RPG = Real Playing Game (some what VMMORPG RP)

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  1. Okay first of all, let's say it's heavily inspired by Online- The Comic <---Check that Hidden Holy Grail Manga

    Okay finger crossed that there will be someone who is interest on this rp

    So far what I've got are only a slight concept to it:

    "Congratulation XXXXX, by possessing our new handheld game console means you've been granted a whole new life experience, by mean life experience we mean death experience! Now.. now.. it's futile to smash them or leave them since they will just go boom~ along side with your heart! anyways, you'll be playing RPG, Real Playing Game, it's a game where it have the same purpose of normal life, that's is to survive~.

    So without further ado LET THE GAME BEGINS...!!"

    ^---- that's your greeting message from unknown stranger, it was in a parcel that suddenly appeared in front of your front house.


    -Once you power on the console, it'll never ran out of battery (meaning unlimited supply of battery)

    -As soon as it reached log in, it's automatically scan your profile

    -For the first time you'll be given choices of body part, Eyes, Lips, Nose, Left arm, Right arm, Left leg, or Right leg. these body part will affect your future as ransom for revival replacement.

    so let's said that you've dies once in the game, means that your ransom bodypart will be cease function in real life. (to replace it simply pay 100.000 Yen to repair them)

    -Job:there aren't any job listed

    -How to play?: Unlike SAO, simply closed your eyes and nod then you'll be in the game to cancel the "dive" simply shake you head from left to the right.

    -Inside game: well basically like VMMORPG you'll have complete freedom though they aren't any skill at first, so in order to gain skill you'll need scroll which were made by drop item.

    -money- one of the essential things of the game, 100 G is equal to 10000 yen in real life.

    -Familiar: Familiar is like your pet with his/her own will, they can run away whenever they want or eventually kills you. (as a welcoming gifts, you'll be given a small familiar room) (NOTE: that you need to buy their food every day)

    okay that's all for now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.