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If You are asked by your RP partner if they could make a story based on your rp what do you do?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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  1. I was thinking and I came up with this weird idea: what if you were having an amazing roleplay, like the best one ever, and then your rp partner asks if they can make a story/comic based on the roleplay you two were having? Personally, I would say yes, in fact as an aspiring writer and comic artist I could be that person.
  2. I would too. I would want to have some involvement too, like on a creative aspect. A source of information. That would be amazing.
  3. I feel the same, it would be a super cool collab
  4. Sure why not? If they can make something cool out of it, let them give it a try. All I'm doing by saying no is whoring ideas and not letting them get used anyway.
  5. Not like I could do much about it if they did it without my permission anyway. Just take it as a compliment.
  6. I don't think that's ever happened on Iwaku.

    Congratulations on being the first to think of this idea.
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  7. Well thank you, I love thinking outside the box and I think if I do, in fact, do an rp I like enough I might just do it.
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  8. Shoot, man, I'd be honored, especially since I wouldn't have the time to make it into a full fledged story myself. I mean, it depends on what they plan to do with it when they finish it, but as a long as I get credited for the idea and all that other good stuff, I don't see why I should say no. Although considering a lack of time also means a lot less role playing, that situation is highly unlikely to happen to me in the first place. But at least I'd know what I'd do if it did.
  9. It almost happened for me DX my black nova research facility RP was quite popular and fun. One of the people wanted to make a comic of sorts but they became way too busy to actually start it DX
  10. Depends on the details. As long as I had creative input and wasn't having my creations changed from their original vision, then I'd probably be on board. And of course, credit where credit is due.
  11. Terrible idea. It would never work.
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  12. And anyone who ever attempted it would be a fool, I say.

  13. By all means! Go! But, at least tell me first. :D
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  14. I'd be touched and flattered xD But I would want to also have a part in the writing itself. Maybe we could be partners with making it into a story? I'd like to have a say in it, since I also created my own characters and guided the story with them.
  15. Yes!
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  16. It depends.

    If it was a 1x1 thing, sure, go for it.

    If it's someone else's group RP and they just want to use my character(s)? I guess.

    If it's my group RP and a player wants to make a thing from it? If it's just a little thing they're doing for fun that they'll post for the amusement if the group, alright. If they have any thoughts of making money from it, nah bro, I'm not okay with that.
  17. excUSE ME YAAAAS
    If it was for money though then I would be pretty eeeh about it. Considering I played a part.
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