RP Thread Banner Request?

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  1. Hello!

    I'd like to request a banner to put on this site. The only thing I want is there to be a dragon on the banner, whether it's flying or roaring- I don't mind! On the top of the banner, I would like to put Songs of Dianixen, and at the bottom, Soar and fight for the land of dawn!

    The color of words would have to match the color scheme of the dragon and surroundings, of course. :3

    Thank you!
  2. Sure, no problem! I'll work on it now.
  3. Yay! Actually, can you make the text a shade of orange? That way it can suit the title. :3
  4. This is to submit for banner rotation, I assume? I made this to fit that format, but if you need something different don't hesitate to let me know.


    Thank you so much! And yes, it's for the banner rotation. :3

    It is amazing!
  6. You're welcome! <3 Have fun roleplaying, and have a late "Welcome to Iwaku" from me!
  7. Thank you again!

    And do I just keep it on that ad list, and it will be on rotation, right?
  8. Yepper! You may have to re-upload it after a certain period of time, I think it's a month? Assuming you don't get as many people for your roleplay as you desire, of course.
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  9. Thank you for all of your help. :3
  10. No problem! Have a good day!