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  1. Lately I have been craving somewhat to a fluffy love kind of rp with hints of drama, tragedy, streaks of gore, and little bits of action mixed in there. I have a plot in mind and if anyone is interested post on here or send me a PM.

    - Alpha x Rouge/omega

    Character A is an alpha that has a hatred for rouges that traces back to his childhood. Whenever one crosses on to his land he captures them and tortures the rouge before slaughtering them. Years of searching for a mate without any successes has turned him bitter. At the age of twenty-seven he has had to watch all of his friends find their mates and fall in love as he stayed alone. So what happens when his mate turns out to be a rouge, the one thing that he hates the most in the word. Character B is hurt, confused, and has no idea how his life turned out the way that it did. At the age of seventeen he has seen and experienced things that no seventeen year old should ever have to. When he was a baby he was left on the doorstep of a normal, human family. After being raised as a human he has no idea about what he is until his tenth birthday when he changed and was kicked out of his him for being a 'monster'. Running from his home he was forced to live in the woods until he was captured by hunters a few months later. While captured he was beaten and tortured, leaving various scars covering his body. Finally escaping seven years later he has no concept of trust after everything that had happened to him. Yet, even after everything he still had maintained his childlike innocence, having never truly grown up. Can character A look past the fact that his mate is a rouge? Or will he continue to deny the strong pull that he feels to the young boy. What about character B, can he ever learn to trust again? Even after everything that he as been through.

    I am looking for someone to play the Alpha role of this roleplay. So again is interested let me know here or send me a PM. Thanks~
  2. Werewolves are fun. *nosenose*
  3. Still looking!~