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  1. Sorry for the lack of a clever title.

    Greetings! I'm Jessie, and I'm a bit new here.

    Some things to know: I use real life pictures for my character sheets, and I strongly prefer my partners do the same. Realistic artwork is also acceptable. I'm up for roleplaying in either threads or PMs. My posting frequency varies, though I typically am able to respond at least once a day. My replies are normally two to five paragraphs in length. I enjoy playing multiple characters, but it's not a requirement. I play male, female, transgender, and non-binary characters. I don't have any preference of the genders I play or the genders I play opposite.

    Some topics to build from:

    Slice of Life Lesbian Romance
    Professor x Student
    Alien Hunters
    Super Humans
    Single Parent x Babysitter
    Rekindled Romance
    Open x Closeted
    Starting a Family
    Foster Care
    Serial Killer
    Crime Drama
    Cop x Criminal
    Best Friends

    Doctor Who(with me playing Eleven and/or an OC)
    Sherlock(with me playing Sherlock, Molly, and/or an OC)
    Harry Potter(with me playing Harry, Ginny, and/or an OC)
    Orphan Black(with me playing Cosima and/or Felix)
    Dragon Age II(with me playing Hawke as a female mage)
  2. How would you feel about 1 paragraph reply ?
  3. One paragraph replies are fine.
  4. I'll send you a pm :)
  5. Maybe some kind of post apocalyptic style of roleplay? like Fallout (that or Sci Fi but i'm really new to that genre and may not be good at it)
  6. I might be up for something post-apocalyptic. PM me?

    I like your A House Full of Glamour idea. I'd be happy to do that one with you.
  7. Okay! Could you PM me some character sheets?
  8. I'd like to do a Professor/Student role play or a Rekindled romance, if you're up for it.
    Do you play any other canons at all for HP?
  9. I like the idea of doing a Sherlock or Potter roleplay with some of your previous topics mixed in like:
    Parent x Babysitter
    Professor x Student
    Cop x Criminal
    I'm sort of new here too, so I don't exactly know how all of this works. Nonetheless, I would really love to roleplay with you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.