RRRRRROLLL UP THE RRRRRRIM! (Calling all Canucks!)

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  1. It's RRRRRRoll up the RRRRRRRRIm to win time again!

    Have you ever won anything?

    Do you find you buy more hot drinks when roll up the rim is on?

    What would you do if you won?

    I've won a few free coffees over the years, but that's it. I usually use it as an excuse to treat my friends, I always say I'll pay for the drinks, but if they win I get the prize >=3
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  2. I remember going to Las Vegas with my older cousins and playing on ONE slot machine. It was damn expensive, too. Eight dollars for a single spin! But I got $58 in return.

    Then they bought beers with my money and they promised to pay me back. Never did. Oh well.

    Other than that, I always lose games of chance. ALWAYS.


    I've only ever won doughnuts or coffees, but I don't care! >:] Medium double-doubles with espresso are my jam! My friend and I hold competitions every year to see who can win the most, so if I ever want an Ice Capp, I always need to order a hot coffee to go along with it.

    Also, their chicken salad sandwiches are delish.
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  4. @Mittens83 wanna feel like a badass ordering your jam? Coffee with expresso is also called a 'shot in the dark'!

    I'm the same way with the hot drinks; I go in for a cookie or honey crueller but I get a drink or I feel like I've wasted a visit xP
  5. You can never be too cautious when it is Roll Up the Rim season! Every $1.39 counts! :D

    Also, that is an awesome way of ordering espresso! D: I shall try it next time I go! :3
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