INTEREST CHECK Rp where we take on the persona of vocaloids, viruses, and computer programs.

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  1. I had this idea a while ago, and i always liked it, however even with the right number of people, it was on a dying site, and now that it was closed temporarily, snd sll dsts lost, I decided to come here. My only problem is that i do not know whether i want this to be a more social or action rp. Anyone interested? If so, social or action?
  2. YES. I AM INTERESTED. This so much this.

    We can make it both, perhaps.
  3. That was... quick. I like that at my old site, even in its prime it took several hours for people to express interest.
  4. I love vocaloids, I smelled it within a mile!

    Welcome to Iwaku, I'm Lorchenne, or Lory for short. Haha. I'm super interested in this concept.
  5. Well, lets see where this leads, if push comes to shove a 1x1 would be fine
  6. ... so do you know anyone who might want to join?
  7. I'm not so sure yet, but you can form a plot to go with your concept and advertise again. And choose a shorter title, that makes it catchier. Or, you can form the plot and open it on the Jump In section. Also, you can form the plot and open sign-ups.
  8. If you are still going to do this, I'd love to join :3
  9. That'd be awesome!
  10. Definitly work on the title. Not exactly an easy thing to do considering what the basis of the rp is. I was debating just posting a sign up, It was kinda discouraged to do that from where i was from. But I will do so now. Im also personally leaning towards a social aspect.
  11. So your best bet right now is to go for a Jump In, am I correct? Cyber Personifications RP is the shortest title I can think of for this...
  12. Funny the last time i did this i had a title similar to it, it was like the Electric Persona's er something. But your is definitely better. Ima steal that if you dont mind.
  13. Haha, well then! You got a title! All you need is a plot. :]
  14. Yeah, just a relationship based rp sounds like a good idea. Any conflict will be created between two characters.
  15. Basically like, we're all programs living in a computer?
  16. YYYYeeeeeaaaaah?... Is there something wrong with that? And it will be WAY bigger than a regular computer. It would be like the internet as well so... vast and endless
  17. That's actually really interesting!!
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