jynard had his arms crossed over his frame. "Making friends with dragon folk?" he dared with a quirking smirk to her as she narrowed an eye.

    "You know where I hail from, dragon's are the least of my concerns."
  4. Tynebris overheard Jynard's remark, taking it more as an insult than as a neutral statement. Nevertheless Tynebris doesn't show any reaction to the remark and focuses on his little snack. Fortunately Tynebris prefers his meal dead and not alive. The dragon kills the bird in an instant and turns away so that no one watches him eat, the only manner he has while eating.

    Although it was hard for Tynebris to suppress his enjoyment of scaring her, he tries his best to keep it at snickering. Once the dragon was done with his snack - for him atleast a little snack - he lies down, facing Jynard and Ramisa. Additionally at facing them his expression changed to a neutral one, curiously observing and listening to them. Tynebris casually looks at them, his wings almost on the ground, his eyes half open.

    There are no traces of the bones from his recent snack, as if he ate them or hid them well. The dragon's tail minorly waddles forth and back, clearly in no aggressive manner, more of a relaxing manner - just like the rest of his body indicates.
  5. Turning his gaze upwards to consider the looming beast that had no qualms or quarrels in leaving, she seen the sly smirk spreading across his face. "What are you thinking?"

    "You said you have no problem with dragons, well.. rodeo up and see what you can do with that one. The villagers are getting antsy, well some. Maybe you can bring them some peace with wrangling up that one."
  6. "Hey! I can still hear you!" the dragon yells as he gets up. Furthermore, Tynebris stretches his wings a bit to appear bigger. "I'm no easy dragon." he adds, but his body language doesn't show any form of aggression or anger - well except his partially stretched out wings.
  7. Flinching as she thought about darting around Jynard, Ramisa swallowed hard before turning right around when she pushed herself off the ground to the large creature. Rubbing a hand across the scruff of his jaw, Jynard didn't remotely seem phased by the statement from the legendary creature. "You seem to be more of a beggar than a dragon anyways, easy pah." Jynard waved a hand aside, "You've been lurking around here for how long looking for scraps, more of a big bird than a dragon."

    Ramisa shook her head, "Don't be insulting Jynard."
  8. Tynebris calms down as Ramisa pats him, but as Jynard starts talking, the dragon felt provoked. "I'm no beggar!" the dragon growls, lowering his position; getting ready to leap. "I'm a dragon!" Tynebris growls louder than before, entirely stretching his wings. "I also go hunting for food, unlike most of the people in that town." Although the dragon is ready to leap it doesn't, trying to avoid an unnecessary fight; but he tries to inflict fear.
  9. Taking in a slower sigh while she turned her attention upwards to the dragon, she couldn't believe how stupid and well peculiar Jynard was behaving. As if he was trying to provoke the large reptile.

    Now it was Jynard's turn to cross his arms over the span of his chest; the two tone eyes within his skull watching with a glint. "Well that's good to know, wouldn't want a beast of your magnitude to go hunting in the village."

    Ramisa combed back her hair, "Do you have a point here Jyn?" she dared "Other than possibly becoming a snack?
  10. "You should be happy that I don't attack people without reason." Tynebris says firmly, remaining in the offensive posture and carefully looking at Jynard. "I don't attack human beings without reason." the dragon adds.

    "Look at her, she is smart and isn't provoking me, you should follow her lead." the dragon adds to Ramisa's question, excepting a good reason from Jaynard.
  11. Smirking against all that was said, Jynard waved it all off with a simple flick of his wrist and a turn of his jaw. "If i was as smart as her, I wouldn't be her boss."

    "Hey now," she interjected against that before waving her own hands emphatically though the air as if to clear it all. "Forget all this, you and I have other matters to attend too. Namely payment and a new mission.

