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  1. How should this start?
  2. I'm not good at running RP's, so I'll let you pick a plot and setting.
  3. Alright give me a sec.....
  4. Oh, and btw, Iwaku posts are generally formatted like a book.
  5. Mark and Safudor have failed to harm the deadly Shrock in any way. His rise to power means death for the humans on the blackened earth. Kai has been taken into the hands of Mark and Safudor and after a deadly fight was teleported to a cave. Season 2 I guess. That's all I got.
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    His wings look like that.
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  7. (didn't know she was that young.)
  8. (Dude there is a stalker on spore. HE IS CREEPING ME OUT! Nuke too.)
  9. (He is a troll. haloguy97 OMG)
  10. (you sound familiar XD. Yeah, I had a look at the comments on his newest creation.)
  11. (He sounded like rk)
  12. (And that's why it's hilarious.)
  13. (Oh you should have saw what he said on nukes page! I will not say it. OMG I'm gunna throw up.)