RP with me? Seeking one on one rps multiple partners :)

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  1. Sooo here I am again back once more looking for an RP because I am so damn bored T__T.

    First off about me:
    I am not picky nor will I be anal about every little thing such, grammar, typos, what not. All I ask is someone be a little literate and not do one liners. Most people get writers block as well do I. I also tend to mirror what people give me but on a good day you'll get a lot of paragraphs. Also I tend to be on every day all day so don't hesitate to poke me as I get easily distracted. I blame the ADHD *OOOH look butterfly* Anyways enough of my nonsense.

    Secondly what or who I seek:
    Someone whose kinda good at grammar and spelling so I can understand what I'm reading. And a person chop full of ideas bring them on I say! Got an idea just throw it on or throw it my way I say. I also seek those who have a lot of time on their hands like playing multiple characters and are able to post speedy if not consistantly. I understand people have lives but someone has got to be as bored and going nuts as I am right?

    Things I don't like:
    Yaoi, yuri, smut based rps or furry etc so on so on.

    Genres I prefer:
    I got so many that I cannot simply list them all but I am a sucker for reverse harems and fantasy you wanna win me over there you go enough said bring on the hotties! But as I said I'm not picky just toss me ideas I'll let you know if it's not up my ally or if I'd love too.

    Well with that said someone please please please be my RP buddy D:?
  2. I'd like to volunteer :3 But first, are you okay with possibly participating on an already-made plot?
  3. PM me what you got as long as it's 1x1 I'm for anything
  4. Hey! I'm into fantasy as well, and could RP female characters.

    If you'd like to hear, I have a kind-of pre-made little world/backstory for the character I plan on RPing with. I could make one from scratch, though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.