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RP Talk (lynzy & Redigox)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by lynzy, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. We can talk about what we would like to do here oky? :)
  2. Alrighty. What do?
  3. Well, what would you like to accomplish? Do you know what genre of roll play you want to do? What kind of character you want to make? You can use this template to make your charri:





    APPEARANCE: (what your wearing, hair color & length, eye color, skin color etc. etc....)



  4. NAME: Gragore

    AGE: 28

    HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6ft 310 lbs

    RACE: Orc

    APPEARANCE: Bone mail with a tattered and torn black cape. no hair, gray eyes, slate blue grey skin, and under jaw with fangs.

    PERSONALITY: Mellow when full of food and and angry or rushed when not full.

    HISTORY: Once a chieftain of an orc tribe but then back stabbed by his son for power then exiled from the orc encampment.

    PET(S)/FAMILIAR(S): Swamp Boar
  5. Good now we are getting somewhere lol

    What would you like to accomplish?

    Do you know what genre of roll play you want to do?

    What kind of character you want to make?
  6. He is a wandering outcast from his clan, so he just survives while traveling. As for world goal is there some evil demon plaguing it that needs to die or something else? Genre would probably be medieval on account of orcs, kinda like skyrim.
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  7. NAME: Ginda de Rollanz

    SEX: female

    AGE: 26

    HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 3' 5" /175 lbs

    RACE: Dwarf

    APPEARANCE: Ginda wears dwarven armor a brown cloak and fine sturdy boots. She has fare skin and hair is golden yellow and tied in a pony tail on the top of her head. Eyes are the color of grass on a summer day, she is considered to be quite beautiful by most Dwarves.

    PERSONALITY: A tomboy of sorts she is gruff, sometimes rude and always stubborn.

    HISTORY: Her father is a great architect and stone worker renown threw the kingdom and has gained much wealth over the years. Her mother died of a sickness when she was small and she has been indulged and spoiled by her father over the years.

    PET(S)/FAMILIAR(S): She has a pet wolf that is a brownish gray in color.
  8. So what shall we name this adventure?
  9. uhh... not sure
  10. Are still doing this?
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