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  1. Is creating a roleplay with someone packed with RPG elements hard? As in there are:

    Level Up
    1) Character gets a new ability.
    2) Character gets experience by defeating a tough enemy.

    Change of Equipment
    1) Character get's a new weapon or armor.
    2) Character is bestowed by an item.

    1) Character inherits a new source of magical power
    2) They get it after intense training or new inspiration from a tragic event or whatnot.

    Intimacy between people
    1) Character bonds with another character
    2) Character finally admits their feelings to him/her.

    1) Sets up a small band of "mini-bosses" for the crew to face.
    2) They also fill up the minor antagonist slots for the story.

    I know this is too demanding- but when stringed together they form a good plot for modern/magical roleplays that require explanations to their current status. Hope this reaches someone who knows if this is an effective way to write or it's just WAY TO HARD. Please reply your thoughts on this.
  2. It sounds a bit hard, but also interesting...
    If you've got a plot, I'll sign up! :3
  3. I've been in a few rps that have had systems for gaining exp and keeping track of equipment. It is VERY difficult to start, but once people become familiar with how things work, it smooths out.

    Also, with systems like these, the plot needs to long and well thought out, as there is really little point in spending so much time on gaining exp and equipment for a short rp that doesn't plan to go anywhere.

    I don't really have the time for another rp, but I'm interested to hear the idea behind this.
  4. And Through bonding, we get a team attack that is twice as strong!
  5. Finally! Some people who knows what I'm talking about! Well- a friend of mine wanted to do a type of RP that was similar to borderlands without the arid wasteland thought but with guns, skills and classes. We don't have tell their status everytime they get something, I was just planning small notices for the reader such as character X obtained this weapon and so on. My idea behind this is a good alternative from the usual just write your paragraph and continue- I want to test something out, of course the story and equipment must be thought of VERY CAREFULLY.

    This will be hard but I'm always thinking of ways to smooth it out. Characters and plots can be created within a snap of a finger, all I have to do is think of a setting.....
  6. I would be interests
  7. I posted a thread for sign ups in MODERN RP- check it out if you're interested :)
  8. Links? So we don't have to go searching?