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  1. Well I finished my character but the thread screwed up a bit I think so sorry for that
  2. Lethal Reword, Tatters of the Fourth Wall
    1. Lethal Reword Theme: "Twilight Zone", Golden Earring
    2. Roxelvi's Theme: "Animal I have Become", Three Days Grace
    3. Roxelvi and Nerusai: "Fireflies", Owl City
    4. Kat's Theme: "Dude Looks like a Lady", Aerosmith
    5. Roxelvi Jumps to the Rescue: "Holding Out for a Hero", Bonnie Tyler
    6. Nerusai's Theme (joke): "I'll Make a Man out of You", Mulan soundtrack
    7. Party Theme: "The Chosen Ones", Dream Evil
  3. ICSYL

    1. Vs. Shinigami Minions – “Fear...” Unknown Artist (type the unknown artist in and you will get the correct track.)

    2. Dark Assembly – “Another World of Beasts” by Nobou Umatsu (Shinigami plotting with his minions.)

    3. Heroes Rise to Struggle – “Temple at the Bottom of the Sea” Remix by Preludio (theme that plays much quieter in the background as the heroes prepare to fight battle.)

    4. Vs. King/Ados – “Dark Prison” by Unknown SRW OG (If someone could fill me in on the composer I’d be most appreciative.)

    5. The Great Monastery – “The Monastery in Disguise” by RO

    6. Venture into Darkness – “Exploration of the Secluded Land” Soma Bringer (BGM to Shini’s Realm)

    7. Beginning of the End – “Alertia” Soma Bringer (Not exactly what I’d want for it but comes close. This is Phase 1 of Shinigami’s final battle)

    8. Derfless’s Theme – “Tatakai no Toki” Yu Yu Hakusho (again please fill me in on the composer.)

    9. Asmadi – “Dancing Mad” remix by Quasar OST by Nobou Umatsu (The Last Fight with Shinigami) NOTE: Can be found under Dancing Mad – Fanatic Harmony

    10. The War Begins – “Dreadful Fight” by Nobou Umatsu (When the airships come into the picture)

    11. Island – “Triforce Chamber” Zelda, Link to the Past

    12. Theme of Arcadia Arena – “Dissidia Menu” by Nobou Umatsu FFD

    13. Theme of Azull Arena – “Preparation for Battle” by Nobou Umatsu FFD

    Red as Crimson

    1. Roy’s Call – “No One’s Home” by Yoko Kanno

    2. [Insert Correct Situation] – “[Pick Correct Music From DTB Track]” by Yoko Kanno
  4. For Sword of Embera: Jani’s Tale

    1. Kuchibiru Daydream by Aki Misato, Stawberry Panic! Opening 2
    2.Road to Light by Doice Traide, Last Exile OST 2
    3. Das Wandern by Yuki Kajiura, .hack//sign OST 2
    4. Quiet Night C.E.73 by Lacus x Meer, Gundam SEED DESTINY Suit CD. Vol. 8 Lacus Clyne x Meer Campbell
    5. Good Morning by Yui Horie, Love Hina Song Best 2
    6. Liminality Violin BY Yuki Kajiura, Hack//Sign
    7. Emerald Green by See-Saw, Hack//Sign
    8. The Buskers of Ekaterine by James Harrington, Republic: The Revolution
    9. The Snake and the Moon by Dead can Dance, Spiritcasher
    10 Hikari - Kingdom Hearts (Instrumental), Kingdom Hearts 1 Soundtrack
    11. Valley Of Wind, Joe Hisaishi, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
    12. The Legend Comes to Life, Pokemon The Movie 2000
    13. Great Bay Shrine by New Japan Philharmonic, Smashing ... Live!
    14. Anata ga Ita Mori by Jyukai, Fate/stay night A.OST
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  8. Alyss's Mirror

    1. The Mad Hatter's Theme – The Grand Design from Cross Edge (Undecided until IC)

    2. The Hare's Theme - Yurusenee from Yu Yu Hakusho

    3. Dormouse – A Rich Harvest from Cross Edge

    4. Vs. Pirogeth Controlled Crown Character – Refuse from Cross Edge
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  9. Some more for Alyss's Mirror:

    Theme song: Looking Glass-Hypnogaja

    Rebellion Theme: Uprising-Muse