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  1. Well, theres a lot to say but I will try to keep it short.

    I am looking to create another 1x1 or possible a small group or something.

    The story i Like to use will be an adventureious one with Rpg Traits to it. Which means that there will likely be more than two main characters. And we can somewhat freely swap characters at any point.

    TThe setting will be something around Medieval or at most steampunk. As most rpgs are set around this area.

    The cast of characters will be playing the roles of this world we will make. And follow a theme we choose.

    My personal preference right now is either.

    -Human-ish with supernatural themes, meaning that characters can be either fully human or a more supernatural race such as, elves... Animal people etc.

    -Fully anthro/Furry world. Meaning all character will be furries. Animal morphed like humans etc with the exception of monsters and such.

    -Kemonomimi(Animal ears and tails) characters.

    -Pokémon. Gijinkas/Anthro/Pokémorphs.

    Of course there be fighting and maturity as well. But the plot will hopefully be more eventful and adventurous than smut driven.

    So anyone interested? xD
  2. I would totally love to be a part of this! I'm not the biggest anthro fan,but if you'd want to do gijinkas, kemonomimi or a humanoid race I'd be more than happy to do a 1x1 or be part of a group.
  3. Thanks ^^

    I kinda found a Interest that came close.

    But I will see if we will make our own or not soon xD

    So far it be about two kingdoms in the group.

    There will be rpg like adventures and wars.
  4. Hm... A small group sounds like something I could use right now. I can not deal well with Anthros, but anything with a normal pair of lips will be just fine. Some fur is great for hugs~
    Is there a specific world you want to use as inspiration, or should we (only if I am accepted of course) create something from scratch?
  5. Great ^^

    I think we create our own world xD
  6. Alright then. When would you like to start planning?
  7. I would like to join as well~
  8. Cool ^^

    Okay, this is not written in stone or anything but.

    The more I think if it the more I like the idea.

    Basically the world we play in, or well the land or. Whatever

    Is split into three nations with two kingdoms/queendom/Dukedoom etc

    And its two because well they don't like each other and the third land is self governmented by different clans and stuff.

    So, we can do a Human-ish rp with supernatural traits to it.

    Meaning that there will be human, elves. Orcs, kemonomimis etc. And perhaps beast races to some extent

    There can be vampires, magics and other stuff too.

    I prefer magic to be rather rare however.

    So most people won't have it.

    I also like there. To be armies and war.

    Perhaps to the point where someone of the players play as the One of the 'Rulers' with one of their characters.

    And one free-er adventureious character.

    Of course there will be lesser Factions that may do and participate in war. But in general it will mainly be the two kingdoms Fighting.

    So the rp will have a rpgish war battles.

    And also normal battles.

    Weapons and magic having their effect on the side. And a wide cast of characters perhaps.

    Something like that as a base.

    I kinda drew inspiration from the Suikoden series for this if anyone know that game.
  9. Either that or We does only the Rpgish thing xD...

    And save the war for something bigger.
  10. Sorry all was delayed a it due to weekend fun xD...

    I'm thinking about making a Smaler Group for the standard RPG purpose.

    And perhaps a bigger one for the War stuff included xD.

    And if Everyone is fine with a Human-ish settign with the supernatural fantasy style added. I guess we can move on to a group.
  11. Argh... More delays... It seems harder to decide than I thought xD...

    But i try to get it up today if anyone is stil interested.
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