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  1. Yes, that was a HORRENDOUS attempt at impersonating a plane. No, I probably won't do it again. Anyway, on with the show. In a nutshell.
    (For added awesomesauce, read in the voice of Bob Hale)

    The RP is set in the sky, where countries are just floating landmasses called skylands. Get it? Island? Sky? Sky-island?
    Anyway, the RP is set ten years after a huge war, and while the bitterness has largely died down and people are getting along relatively well, the conditions for the losing side's surrender have made them a bit angry. And one of those angry people gets into their country's government, and another does in another country, but nobody suspects they're the angry people. So the angry people are ruling their countries, doing nothing of much interest to anyone, except maybe secretly rebuilding their shattered army and air force. But they're doing it secretly, nobody knows what's going on - but suspicion is aroused when you see signs that something big is happening, because apparently, a portion of the enemy-in-waiting forgot to check their dictionary for the word "secret." Small things, like ore and parts being used up quicker than usual, foreigners being randomly arrested and found guilty of crimes they didn't commit - basically, the tell-tale signs of a war being incited and being prepared for. So what happens when you're caught discussing such things, and you're forced to band together with other pilots/engineers to escape the wrath of the enemy? Why, a chase around the world in PLANES of course. And by PLANES, I mean ones like the ones used in World War 2, so no guided missiles or anything.

    I know the idea's rough, but I'll refine it, I promise...
    Well, I say that, but I need to know if people will actually be interested in the first place. It's going to be all steampunk-y.
  2. I like the idea :)
  3. Interested ^^
  4. Le OOC
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  5. So... like Crimson Skies... but with islands in the sky.
  6. After a quick look on Wikipedia, sort of. Yes, we have planes, and yes, they are the main method of travel. However, The eventual war is being built up to - we play people who suspect what's going on, and the leaders plotting don't want a word to get out. So, being the thorough people they are, our characters are chased by various secret service gents, who will attempt to silence anyone who catches wind of anything. Naturally, this will cause us to traverse the many skylands, and since everyone's kept shtum about what's going on, we won't know who's hostile and who isn't. A tale of skulduggery, double-crossing, and aviation.