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  1. So i'm a mature role play virgin. I have question for all you pro's out there. What was your first sexual experience like. Was it good or bad. do you think it could have been better or worse. what was your partner like. Details please
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  2. It was....awkward. One of my friends was my partner so that made it a bit better. Never be afraid to ask if you can skip a scene.
  3. i didnt know i could ask to skip a scene thats very helpful information......if it gets to hot and heavy for me i can request a skip
  4. im not talking about real v-cards silly
    and thanks for the links
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  5. absolutely, in a roleplay - just like in real life - you should never be pressured into doing/writing something you're not comfortable with. Roleplays are supposed to be fun, if you're not having fun, communicate with your partner about it.
  6. Sounds like communication is key
  7. it really, really is
  8. I was roleplaying for a few years before I finally did sex scenes in a roleplay. O__O I was always too embarrassed to and didn't actually know what I was doing when it came to sex stuff and didn't want to write it and make it obvious I had NO clue. >> So it wasn't after until I had real sex that I finally tried writing sex scenes in my roleplays.

    There wasn't anything special about it, it was pretty much just like every other roleplay except had a sex scene in it. XD And since I HAD sex before, I was confident in what I was writing. My partner was a great writer too, and we had some thought out characters and a sweetass plot going on. So when it came to the sex scene itself, it made a really awesome impact. O___O It was sexy and emotional. Very cool.
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  9. so what was your first mature scene like if you dont mind me asking
  10. That sounds deep. i like the way you 2 made the mature scene complement the plot
  11. Thank you! <3 I am a huuuuuuuge fan of the romance genre and developing a character's story is my favorite part of roleplaying. It's a lot of fun for me to use sex scenes as a way to affect a character's feelings and life in general. I think so many people get wrapped up in the "doing it" that they forget all the really badass ways you can develop the plot and charries with it!
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  12. so right , im into the psychological effect it has on the 2 characters,and how it will effect other characters. but i understand if you do it wrong it could mess up the plot
  13. I don't Roleplay erotica, I'm not comfortable with it >\\\\<
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  15. Long story short:

    My first "mature" roleplay got my Neopets account frozen. :D
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  16. i dont think i want those details :D
  17. I think my face turned blue from laughing so hard my first time, way back in my one liner days. If I looked back at those logs now I'd probably cringe and hang my head in shame. It's like the real thing, sloppy, and painfully uncomfortable.
  18. hahaha so i guess i have to be very descriptive huh
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