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  1. Hey folks!

    I'm currently in a "phase" where I'm looking into underrepresented genres of gaming, this seemed like a good place to gather more connections and feedback on it. I've recently been curious about role-playing online. First hand reaction you get when I tell people I'm looking into role-play... well, let's just say it seems to be a hard sell. Hear me out though. Have you ever played GTA? Good.

    Imagine an online GTA where people own houses, arranges "street racing" with in-game money betting, where some players plays cops and scouts the city for races or illegal activities, and so forth. More or less an alive city with people playing for different factions, goals and ideals. I got convinced to play on such a server, it took me a few days to get into the flow but once I understood the approach... it was most probably the best gaming experience I've had. It felt like an interactive digital movie.

    Unfortunately that place shut down and I'm now looking for more like-minded people or interesting projects on role-play. Are there any suggestions, ideas or people playing currently on role-playing games?

    I've been getting some suggestions on World of Warcraft role-playing. This project looks very interesting but I have not tried it yet, anyone here role-playing on World of Warcraft with a little more information on the matter?


    Don't kill me for liking nerdmanship. It's fun once you try.


  2. Firstly, I don't think this thread fits here, but I'm know exactly sure where it should go.

    Secondly, I know completely what your trying to explain. I use to be very active in a Roleplaying Community on a MMO (LOTRO, Landroval Server), but I eventually moved on into forum roleplay, because I didn't feel Chat RP was challenging enough. I found some very good RP sites that replicate that type of style; a living breathing world that is ever changing; sadly all of those I found didn't really fit me for various reasons. But then I stumbled upon Iwaku and I loved the community and the ability to have multiple roleplays in different settings on the site. Though I have to say that usually causes the roleplays to not be living and breathing. So I sorta am still looking for a site that I can RP on as well for that type of living world that I would be interested in.

    Another reason I left MMO role playing was because I found that either the community died or was very very small or the community was big and full of eltists, godmoders, etc. I've never seen one that hasn't fitted into this category. That being said I'm just talking in general, small groups of good friends or certain guilds might have actually been nice, but I haven't found many of them. As far as WoW goes...well what I hear from friends who have played it tells me it is filled with trolls, flamers, spammers, godmodders, elitist, etc. so thats why I haven't ever played it....that and I could never get over some of the actual game things such as the blocky graphics and the repetitiveness of the gameplay. And also some of the lore annoyed/didn't fit with me >.>

    This "Prologue" concept looks interesting, but as I said I'm not a big fan of WoW anyway.