    Drawing his gaze down carefully, he hummed somewhat. "Payment is coming shortly but as for your newest mission well... you are going to need some help." that was where Jyn's attention moved back up to the large beast. "Easily someone or some beast to help."
  12. The dragon pulls in his wings again. "Why would I want to help her? I don't know her and I don't like you much." Tynebris says, slowly calming down. "I don't see what I would profit from helping. The people here won't give me more." the dragon adds. Shortly after speaking Tynebris turns around, looking up at the sun. "I'm not very interested in helping people I don't even know."
  13. She blinked furiously before straightening her arms into a stiff stance, "Why are you even offering my services without me giving a yay or a nay!" she dared in returned. Correcting her stance, Ramisa dared a quick look over her shoulder to the beast. He was certainly nothing like the ivory emperors she had dealt with before, not that she should even compare the two. In fact, it struck her as odd to why there was a single dragon out here anyways? Where was his brood?

    "That's what working together helps with dragon," Jyn shrugged, "And it would help you develop a name for yourself. I've heard rumours that dragons are honorable creatures and usually jump at the chance to perhaps build a legend for themselves in their own broods."
  14. "I'm honorable, I'm bound to certain restrictions. However, I am not your typical brood dragon. I left my brood for a reason." Tynebris replies to Jynard, stretching his wings a bit. "I'm not like the rest of my kind, but I remain honorable." the dragon adds, feeling the minor breezes pass his wings. "The wind lead me here."
  15. "Sounds fishy to me." He muttered looking towards Ramisa seeming to wonder if she had a sort of answer to it all. "Well if you aren't up to being a good citizen that's perfectly fine, there are many more."

    Ramisa crossed her arms, "You are baiting Jynard, now knock it off. You are honestly barking up the wrong tree if you want to start enlisting dragons, especially when I am capable of handling myself." she stated firmly, turning to tip her head a little to the beast, "Pardon our intrusion," she bowed finally turned and walked up to Jynard. "Now tell me about this mission."

    "Well my dear Ramisa, it is across the span of the ocean. Actually a noble affair if you ever seen one, the crown itself has recently heard of rumors involving ancient artifact that could complete the catalyst from the thousand year war." his brows lifted while he draped an arm around her shoulders. "I have picked you and a few other mercs to go across the seas to begin searching for this artifact. Extremely rare, and the crown is offering up over a fifteen hundred gold for this to whom ever brings it back. You want an adventure, this would be it."
  16. Tynebris walks a bit away but stops as Jynard starts explaining the new mission. "On second thought, I don't mind leaving this place; can't say no to any adventure." the dragon replies, grinning a bit. "This place is slowly getting boring." the dragon adds, pulling in his wings and slowly heading towards Ramisa and Jynard.
  17. Blinking as she peered across her shoulder to the larger beast, she couldn't believe how easily Jynard managed to sway the dragon's attention. "Ah so you do hunger for adventure, question is dragon, can you handle it?" Again with the provoking."Ramisa isn't just your run of the mill woman you realize, there is a point to every mission and we as mercs see nothing but to succeed in such missions."

    "Are you looking to have him flatten you?" she peeped up.

    "There will be rivals looking for the same thing, Ramisa knows how to handle them but are you willing to slaughter and enforce your own survival beast?"
  18. "I am willing to survive, otherwise I wouldn't be talking with you right now, human." the beast replies to Jynard's provokation. "How weak do you think I am? I could kill people if I had a reason, but you humans aren't worth the hunting, you guys aren't as tasty as a wild animal would be." Tynebris adds, stretching his wings again. "I can handle anything that crosses my path." the dragon adds, opening his mouth a bit, revealing his sharp fangs.
  19. "Uh huh," not convinced Jynard lifted a brow while the other lowered. "You call mortals weak and yet somehow they are still capable of taking down dragons, yes?" Ramisa frowned as he brought up those selective few that poached the creatures for their scales. "And some wings and teeth aren't much to convince me of much."

    Turning back to look up at the large beast, Ramisa apologized; "Please pay little mind to him, he knows little of how a dragon culture is and how nasty his comments are. Especially how he is addressing you," she combed back her hair, "Are you certain you would like to do this, i mean..." fingers tapped together, "it is sort of just a spur of the moment thing and while i have no quarrel with beasts of your magnitude, it strikes me as odd that you'd humble yourself enough to work with mortals such as myself."
  20. "Well, it does get a bit boring around here and I am eager to go on adventure, out of this boredomness." the dragon replies to Ramisa, starting to ignore Jynard's remarks. "I desire, and deserve, a better place than with mere mortals such as your friend there." the large beast bluntly adds.