Rub It In, Much?!? (A Rant)

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  1. Okay, so I came to Job Corps on November 6th and in my group was this guy who says he's a DJ ('DJ Neko') and he has all this music on his mp3 player and he says he's on the top ten list over Skrillex and everything. Okay, at first I was impressed, he showed me his music, I listened, enjoyed, we talked and what-not, then I found out he writes AND draws AND DJs. Okay, that's cool too, he's artistic and what-not, some people are skilled like that, I was honestly impressed.

    Now here it is 4 weeks later and he's STILL rubbing it peoples' faces, forcing them to listen to his music (which he swears he makes every day even while he's here but no one's ever seen it happen) and showing them his pictures that he's 'drawn' (Which never seem to change and he's been working on one that looks very done doing the same thing over and over on it since 4 weeks ago, maybe before) and he says he was born in TX but he was raised in England and he uses this odd accent that seems to come and go (it only shows up when he's talking about how awesome he is). It's seriously pissing A LOT of people off, including me. Agh!!

    AND on top of being full of himself (and bullcrap), he's pompous. He keeps showing me a picture of him wearing a pair of big headphones and swearing he's DJing in the picture but it's SO OBVIOUS that it was taken in a bathroom mirror!! Agh I wanna punch his face in!! And he walks around saying he can get any girl he wants but like no one likes him.
  2. Sounds like he is insecure baby girl. just ignore him when he does this or walk away.
  3. That's what I do. But he's like always there and it's so crazy annoying!
  4. Learn to tolerate. Eventually he'll learn that it's not a good thing to be a show off. You'll be able to block him out. With people like that, they have gotten used to believing they are the best in the world. Only the world can knock him off his high horse, so just keep trying not to do it yourself. XD