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  1. I primarily play females, and prefer the MxF pairings as the others don't interest me. I can double as a male and female, if you do so too, but playing a male in a single pair setting doesn't work with me.

    Now to be clear, this search may be placed in the Libertine section, but this doesn't mean I am solely searching for smut roleplays. I just want to be absolutely certain that if sexual themes come up, we're both older than 18, and we don't have to think about whether or not we can or can't write certain themes. (But yes, I do like it if sexual themes are a part of the RP. Otherwise I wouldn't have been here to begin with)

    Due to my husband's work schedule I only see him in the weekends. As such, I devote my time to him when he is home. This means that in the weekend it is highly unlikely that I will reply. Other than that I will reply as often as I am able (The more RP's I have to keep up, the slower it will be obviously, but I do try to reply frequently)
    I also hope you'll be willing to reply as swiftly as you are able.

    Now that that is out of the way, I may have a few plot ideas, and I will update them as I go along, but I mainly have ideas for pairings.
    I will bold which one I would prefer to play in the pairing.
    If you want to double up in one of the pairings, just let me know and we'll see what we can make of it.



    Prince/Princess (Arranged marriage)

    (I dislike werewolves and shifters in general, so if possible, I'd like to stay away from those)
    (I love it if the guy has some backbone, ranging from confident up to the point of cruelty. Pushovers or softies make me lose interested in a roleplay)

    Plots: (can be adjusted and expanded, these are just start up ideas for the most part)

    A girl is brought to a (ruthless) vampire to be his servant girl. (In this case, biting doesn't turn you, exact details can be discussed.) (If doubling: she learns the ropes from another servant girl, and the vampire's best friend is also a vampire that likes to drop by a lot.)

    An arranged marriage is made to align two countries. Only the couple that is to marry have no interest in each other.

    A female demon is captured during a fight and held as war prisoner/maid in an angelic household.

    A supernatural school setting, primarily dealing with a rebel that loves to break the rules, and a student council president member (my character, half vampire with ice powers) that enforces them. The two are two complete opposites and dislike/hate each other, but you know what they say about opposites attracting.

    More will be added later most likely.

    I have removed a pairing as I have plenty of that one now. The list as such is kind of short now, but I'll add when I remember another pairing I'd like to do.
    EDIT 2:
    Taken out another of the plots as I have plenty of that one now. If you still really want to do it and think you can convince me to take up another one of either of those settings, just send a PM

    I prefer PM messages, but if you want it in a thread it can be done.
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  2. I'll do plot number three if that's okay
  3. Just send me a PM and we can work out further details :)
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