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  1. Before I get started, I do have a few rules to consider before RolePlaying with me.

    1. Be honest with me. If you don't want to continue our RP, just let me know. I'll understand if it's not something you want to do at the moment or you are busy in IRL. Though, if is something related to my style of roleplaying, then let me know. I accept constructive criticism openly and without offense.

    2. Try not to give me one-liners all the time. I understand if that is mostly your style and I also give them sometimes, but most of the time I like to read a post with a little more description and depth. I always try to match the length of my partners post or give a little bit more.

    3. No smut roleplays. Rule: "When sex scenes happen as a natural part of plot development or progression, you are allowed to do them outside of the Mature areas. All you need to do is wrap them with the spoiler tags and give a content warning." And just to let you know before hand, I'm really not that comfortable on going into too much detail, I prefer concentrating in the romantic part.

    4. I'm just going to say that I'm fairly new to the site and also roleplaying in sense because I've been doing this for about a year and half now. So, I really appreciate if you have tips and constructive criticism to give because I know that'll help me grow and expand my knowledge about Roleplay.

    I'm very open-minded about what to roleplay but giving a fair warning: I struggle with fighting scenes. I like fantasy, modern scifi and school settings the most but I'm open to try anything else since I really want to expand my horizons. And I also play mostly, straight couples, though, I would like to try MxM as well.

    So, I do have some ideas but to be blunt; in my opinion, I'm not good brainstorming ideas. Here are some of them.

    1. Both the characters are leaders of their own gang but the female character always disguise herself as a male when dealing with gang things. Both groups would fight for territory but they would always end up in a draw. One day, the male character decides to follow his rival and finds out about her secret. (This would help me to practice on my fighting scenes...)

    2. An innocent girl witnesses a murder done by a famous Yakuza leader and to stop her from reporting him to the police, he forces her to marry him.

    3. An arranged marriage between to vampires postponed because the bride was kidnapped by the rivals.

    Anyways, those are my ideas as of now. I know they are very simplistic but we can elaborate on them more together if you like. Also, if you have any idea just inbox me and we can work on it. I also, mostly play female characters since I haven't had the chance of playing as a male but I'm open to try. Hope I can get to RP with many wonderful roleplayers.
  2. I'm interested in maybe 3!
  3. The first one sounds interesting...
  4. @Sweet Mimi
    Are you still up for a PRP? I think I have an idea ^_^
  5. Do you role play any shows/books/series/anime?
  6. I really like the idea of 1 and would love to play it out with you-
    it also gave me an idea for a slightly different plot. if you'd like to hear it~ Just message me :)
  7. Something like 1 would definitely be interesting. Are you still looking?
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