RP Tabs and easy Accese?

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  1. I was wondering like i have bin looking at the Rolplays and seems that you need too do everything in one Page or make a Seperet One for OOC needs and its time consuming and slow.

    But i was thinking too make it much easy and accesable,add Tabs for Your RP like a Tab for CS a tab for OOC and a tab for IC would be nice and Fast Management aswell and no need too make extra pages for other Need wen you have them all in one Tread.

    (Im new here so i dont know if this was suggested alredy or if there plans in progres sorry :(...)
  2. Although I'm definitely not a community volunteer or whatever and I have no idea about the ins and outs of the site beyond what I can directly see, what you're describing sounds to me like the 'Groups'
    People can make a group with all kinds of different threads (or tabs as you were) to be neatly ordered together in the same section. This way one could have a separate thread for just the locations, the characters, the ooc, the IC, while at the same time it all being in one spot without having to go all over the board to find everything.
    Maybe check that out, see if that's what you meant?
    If not, then feel free to ignore me :)
  3. Yea like that,but more like RpN Tipe that all RP can have them in one single thread
  4. We've considered using the resource manager like RPnation uses for their roleplay setup, but decided it was better to keep doing our own thing and not ripoff the stylings of another roleplay site!

    We ARE currently working on ways to link the OOC and Signups together, though. O_O It's just taking some time to get it all put together.
  5. Honestly, I feel happy with making different Threads as OOC and Signs up as in one thread and the new IC thread separately ^^

    Tabs and such .. >_>. To many buttons and I know it would be a bigger issue -maybe - in the future for errors and such in the HTML to fix the bugs afterward..