RP Thread Prefixes! A reminder note!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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In the "In Character" Areas where you post your roleplays, please make sure you mark your threads with the correct prefix. :D We're welcoming in a lot of fresh blood and we don't want anyone to get confused!

Here's A Quick note about the Prefixes:

When you see "Join Any Time" that is a roleplay where there is either no "Out of Character" thread OR their OOC Thread does not require a bio or approval before posting. You are allowed to jump in and post in these threads at any time!

These threads have an "Out of Character" thread in Roleplay OOCs and require you to read the information and get approval before you can start playing.

Roleplays marked as Private are not taking ANY new players. At all. If you get curious, you can always PM the thread starter.

It is a good idea for all Game Masters to put a brief bit of information at the start of their "In Character" threads to direct people to OOCs when necessary!
That way people know where to go for more information about your roleplay!

For more helpful roleplay information check out the Official Iwaku Guide or head over to Roleplay Basics for quicktips!

Happy roleplaying!
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