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  1. Hello :3

    I have been wanting to roleplay with new people for a while, but I'm a bit stuck when it comes to writing plots. So I'm going to give out some idea's and if you're interested, we can talk about the plots in more detail through DM!

    Before I give the ideas, there's a few things I want to put out there.

    • I don't really mind if you have trouble with grammar, as long as I can always understand what you're saying.

    • I don't expect to always have super long replies, but at least no simple sentences.

    • I usually reply pretty quick unless I get too busy and I never expect anyone to always be replying quick, so if you're ever busy, it's fine, you don't have to explain yourself to me if you take long to reply.

    • I prefer to rp through DM's, sorry!

    • I absolutely love drama in rp's! You can always add more characters to the story if it'll make it more intense. I'm always open to new things!

    • I don't mind sexual themes as long as the rp doesn't revolve around it.

    • If you ever want to stop the rp, don't be afraid to tell me! We can even try to start a new plot if the first one gets too old.

    • I usually play male characters, but I'm perfectly fine with playing female.

    • I only like to play dominant roles, but if you're really interested in rping with me and you want to be dominant, it's totally fine.

    • I can do MxF or FxF, As long as I'm playing the dominant role. (Unless you're a guy who wants to play the male, then I'll play female.)

    • I do NOT do incest or any of that sort.

    • Let's try to make our rp's long term please!

    I think that's about it, so here are some plots! They're all highschool based by the way.

    Bad Guy x Good Girl
    Popular Guy x Shy Girl
    Nice Guy x Mean Girl
    Mean Guy x Nice Girl
    Player Guy x Good Girl
    Shy Guy x Popular Girl
    Bestfriend x Bestfriend
    ^ same for FxF ^
    I'm open to almost anything, not just highschool based RP's. I also do action kind or fantasy kind and many more, so if you have any more plot ideas or plots in general, just DM me and we can talk things out!:D
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  2. I like the idea of the Player Guy X Good Girl >.> ^-^ I wouldn't mind rping with you, and I really like romance based anime XD The only thing I won't do with romance is rp smut...if that's alright with you o-o
  3. Nice Guy X Mean Girl sounds like my cup of tea! PM me~ :>
  4. I'd be interested in Player guy x Good girl! I play female so that would work out great:D PM me?
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