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So what do you think?

  1. This is terrible and I never want to see this sort of thing on this site again!

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  2. Eh why not.

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  1. First, this is not a RP interest thread rather a thread seeing if their was or is any interest in an RP where the RPers used their voices, now you are probably asking how we would do this, well first things first is a Microphone which most modern laptops/desktops have built in and second is this site where we record our voices Example:this. Now I know that if you listened to that you heard my voice and i'm no James earl Jones and that's ok since I doubt many of us here on this site are professional speakers but I feel that this would introduce an interesting aspect to an Rp, so any takers?
  2. That's... unique... I've never heard of a voice RP.
    Would we be telling the stories of our characters through voice? Or writing the stories and adding snippets of chat?
    Irregardless, I'm thoroughly interested.
  3. That would depend on what those who are interested want, either would work another thing this would be useful for is sound effects I just realized.
  4. Did you have a concrete idea for an RP itself or was this just a shout-out to the possibility of voice recordings, haha?
  5. I got a few ideas for an Rp but they all depends on the number of people who show interest in this style of Rping.
  6. I'm sadly not interested in joining myself (microphone shy) but that's actually a really cool idea. Can you imagine a roleplay told entirely via recordings or messages read aloud by narrators of the characters themselves? You'd probably have to interpret action via dialogue but it's a new fresh concept nonetheless.
  7. Alright, well if you get some more interest, be sure to tag me! I'd be very interested :)
  8. Interested a little.
  9. Tell people and if you want to try if this get's off the ground don't hesitate to ask.

    Interest is interest.
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  10. it did pick my interest a little. Though I wish to know if this will work solely on microphone or we´ll also perform through writing. I mean I can see both formulas sticking along to create a stronger depth for the general atmosphere of an rp. Would the microphone need to be of high quality?
  11. I would more that likely go with adding voice in with text so as to ease people in as we go, the microphone quality should be decent but I would not expect people to have radio show level mics and as I said I would be fine with the mic built into a laptop/desktop.
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  12. I'm interested, the only thing is I have a kid so he may cry or scream over mic while I try to talk. haha
  13. I believe this is a great idea! I've been trying to work on my character impressions, however I may continuously switch between my kindle and my laptop throughout the day, so one message might go through fine whilst the other is a little bizarre.
  14. Update: well it seems their is a interest if small for this, while I want to do this I am in a few Rps at the moment so it ain't happening soon but keep an eye out for when I do post for the RP itself.
  15. Would add an interesting new dimension to the usual written stuff. I'll keep an eye on this.
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  16. Yeeeees! I like this idea a lot, and I've always wondered if it's possible to add little voice clippings. I'm no pro voice actor, but I'd be glad to give a shot. I'm interested what kind of RP we'd do this for.

    I'll be waiting to see where this goes!
  17. I will consider this IF I can use my Morgan Freeman voice.
  18. Seems interesting!
  19. Hmmm. If I can record well with my tablet, I might be interested.
  20. Huh, pretty interesting idea. Never heard of anything like that before. o.o
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