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  1. Kai looks at Mark, "So he is your enemy? When did you meet him?"
  2. "Quite some time ago. He took over the body of an archangel, and I teleported us to a void where we fought until I managed to cast him into a special void where nothing can exist. I thought he was gone, but I guess I was wrong." answered Mark.
  3. "How could one escape such a place?" asked Kai.
  4. "I haven't the foggiest idea." said Mark. "Say, there don't happen to be any legends about this sort of thing on your planet are there?" asked Safudor.
  5. "There is one." Kai said looking at her hand.
  6. "Mind sharing it with us?" asked Saf.
  7. Kai sighs,"I suppose. Long ago a hero went out on a quest to destroy a dark power. An angel of light called upon his people and they came. Shortly after he was corrupted by poison. His people turned on him and the evil being killed them without mercy. One rose and fought him casting him into the dark pits of hell and there was no more until now." She stopped and looked at Mark then to Safudor.
  8. "That sounds about right." said Mark. "What did happen to Katon anyway? He might still be on the planet, and if he is, he might know a way to defeat Shrock." stated Safudor.
  9. Kai looks at them confused, "The angels name was Katon?"
  10. "Oh." said Kai. "So what do we do now?" (I have to go to tkd be back at 7:30 or 8:00)
  11. "We need to know if there are any specific mysterious areas or caves you may have heard of." said Safudor.
  12. "I don't normally explore caves." Said Kai with a confused look. (Duh page two. lol)
  13. "Do you know where the nearest town is?" asked Mark.
  14. Kai sighs, "I might if we where out of this cave."
  15. "Let's go outside then." Saf said before teleporting them to the entrance of the cave.
  16. Kai looks out over the land, "Well this looks like the same forest but I can't be sure."
  17. Safudor teleports them onto the top of the hill the cave is to get her a better view. "How about now?" he asked.
  18. Kai recognizes the mountains, "Yes." She points to a valley between the two mountains, "There should be a small village there."
  19. "We'll need something bigger, something that might have a library."stated Mark.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.