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  1. This girl! I just recently watched Big Hero 6, twice, and absolutely fell in love with Tadashi Hamada, of course! Yes, I realize it's a Disney movie spawned from a Marvel comic, but I really don't care at this point. I'm dying to do a romance roleplay with someone playing Tadashi.


    Now you can't tell me he isn't worth falling in love with. Anyway, here's the idea that I have. Of course it's going to be in a semi-alternative universe where Tadashi doesn't die. In this world, his brother, Hiro, is accepted to the university, but still has an interest in Bot Fighting that actually becomes a sport, for lack of a better term. Hiro is tinkering around with the idea of neurally connecting a robot to a human as the reaction times would be quicker and smoother, but he can't seem to find the right kind of subject who's willing and able to test out his theories. In enters Hiro's new super genius friend and that friend's older sister, who also just so happens to be a very skilled fighter who sometimes participates in illegal, underground fist fights...and wins every time. They convince her to volunteer for Hiro's project and she ends up spending quite a bit of time with both Hamada brothers, growing exceptionally close to the oldest one on a romantic level, battling with her own inner demons, her insecurities that perhaps she isn't good enough for him, and a past life that she isn't exactly proud of, but can't seem to escape.

    So that's the gist of the idea, but of course we can always expand on it.

    Requirements and what to expect:

    1. Sex as much as plot
    2. A clear understanding of Tadashi's personality.
    3. No one-liners; those are a pet peeve of mine and I never give so little in my posts that you can only come up with one line as a response, even if it is dialogue.
    4. At least two paragraphs in each post. If you can do more, wonderful, but if you can't, two is the absolute minimum.
    5. One post a day; I understand that life gets in the way, the same can be said for me. One post a day will appease me. If you can do more posts a day, I will love you forever, if not, then so be it.
    6. Tadashi is a male, but that doesn't mean the face behind the screen has to be. If you're a female and you can play Tadashi convincingly, then please, by all means.
    7. My girls will always be lovely ladies of color; remember that, don't ask me to change them, and if that's an issue, don't contact me.
    And with that said, I think that's about it. If you have any questions or are interested in doing this rp with me, send me a PM. Do not reply here because I won't respond. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.